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The Driver's Wife

The two-bedroom house is built with logs, slate, and fibre bark, and the floor is paved with lining boards. The large bark kitchen at one end is larger than the house itself, including the porch. 

 The clumps have no horizon because the fields are flat; there are no mountains in the distance; the bushes are made up of apple trees with too small and rotten roots; there are no weeds; nothing makes sight easier, except for some necks.

The deep green of sighing on a narrow creek with almost no water. The next civilization mark, the hut on the main road, is 25 miles away. 

 The shepherd, the original owner, took the sheep and left. His wife and children were left here alone.

 Four ragged and shrivelled children play in the house. Suddenly, one of

them shouted: "Snake! Mom, there is a snake!" 

 A thin, tanned Bushman ran out of the kitchen, grabbed his child from the floor, grabbed his left hip, and grabbed a stick. 

 "Where is it? "

 "is here!" Go to the forest." The eleven-year-old hedgehog exclaimed sharply.

Stop mom! I will get it. return! I want to be a beggar! "

 "Tommy, come here, or you will. Come when I tell you, bastard! 

 A young man reluctantly came over with a stick more significant than himself and then exclaimed triumphantly: 

 "He got under the house! "At the same time, large-scale people of all races showed the most significant interest in the whole process. The black yellow-eyed dog ripped the chain and chased the Snake. Almost simultaneously with the sinking of the baton. And remove the skin. The nose already mentioned, the crocodile did not realize this and continued to destroy the building but was comforted and chained after the battle. You can't lose it. 


 The mule's wife forced the children to stand together in the kennel while she was looking for snakes. She took two small bowls of milk and stuck them on the wall to seduce her, but after an hour passed, it did not appear. 

 Sunset is approaching, the storm is coming; the child must be brought in; she will not get it into the house because she knows that the Snake is there and can crawl out of the cracks in the rough plate at any time. Ground; so he took a few hands full of wood into the kitchen and then took the children there. There is no floor in the kitchen, more specifically dirt, and this part of the bush is called the "basement". There is a big rough table. In the middle of the room, she took the children and asked them to this table. There were two boys and two girls. She served lunch, and then before dark, she went into the house and took pillows and clothes from the bed in anticipation. You can see a snake at any time, or put your hand on it or put your hand on it. She put the crib on the kitchen table and sat next to him to watch all night. 

 One of his eyes is in the corner; a stick from a small green tree stands on the chest of drawers next to him; there is also her sewing basket and a lady's diary.

She led the dog into the room. Tommy disagreed but said that he would not sleep all night and would crush the blind Snake. 

 His mother asked him how many times he said not to swear. 

 He has a stick under the bed, and Jackie protested: 

 "Mom! Tommy is skinning me alive with his stick. Let him take it off."

 Tommy: "Move it! You want the Snake Bit you?"

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 Jackie broke up. 

 "If you bite," Tommy said after a moment's pause, "you will swell, smell and turn red, green and blue until you burst. Mom, don't you want it? "

"Don't scare the boy now.

Go to sleep," he said. 

 The two youngest children fell asleep, and Jackie occasionally complained about being "made fun of." At that moment, Tommy said, "Mom! Listen to them (adjective), possum. I really want to Kick their white-collar workers." 

 Jackie protested sleepily. 

 "But it won't hurt us!" Mom : "Well, I told you that you want to teach Jackie Chan to swear." But this comment made her laugh. Jack fell asleep. 

 Then Tommy asked:  "Mom! Do you think they will (adjective) raise a kangaroo? "

"Lord! How do I know a girl? Go to sleep". 

 "Will you wake me up when the snake comes out?" 


 Go to bed". 

 At midnight, the children were asleep. She sat motionless, sewing and reading. She looked around the floor and wall panels from time to time, and every time she heard noises, the storm began, and the wind was blowing from the walls. The gap blew in, blowing out her candle. She put the candle in a concealed part of the dressing table and put down the newspaper to protect it. The gap between the tiles gleamed like polished silver... Thunder rumbled, and the rain poured down. Down. A giant crack appeared in the wall under the floor of the house. 


