The horror of knock

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Horror Thriller

(Authors note🌺-hey thank you for liking my last story guys

sorry if this is bad I’m not a good writer yet so if you see this please in the comments write some points i need to improve on thanks it helps a lot.)

it was afternoon when it happened, me and my big brother were home alone, watching the tv, When we heard the door knock. We tried to ignore it but it knocked again, like last time but louder and it sounded furious. My brother jumped of the couch and i hid behind the closet. I heard our front door open, then a gunshot, i Could feel heavy footsteps trudging around our house. When the person left our home i immediately ran to the front door, there i saw my brother. His eyes colourless but not as much as his pale face. His hair drenched in something sticky and liquid. DAMN, damn it was his blood, he was swimming in his own frickin’ blood. I quickly closed the front door and skidded up the stairs to my room. I cried a lot that day.

During the night i woke up. It was the 3rd nightmare of my brother and i just discovered him dead a few hours ago. twisting in my bed i finally got up and checked my phone. It was 4am, i looked outside the moon was pearly white and full. It was beautiful until i heard a creepy whispery song. “Come play with meeee i need a wife, you can be a dead person and i will get the knife”. I immediately turned around and saw a ragged doll, its eyes cracked and sewn out. I looked around my room seeing more of the dolls but as more appeared my room got bloodier and so did the dolls until straight ahead a monster with long fingers and no eyes with jagged teeth jumped out at me. “Hello i am Knock, i have met your brother today too bad i had to end his life, he was ever so polite and innocent.” He screeched hoarsely. I froze in fear as he continued to screech at me “yes he was but he had disobeyed the rules of your parents, TO NEVER OPEN THE DOOR, oh the stupidity of not knowing what could get in maybe murderers or thief’s or the most dangerous and scary villain in town, me KNOCK.” He grasped my throat and continued “Because of his daring and stupidity he has put your family in danger, but i guess the only person in danger now IS YOU.” As i gasped for my last breathe, i heard gunshots and my room faded and went black.

Days maybe months later i woke up in hospital, my head throbbing and my hands covered in my own Scarlett blood. I looked around my parents were right beside one bed where my brother was looking down at. I walked over and DAMN, IT WAS ME, I WAS RIGHT THERE, BUT I KNEW I WAS WITH MY BROTHER. He even speaked to me, “oh its you, thought you would never wake up.” I was confused my brother was dead, i saw, yet here he is standing and talking and walking. I could still see the mark where he was shot.

a doctor in a mask and glasses walked up to my body. He murmured “i am really sorry, we tried to save her but the toxic poison in her throat had already flowed through every part of her body By the time she was in the operation room, just like your son.” He pointed towards the other bed next to him containing the dead body of my brother. I was starting to realise i was a ghost, when it was once 5th of February it was now 30th February. “ i am really sorry we gave her constant operations for 24 days, but it was hopeless.”

As soon as everyone left, my brother flew away. I asked him where he was going, he didnt reply, instead he went to a empty house, abandoned filled with other people inside but they weren’t like people they all had at least one puncture mark but as soon as i trudged in mark free, one ghost cried “where is the lads mark, or is he a new member of the gang.” Another but younger replied “Grandpa can you not tell tis not a lad tis a lass.” then my brother asked for silence and for the conjuring of the hole. I was afraid as they all put on cloaks and the biggest conjured up a snake. He walked over to me and grabbed my neck and legs. He gagged me with a old cloth. “I never wanted to tell you this until you were 18 but…”

“long ago i was also your age, i was foolish and found an old spell book reading the first spell out loud, i was confused and left the book, not knowing what i had conjured. That same night ‘fore bed i felt something possessing me, the voice told me to kill as many people as i could for a prize so i did and met up with the voice in a strange alley where i was killed. I found all the people i had killed and started a group of us getting killed by the monster i created. Overtime i realised all the people i had held my grudges on mysteriously got murdered or disappeared the following morning. Every night i would have a dream of me walking around with long arms and kill people i hated, it was like a video game, at first i thought it was cool but as the time ‘twas goin on i realised that i had suddenly became the monster killing all those people.” “I dont understand, what is going on.” I was only able to say with the small cloth stuck in my mouth. my brother replied “ DONT YOU UNDERSTAND, I AM KNOCK.” And he transformed into that foul monster i had remembered multiple times with his jagged teeth and no eyes .


He cried hoarsely. I struggled free. “Poor mum and dad, tried to protect us, tried to save you. It’s true though, they are not your real parents as they always knew all along that i was never an actual human and i was not only a ghost but the monster everyone is afraid of. I may not be your brother and a monster may be my shape Shift but did you know i was never in your family tree. the beginning of the tree is where i was your poor old greaT etc. Grandad, always on my list of people i hated i stored him and a bunch of other people in your family and detested greatly in this very room where maybe years later something was to happen to them, i never really hate you, you are actually my favourite, so what do i do with people i like in your family you may ask well usually i would force them to eat spicy peppers until they died but since you are my favourite i will let you decide bite from the ghost worlds most venomous lion or crocodile you know what maybe we will try the ghostomoetofoto snake. Enjoy this moment while it lasts say bye to your past relatives. I know what I’m saying to you.” He transformed “Good Bye. NOW!”

and everything was gone

June 08, 2021 18:14

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1 comment

Obi Zenobes
18:15 Jun 08, 2021

Hi sorry it’s so bad I’m not a writer as you can clearly tell but please drop any things I need to change here thanks helps me more than you know


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