Metamorphosis of a civil yet disturb specimen

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Mystery Fantasy

Life isn’t easy when you’re not who you’re supposed to be, but you just have to cope with it. You find a piece of life or reminder of happiness you grab it and just hold onto it to survive the cruelness of the world. You stay strong you lift your head up and you begin your day, like theirs nothing that disturbs you, not a single specimen or object in your way.

Mary Anne looked at herself in the mirror for the 5th time that morning. She looked okay or so she guessed. She was wearing a red polka dot dress with a red ribbon in her hair. Her freckles clearly visible with the red shine of the dress illuminating her pale skin.

“Today will be different, today I will be happy.”

Mary Anne repeated this mantra over and over each and every morning. Every day however just made her more miserable than she already was.

“Mommy, Suzy took my teddy and she doesn’t want to give it back.”

Her 4 year old daughter shrieked.

Mary Anne sighed.

“Suzy give your sister back her bear and then let you Mom get dressed please.”

She sighed.

The house was silent now yet again and Mary Anne couldn’t help, but wonder where she would have been if she just followed her own mind in school


She sighed again.

Her husband was not the cruellest man on earth yet he didn’t give her the satisfaction and love she yearned for. Everyday were a struggle to behave a struggle to be someone she is not. Someone she couldn’t be, she loved her daughters yet despised them in a way or rather was jealous of the freedom they had and she could never have.

She sighed again for the millionth time that morning grabbed her car keys and descended downstairs.

“Suzy, Isabelle you’re going to be late for school, come come, your father won’t be happy if you missed school again.”

Saying these words made Mary Anne recall that day.

That day her husband slapped her across the face for not being good enough, for not being more behaved, for not being the perfect example for their children. That was not the first time he slapped her, yet it was the first time she felt nothing. No pain, no guilt just nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Her daughter tugged on her arm.

“Mom… earth to mom we need to go.”

She looked up to her tall daughter named Suzy. She has grown up to be a more confident member of the family and so beautiful yet she didn’t see her beauty.

She smiled.

“I love you, you know that right.”

Mary Anne took her daughter’s face and squeezed her cheeks.

“Mom ….”

“Aww Mommy loves you.” Isabella said pouting.


After dropping her kids off at school Mary Anne texted her husband to let him know that she will be home soon, not that he was at home; she just needed to go to the mall to fetch some things.

A few seconds past and then she got a reply back.

Her husband told her not to waste any money and just get what she needed for the girls and hurry home, because of the lack of a maid to clean the house.

She smiled to herself.

Typical for her husband to let the maid have an off day on her birthday and for her kids to forget in the process too.

She sighed once again.

Off she drove towards the mall only to almost get shoved of the road by a taxi driver ramming through the streets.

“You asshole watch where you’re going”

She said.

Her hand quickly went to her mouth when the words flew out and she parked the car as soon as possible to avoid a confrontation with the taxi driver speeding. She knew she could handle him, easily if he confronted her, yet she remembered her oath to the coven and that her coven wouldn’t approve of her betraying their secret for such a mundane purpose.

She sighed again.

If only she could fight back.

Her daughters didn’t even know about their past, yet she could see that her youngest daughter had the gift.

Mary Anne drove home in haste to clean the house only to be wiped out of her car by a strong wind and then be seating into a chair in a familiar yet unwelcomed home.

Her coven remembered or so she thought.

“My daughter I didn’t know how to reach you, but I have now.”

Before her stood her beautiful mother, o how she missed them, but how her husband didn’t like them. Still she despised them for forcing her to marry to him.

“Yes mother you have, but I should go now, you know how my husband is”

Her mother sighed.

“O How I despise him.”

Her mother didn’t know of her daughter’s existence and thank goodness for that. If her mother had known her daughters would be sent off to Euphoria to learn the witch way with father.

“O well mother then you shouldn’t have made me marry him and force me to give up myself.”

The elder sitting afar in the corner out of sight clears his throat.

“Enough of this, we called you here not only to congratulate you, yet again, but to inform you we need your help.”

Mary Anne sighted.

It was the elders who made her marry too, but she couldn’t disobey them now.

“When, where and for what?”

“We need you to rescue your father from the Duke’s in Euphoria, they found out what he is.”

Mary Anne’s face shown no emotions yet she were pilling with a lot.

Irritation for the mere question from the elders, anger for she would have to leave her children and announce for the elders perk to just assume she would be up and ready to go.

Mary Anne just sighted walked to the nearest mirror and said to herself.

“You’re happy you can do this.”

August 18, 2020 13:59

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Farah F
17:04 Sep 04, 2020

Good story! Take care to re-read for punctuation and grammar! Dialogue is always tricky, but try to make sure you vary your vocabulary and think about every aspect of your characters to reason out their dialogue and choices.


Anja Z
20:37 Sep 04, 2020

Thank you so much for reading my story ,, will do thank you for the feedback:)


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Keerththan 😀
07:07 Aug 28, 2020

Loved it. Interesting take on the prompt. Well written. Would you mind reading my story "The adventurous tragedy?"


Anja Z
07:10 Aug 28, 2020

Thank you for your feedback will do so asap :)


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18:00 Aug 23, 2020

Interesting take on witches. It's unfortunate that we can't learn more about why she HAD to marry and why, if they despised her husband so much, would they force them together. I think that, when there is a situation like this, I feel the need to learn what motive or what greater reason is there for Isabelle to be pushed into the marriage? I like the pull, the internal strife that you portray in Isabelle, but I wish that I could know a bit more about her circumstances, I fell like I've been left out of an important piece of knowledge.


Anja Z
19:09 Aug 23, 2020

I understand where you are coming from and I'm a little bit disappointed in myself for not noticing it , yet I think with a second part I could maybe make up for it ,, thank you so much for your comment I appreciate the feedback :)


12:35 Aug 24, 2020

Don't be disappointed, hell, if we all got it right the first time, there'd be no more jobs for editors, right? I love criticism of my work, it's the only things that point out what I couldn't see in my own work. Good luck with part 2.


Anja Z
18:15 Aug 24, 2020

Thank you :)


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