She is not really a wimp, yet recent events made her uneasy: your youngest son, the Law, was recently bitten to death by a snake. 

 He is a relaxed but perfect husband. If he had away, he would take her to town and let her stay there like a princess. They are used to being separated, at least she is. "There is no need to worry," she said. Sometimes you forget that you are married, but you will pay the most if you have a good return. With money, he took her into the city several times, rented a carriage to sleep on the train, and took him to the best hotel. Carriage, but they had to sleep with other people. 

The final two babies were born in the trees. One was her husband who forcibly brought a drunk doctor to her; this time, she was alone and frail; she had a fever; I prayed to God. Send your help. God gave Black Mary the whitest gin in the world. Or at least God sent King Jimmy first, and then he sent Black Mary. She pressed her black face on the door frame, immediately judged the situation, and said heartily: "Okay, ma'am, I will take the old woman down the river."

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He hates snakes and has killed many people, but one day a snake will bite him, and he will die; most snake dogs end up in the same way. 

 Bushmen leave work from time to time to see, listen and think; he only considers the things in his own life because there is no other thing to consider. 

 The rain made the grass grow, reminding her of how she fought wildfires when her husband was away. The grass is long and dry, and the fire is about to burn it down. She extinguished the fire with a green branch in her husband's pants until large black beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, dripping from her black hand. Tommy was pleased to see his mother wearing pants. He worked like a little hero. Beside him, but a frightened baby barked at his "mother". If the four excited Bushmen did not arrive in time, the fire would drown them.

It amazed all parties; when she approached the child, he screamed and convulsed and fought, thinking that he was a "black"; the crocodile relied more on the child's instinct than his own instinct, rushed towards the attack, and In his excitement, he recognized (because he was old and a bit deaf) it was not his beloved voice at first, but continued to hold the Mole tightly until Tommy drowned. The dog's pain at his failure and eager claim that all this was wrong were as evident as his torn tail and the smile on his paws. For the boys, it was a wonderful time; looking back on the day, there were many years of talking and laughing. 


 Remember how she fought the flood in the absence of her husband. He dug a drain in the downpour for several hours to save a woman across the river but failed to save her. There are some things that Bushmen cannot do. The following day, the dam burst, and when she thought about how her husband would feel when he went home and saw the fruits of years of work disappear, her heart was about to burst.

 She also bleeds to fight pleuropneumonia, and when her two best cows died, she cried again. 

 He encountered another mad cow that was besieging the

house during the day, and shot him with an old gun, and shot it out of the cracks in the tiles; he died in the morning, skinned him, and got ten dollars for each skin. Seven and six pfennigs. 

 Can also fight with the patterned crows and eagles on chickens. The campaign plan is very primitive. The children yelled, "crow, mother!" She ran away, pointed at the bird-like a gun with a broom, and said, "Hush!" The crows hurried away; they were cunning, but women were more cunning. 

 Sometimes the Bushmen will appear in horror or before the evil sunset, almost frightening you. She usually tells a suspicious-looking stranger that her husband and two sons work under the dam or in the garden because he always surreptitiously asks the boss. 

 . Just last week, a gallows show to ensure that no one was here threw his prey on the porch and demanded that it be removed. She gave him food; then, he expressed his intention to stay overnight. Then it got dark. He removed the tape from the sofa, let go of the dog, and turned to the stranger, holding the video in one hand and the dog collar in the other. "Go away now!" He looked at her and the dog, shrugged, "Okay, mom", and left. She is a determined woman, her crocodile-yellow eyes are unpleasant, and the dog's chew is very similar to a dog's. The reptile is named after it.

