When Aldric saw his Dad at the dinner table

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Gay Drama Romance

So you're taking cappuccino or a cold brew coffee? A cappuccino would do, my cupcake!, Aldric replied

Come on stop being so cute, i'll get our drinks, Liam said.

Here, cappuccino for you and a latté for me, what would be more good than two lovers enjoying the sunset in the beautiful garden and some coffee, am i right Aldric? Abostely Li, I just love this beautiful evening, its just me, you and the birds chirping a song for us! Aldric I just Love you! I Love you too Li!

After they had their drinks, they fell into comfortable silence nd just enjoyed the beautiful waves of the wind but after some time Aldric felt Liam's eyes on him....he moved his head only to find his lover's strong gaze that was filled with pure love nd passion for him nd it was strong enough to make his heart flutter....then he moved his eyes from Liam's eyes only to rest at his lips...he stared at his lips ,they were so red nd plumpy begging him to capture them between his own pair. He looked at liam and met with the same desperation nd longing in his eyes. He knew wt they both wanted. Never in his entire life he felt this strong urge to kiss someone so he did. He leaned forward grazing his lips softly on Liam's but he didn't kissed him....he wanted to make their first kiss memorable and didn't want to rush....he wanted liam to always remember this with a smile on his face whether they remain together or not .... he wanted to remember how it felt like kissing, Aldric appreached Liam, their breaths start to touch each other, they was no space left between their lips, Liam hold his neck and kissed him urge fully, they didn't wanted to unlock their lips, they kissed passionately, holding each other like never before, Liam approached for another kiss, Aldric said, "No its okay for today and I have something to tell you", What?!, Liam replied,

Li mom has invited you over for dinner today! Yesterday I told her about you and me! Whoa!! What was her reaction??, Liam reacted.

She was very happy and proud, she also wants to meet you, so are you coming over? Aldric said. Yeah why not Aldric, I would love to meet the woman who made my boyfriend so hot and cute, Liam said in love!

Laim, enough of you being so cute, stop now, it turns me on!

Well isn't that a good things? How about? Um......, Liam joked!

We'll talk about that later, So today 8 pm. At my place, alright Li?

Sure my chocolate pastry!

Aldric smiled and left!

Liam also left for home to get ready for today's dinner with his boyfriends mother!

As Liam reached home, he needed to get fresh, but first he ordered something to eat if course, Liams stomach is now full with junkies.

Liam undressed, and hopped in the shower, he had his daily shower routime and came out, it was still two hours left for the dinner, so he had some time, he called *dialing*

-Aldric, Hello?

Hey Li! What's up?

- just took a shower love, how about you?

Ahh I watching a movie, anyway when are u coming?

- it's just 6, chill i'll be there at sharp 8, don't worry!

Well Li, remember you gotta wear black today?!

- I know, I know, how can forget wearing my baby's favourite color on our dinner date?

AWW that's so sweet, see ya!

- See ya, Bye love!

Bye Li!

*hangs up*

I should charge my phone now, Liam uttered, *ding*...

It was a message from Jamison, Liams homie, it said "see ya in a minute or two"



*Bell rings*

Ah Hey Jamie and Chris, how have you been, come in please!

As if we would not enter if you wouldn't have welcomes us, Jamison joked.

Well what have you been doing Liam? Umm nothing much of that Chris, Im going to Aldric's place for a dinner date today, his mom has invited me over! Liam replied.

Well, I hope we didn't disturb you? Oh no you didn't Chris, its all good, I have 1.5 hours to get their, we can chill in the meantime!

Liam I'm super hungry at the moment, lemme grab something from the pantry, Jamison said, "Oh Jamie, I'm sorry the pantry is empty, I forgot to go for grosery shopping today!

You must be with Aldric today huh? Chris asked! Ah yes, but don't worry I'll order pizzas for us.

After an hour chit-chatting, chilling out and havung pizzas, Jamison and Christine left now.

Good bye, see y'all! -

I think I should get ready now or else I'll get late!

I'm black shirt, grey pants and black underwear, that will be good to go! Oh and Aldric's favourite Lavendor perfume!

Liam is not all ready to leave!

I should take flowers for his mom for the first impression, Liam said to himself. Is should call Aldric and ask him mom's favourite flowers!


-hey, Aldric, listen!

Whoa what's the hurry? What happened?

- What's your moms favourite flowers, I'll get them on the way home?

Umm it has to be jasmin probably, yea get jasmins.

