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I speedwalk past the glittering pink and white dresses and glasses of red wine. Fancy desserts on sliver plates carried by posh servers walk around offering refreshments. I scan the room to find a server that is carrying tiny sandwiches and long brown hair coiling down her back.

I catch her gaze and gesture towards the lobby. She nods and hands another serve her silver plate. A girl with her head rested on the table is snoring lightly. I tap the vent near the girl's foot 3 times then the lights go out. I hear panicked voices in the hall and plates clattering around.

Jessica and I go through the door behind the girl sleeping on the desk. As we head in we find a man with a dark tuxedo who is flailing his arms around aimlessly. I grab his arm and twist it behind his back and he groans and I hit him in the stomach. We head behind him to find 2 flashlights and a metallic vault. I grin at Jessica. We finally were able to get the blue diamond. I pull my gloves on tighter and I play with the locks.

When Jessica and I were researching we realized that the locks were based on when the first diamonds were discovered (4th BC or 4,2,3). As I finish fiddling with the locks Jessica nudges me to go faster. I open the vault door slowly trying not to make too much sound

Jessica and I quickly take the necklace and start to leave until a voice from the vents echo " We have a robbery. I repeat we have a robbery." We glance at each other and go to plan B.

She hands me a green piece of plastic and we unscrew a tile in the flooring and I do 6 of them and Jessica goes through and as I shove my feet through I hear the clicks of the lock and I shove my self in quickly and try to place the tiling in a convincing setup.

As we start to run cockroaches crawl the dirt walls of the tunnel.

Jessica created this tunnel a month ago in case of a mishap. So, we decided to call it plan B.

As we crawl towards the light we heard yelling and accusations bringing thrown and defensive comments. I giggle but Jessica stays quiet and focuses ahead. Once we reach the flower bed on the side of the building we find a rucksack with some jeans 2 t-shirts and some hair ties and makeup wipes.

Jessica thought it was best to put on tons of makeup to not be recognizable and I agreed and I also decided to put a different hairstyle.

Ass we time ourselves changing from our serving clothes I hear footsteps. I quickly finish up wiping off the cakey foundation and I glance around. I shake my head at Jessica who is finishing up a ponytail.

The warm glow of the sunrise peeks behind the dark branches of the forest. Birds tweet at the synced rhythm of our running. We quickly throw on floral dresses and we braid each other's hair. As we trek towards the glistening marble castle in the distance.

We head inside and Mom is flip through a flower catalog as Dad is going through papers. " Did you have a nice time?" Mom asked not tearing her gaze from her catalog. " Yeah, the sandwiches were especially nice," I say trying not to giggle. Jessica keeps a straight face eyeing my leather clutch every now and then.

Go up to my room trying not to look suspicious. I lock my door firmly and I open my clutch and we peek in to find the blue diamond necklace shimmering from the sunlight. Jessica gently lifts the necklace out of the bag and we gaze at it and exchange looks.

I shoot up and I pull my closet open and push my clothes to find a metal box with a number lock. I fumble with the lock and eventually open it. Jessica wraps the necklace in a velvet cloth and places it into the vault. I shut it and mix up the numbers. I close my closet and we both sigh and start laughing. " We're not done remember."

I nod and we head out of my room. Adriana Severin the girl in the lobby wasn't actually sleeping she was spying on us. She was going to snitch on us tomorrow after her shift at the castle. We head towards the servant's dining hall and everybody is too busy to notice the Crown Princess is wandering among them. I examine the area and find a girl gossiping loudly about how I have dandruff. People laugh along with her until she finds my gaze and bows to me.

I gesture for her to meet me. Jessica follows me and shoots looks at servants. "Adriana." She looks at me surprised and Jessica kick the back of her knees and she kneels. She groans and I twist her arm but she starts to cut my arm with the hidden blade up her sleeve. I dodge the ambush and she ends up cutting her uniform and shoulder.

"You!" She screams the Jessica tears Adriana's blade from her grip and slices her neck and Adriana chokes then her cold dead gaze stares at me.

I look away, disgusted I close her eyes and Jessica nods and she stuffs her into an oversized black garbage bag.

"Operation Blue Diamond a success!" I whisper to Jessica optimistically and she nods smiling. I look around. No one but her and Jessica.

Jessica starts to wash her hands as I hold a blade threateningly close to her throat. Startled she accidentally cuts her self with the blade.

I grin maliciously at her. Her face scared and pale. " I can't let ANYBODY know what I did today, Jessica, you were the best accomplice anybody could ask for." " Then why?" Jessica says as she whimpers. Tears fall down Jessicas face as she struggles to keep her face straight.

"I can't let anyone know." " Won't tell anyone I promise." " Not anymore. Since I decided to get rid of you too." I sigh as she whimpers more pleads and I decide to get on with it.

I slice her throat and blood gushes all over the sink her icy stare just as dead as Adriana's. I grin and tear off my silk gloves and flush them down the toilet.

In 3 minutes the power will switch on and no one will ever discern that the heir of the Blue Diamond stole it for herself.

September 07, 2020 21:12

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Molly Leasure
00:22 Sep 17, 2020

What an interesting story idea! To think the heir is so cruel and twisted. But I guess she's just in training to become an evil queen ;). I was very surprised by the ending. They were so well rehearsed, it seemed unthinkable for her to turn like that. But well done! I look forward to future writings!


Alexa K
12:22 Sep 18, 2020

Thank you! I love when stories are short and have a depressing twist because I'm not so attached to any of the characters so I'm not as sad about it. But thanks for the feedback!


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Ariadne .
18:26 Sep 15, 2020

Oh my. I was NOT expecting that ending. Good job with the suspense! I was hanging off the edge of my seat the entire time. Please review/like my story! Thanks! :)


Alexa K
21:55 Sep 15, 2020

Thank you ^o^ I will definitely check out your story!


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22:42 Sep 07, 2020

WOAH. That was a depressing twist. Amazing story!! It was really interesting and I like the idea of the HEIR stealing the diamond. I feel bad for Jessica...yikes. Anyways, great job! Keep writing! ~Aerin P. S. Could you please check out a story of mine? Thanks!


Alexa K
19:17 Sep 13, 2020

Thanks! -///- I will definitely check out a story or 3 :p


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