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She had nothing to do, sitting alone by the fire, protecting herself from snakes. Every day of her is almost the same, but on Sunday afternoon, she dressed, cleaned the children, picked them up, and walked alone on the minor road, pushing an old stroller in front of her. He does this every Sunday. The children looked as bright as she was walking a block in the city.

However, there is nothing to see, no soul to meet. You can walk twenty miles on this road without specifying a point. When you are not a Bushman, in your mind. This is due to the eternal and insane similarity with the dwarf tree, the dull monotony that allows one to break up and travel to a place where a train can travel and a place where a ship can travel. Beyond. 

 But this Bushman is used to being alone. As a wife, she hates him, but now she finds it strange to alienate him. 

 The husband is back. She is pleased, but she is not joking or making a fuss. Bring him something delicious, and then take the children away. 

 She seems content with her happiness; he loves his children, but he has no time to show off. It seems complicated for them. Their environment is not conducive to the development of natural "feminine" or sentimental aspects. 

 It must be morning, but the clock is in the house. Your candle is almost ready; he forgot that his candle ran out and we needed more wood to keep the fire burning, so he locked the dog and ran to the pile of wood. The rain is gone. Grab the stick, pull it out and crash! The whole stack is collapsing. 

 Yesterday he made a deal with a lost black man and brought him firewood. He was looking for a lost cow while working. It was less than an hour away from him. The local ebony was using their time. When he returned, he was surprised to see a pile of firewood piled up by the fireplace, gave him more tobacco and figs, and praised him for not being lazy. He thanked her and left with his head held high. He was the last of the tribe and king, but he built this wooden cave. 


 Now she is in pain. When she sat at the table again, tears filled her eyes. She grabbed the handkerchief to wipe away the tears but stretched out her eyes with her bare fingers. After drilling a hole, he found that his thumb was inserted into one, and his index finger was inserted into the other. 

 This made her laugh, which surprised the dog. He has a keen, very keen sense of humour; at some point, Bushmen will be amused by this story. 

 She used to have a lot of fun. One day, as she said, she sat down to "cry", and the old cat wiped her skirt and "cried too". Then he had to laugh.

It should be very light now. The room is very narrow and very hot.

 The crocodile still stared at the wall from time to time. Suddenly, he was very interested; he was a few inches closer to the diaphragm, and a chill passed through his body. The hairs, mainly on the back of the neck, started to twist, and flames of war flashed in his yellow eyes. She knew what it meant and put her hand on it. At the bottom of one of the baffles, there is a large crack on each side. A pair of small, shiny pearl-like eyes gleamed in one of the holes. Wire.

Black slowly came out around one leg, moving his head up and down. The dog lay motionless while the woman was enchanted. The Snake stretched out another foot and raised his cane.

The reptile seemed to have suddenly realized the danger, poking out from the crack on the other side of the plate, rushing over and twisting its tail. The spring is connected to their cheeks. It failed because it had a large nose, and the Snake's body was closed at an angle formed by the board and the floor. Now pull eighteen inches. Knock knock. The crocodile fired another shot, pulling the Snake out like a five-foot-long black animal. He raised his head and turned, but the dog grabbed the enemy's neck. It is a significant and heavy dog but as fast as a terrier. Shaking the Snake, as if feeling the original curse shared by mankind. The older boy woke up and grabbed his cane to get out of bed, but his mother forced him back with an iron fist. The Snake suffered multiple fractures on its back. Knock, knock, his head was smashed, and the skin of the crocodile's nose was torn off again. 


 She took the broken reptile with the tip of her staff and threw it into the fire; then, he folded the wood and watched the snake burn. The boy and the dog are also watching. She put her hand on the dog's head, and all the wild and evil light in her yellow eyes disappeared. Go to sleep. A boy with dirty feet stood in his shirt for a while, looking at the fire. At that moment, he looked at her, saw tears in her eyes, put his arm around her neck, and shouted: 

 "Mom, I won." If I did that, stop driving! "

 She embraced and kissed him with her tortured chest, so they sat together while the sickly daylight passed through the bushes.

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