Vampire's last summer

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Fantasy Fiction Horror

         May 1926, beautiful summer day in Romania. The girl who had firey red hair was riding the bicycle under the kiss of the sun. She liked to cycle around the morning time especially summer. Her mother was shouting from her back. But she couldn't heard her because she felt the nice scents of summer. Who knows that day her destination will change? She turned her bicycle when she saw the strange man standing at the cemetery. She put the bicycle near a big oak tree. And then, she headed forward to him because he looked like stranger. She moved much closer to him and asked "Mister, are you okay sir? That guy turned his face to her suddenly. She saw his face and hurried turn back to her bicycle. But that's too late for her. At the evening time, her mother waited her outside. But she hadn't come back over the week. Her mother go and find her everywhere else in town. Later, she requested others to find her daughter and bring her back. Over months and years nobody else found the trace of her. Her mother still finding her outside. She was being worried about her. But her child never leave home without telling her. She disappear from town like a wind. One day, her mother was staying in the kitchen and she heard the knocking sound from the front door. She asked "whose there". Then, she put down the plates immediately and run towards the front door. She asked again "is that you Ella my baby". When she opened the door, she was shocking by seeing the gentleman in long black coat and top hat. He said "may I come in". She looked closely to his right pocket and she saw her daughter's scarf. So, she immediately moved aside and said "please come in". He went inside and took off his long black coat and placed it over the hanger. Then, he took off his hat on the table and he's greeting to her politely. But she asked him straight "where do you get this scarf". She continued "have you found anyone else near that place, I lost my little girl who owned the scarf like this, I was looking for her so long". He said "Ma'am, please calm down, I will explain everything to you and that's why I am here". She said "so you knew". He replied "Yes, I am the person who took your daughter but she was being safe with me". She said "what do you mean, are you kidnapping her". He told her "No, because of my mistake she transformed to something else so she couldn't come to meet you as normal". She said "what do you meant". He showed his fangs and her mother got shock and fainting over the floor. He waited her there. Then, she opened her eyes and said "why are you still here". He told her "I must tell her back that you are okay". Her mother told him "is it really my little girl okay at your home". He said "Yes, she's fine don't worry". He standed up and moved forward to the door and take his coat and hat. He said "I prepared a soup for you, I will come to see you everyday". Then, he opened the door and leave. Her mother was staying over the bed longer and think about her baby girl back. Otherwise, he didn't seem bad person at all.

         On the other hand, she changed her life caused by the vampire who took her at that day. Since that time she try to live alive in other way. She has taken by vampire and stayed in his mansion over years. She kept worrying about her mother and people in town and her neighborhood. Edward was telling her all about them every day. But she wanted to step out and leave him everyday. But she couldn't control her blood thustyness. She faced the serious problem than blood thusty. That was hunger to meet the sun. She missed her time playing happily under the sun. She also remember her last summer also. After she changed she can't touch either the ray of the sun or walk under daylight. She must stayed in her coffin at basement and she allowed to come out at night. Edward was the vampire who changed her and she couldn't do anything without his order. Vampires were afraid of ties among bloodlines. Stranger like her getting inside this big family of vampire was being horrible at first. She tried to keep in touch with them. They all obeyed the order of his grandfather who was the host of their bloodline. Later, she changed herself and began one of them. Over those years, she never caught human once for filling her stomach and thustyness. Only Edward gave his blood to her. One day, Edward asked her "why do you keep doing this Ella". She said "I wanted to give up my life after I met you". Edward was being so sad that how she knew without he was telling anything to her. After she changed, she got the power to read the vampires mind. She waited the right time in her dark room. Someday, the family go outside but they placed one of them waited for her in the mansion.

           Years passed, Edward and she was getting married and his family started understanding her well. Most of them thought she was being much more calm and stable than before. So, she can stay at the mansion alone. She still denied to drink human blood directly. When she looked at her palm, she was shocking because her hands and palm were being paler than before. Then, she found most of her hair fall out when she combed her hair. Edward was being worry for her. So, he kept going out every day to find a receipt to save her. One day, she asked about that day. At first, he denied to tell her the truth behind the case why he was standing in front of the coffin. She kept asking him again and again. And then, he gave up and tell her the truth. There was a beautiful girl who caught his mind at first glance. They had a beautiful moment together. Nobody knew it was stopped because someone else. He changed and then he couldn't stop his hunger. So, she die and never wake up again. She asked "that's why you faced sad". Edward asked her "why do you come closer to me". Then, he hugged her tight in his arm and said "thanks god, I haven't lose you". Edward said "once with you I can control myself of thustyness". She hugged him back and said "that's the reason you can't let go of me". The beautiful night was being over this way. One fine summer day, she looked for them all around the places inside the mansion. They were nowhere to be found. She saw the sharp light came into the basement. Now, she knew it's her chance to end up her life. So, she got upstairs and moved her feet towards the main door. And then, she held her breath and turned the door knob and stepped out. She felt her feet touch the sun rays first. Then, she felt burning. Her life was over and now she's free. 

June 25, 2021 15:26

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