- Alright, I'll be there, bye love!

Good bye Li!

Liam, got a bouquet of Jasmin, and almost reached Aldric's place.

Alright! I'm here, the flowers..., yea all good!

*rings bell*

Mrs. West opens the door-

Hey Liam! How are you? Its so good seeing you!

Hey Mrs. West, I'm fine, thanks! I'm glad being here today! Oh come in please, Aldric is in his room, go surprise him! Mrs. West said!

Thank you so much for having here Mrs. West! And these flowers for you!

Oh Thank you so much for these, jasmins are my favourite!!!

Yeah Aldric told me, Liam replied.

Come on go have fun! I'll call you boys when the dinner is served!

Liam goes upstairs and meets his love, As soon as Liam knocked the door Aldric opened it with a smile on his face...it looked like he was expecting Liam. "Hi" Aldric said with a big smile and hugged Aldric without waiting for his rply. He welcomed Liam inside his room. They started talking about bt some football match untill Aldric's mum called them for dinner.

Aldaric held Li's hand and walked towards the dining table, Aldric made Liam sit on the chair and soon they stated having dinner, they chit-chatting, everything was perfect, they three were havung a perfect time together! But soon Aldric stopped eating. His eyes got fixed on something or specific someone. He followed his gaze and met a man in his forties standing at the door. That man's facial feature matched Aldric's alot. It looked like he is just an adult version of aldaric. When Liam looked at Aldric he noticed something in his eyes. It was anger and fear. His hands were shaking nd looked like he is on the verge of passing out. But his faced showed pure anger. It was hard to figure out weather his hands were shaking from fear or anger. The man returned Aldric's gaze with a smirk on his face. Then that man looked towards their hands and his face expression changed to pure disgust. "What are you doing here" Aldric said to that man.

"Well it's not a very nice way to wish your father child. I think I raised you better than this" that man said and Liam's eyes widened with this new information. He looked around the room to search Aldric's mum but she was nowhere to be found.

"Well I see you got a boy toy over there" that man continued and he felt Aldric's hand tightened around his.

"What the hell are you doing in my house" Aldric repeated

"Well you see their boy that this house is actually mine and I don't see any problem in visiting my lovely wife nd my f@**** son" Aldric's father said with pure disgust in his voice and this was it, Liam couldn't take this anymore

"Don't you dare call him that he you freak" Liam said.

"I only said the truth but wait aren't you also a f@*? I don't know why I didn't ended this thrash's life as soon as he was born. Atleast I could've stopped this kind of sin happening in my family.

And it was enough Liam was about to land his fist on Aldric's father's face but Aldric stopped him.

"Please leave" he wispered to Liam.

"No I m not gonna leave you with this piece of shit" Liam said immediately.

"Please, for me! " Aldric said again with his pleading voice. His eyes were filled with tear nd Liam just wanted to take him away from all this choas but he knew better that it will be better to leave the house because he was this close to lossing his mind and it would definitely not be a very nice idea to kill his boyfriend's father infront of his eyes so without a word he left.

It has been four hours and liam is in a total mess. He hadn't heard from Aldric after that scene in his house. He sent multiple text and voicemails bt Aldric didn't replied to any. And he was really close to having a anxiety attack so he finally decided to go to Aldric's house wheather Aldric appreciate this gesture or not. As soon as he opened the front door to exit his house he stopped at his doorstep. Aldric was standing there with his eyes red and fluffy. Without missing a second Liam wrapped his arms around Aldric and Aldric totally brokedown in front of him. He cried and cried and cried. Liam carried him inside his room. He wanted to ask what happened between him and his father bt he knew that Aldric was in no position to give any answer. So he brought him close to his chest and let him wet his shirt. Aldric finally stopped sobbing for what felt like hours he looked down at Aldric's face nd found out that he had felt asleep. So he laid him down in his bed and moved beside him. And as soon as laid down Aldric moved closer to his body and cuddled him in his sleep.There were a lot of questions in Liam's head but they could definitely wait till Aldric is completely fine. 

July 02, 2021 18:22

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Amrita Brahmo
08:41 Jul 08, 2021

Good job with the plot tension and the characters! A little attention to spellings and formatting, and a round of edit focusing on the narrative can make this story even better. Keep writing :)


Manzar I
06:40 Jul 09, 2021

Thank you so much, and yes I will look forward to keep improving it, your pointing out mistakes , help us grow even better :)


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