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The world is divided into 2 parts. The first part of this world is named Dorssia, and the other is, Zephest. They are two enemies. If one lives or is from Dorssia, it cannot go to the Zephest. But there are two people, who love each other. They stand for each other even in destruction. They trust each other fully and compared to others, their friendship/love is very strong that no one can come in it or tear it apart. That's what you call Pure Friendship.

But they live in different worlds. Leo lives in Dorssia while Zin lives in Zephest. But they often meet each other, of course secretly. That day, the news got announced. There will be worn computer-operated advanced bracelets by everyone. Both Dorssian and Zephestes.

"Hey, Zin. I'm missing you." "I know, but since they forced us to wear those ugly, tight bracelets, we can't do anything." "But..." Both of them were depressed. The world would not allow anyone to live freely anymore..

The next day, Leo went to a broken hut. He called zin there, but Zin was being late. In truth, he was captured by the national Zephestes cops in Zephest. "L-Let ME GO!!!" He shouted. "Shut up, you broken record!" Yes, Zin has a broken record. He used to live as an elite in Zephest before and did a good job as a police officer. He became very successful by becoming a professional official cop head. But after his relationship started with Leo, everything literally changed, his elite membership, made by his parents, was deleted and he was thrown into a low-class district where he didn't get many resources by the government. So, slowly, he started to adjust there. After a few months passed, he had to go on an office trip with other police officers to Dorssia. His job was just to investigate the current murder that took place between a Zephest who killed a Dorssian in Dorssia. When he reached there, he decided to spend a night in a good hotel. The room beside his was where his fated friend was living. Although he had home, family to live with, Leo hated this world. He wanted to get separate from everyone and live an all alone and independent life.

"Ahhhh!!~~ What a nice room~~ I really like the AC here.... ahhh" He looked everywhere in the room and saw a paper dropped under the table. "What?" He got up and picked it up. "Letter.. huh?" When he opened it, something was written there.

'Good day, Arexiona Seth. This is my smooth regards to you. Please take this letter as a request. I request you to come to xxx in Dorssia. Arrive there between 6-7pm.

__PS: No need to bring you loyal dog.___'

"Who is this?" At the end of it, was written the name of the sender. 'Leo' "...Leo?!" He thought he knew someone with that name. "THE GUY FROM THE ROOM NEXT DOOR!!!" He shouted. He ran outside and knocked at the door. "Hello! Hello! Are-" he was interrupted when the door opened. Their eyes met and it was like 'fate' to meet each other...

"Well, who are you?" Leo asked. "I-I am Zin, from Zephest. A police officer tho.." he replied. "Oh, I see. So you must be on an official trip. Welcome to Dorssia" he greeted with a confused smile. After that, they started to chat, had dinner with each other. And that was their relationship's beginning. Days passed, and it was time for Zin to leave back to Zephest. "Well, then bye. Because I'm a Zephest, even if I would want to stay here, I can't. So,... let's end here now." said Zin. Leo was very sad to say goodbye to him. "At least, give me your number!" then Zin exchanged numbers with him. "Fine. Then let's remember each other," he said. They blushed while Zin said farewell and left.

Now, currently, they both are in deep friendship so they can't get each other out from their heads. Leo invited Zin to the usual place to have a talk. The place was untidy, broken. It was between Dorssia and Zephest. Because after the war, it was only the one left undestroyed. Its name was Rilecta. But here in Zephest, since Zin was trapped by the cops while he was planning to leave Dorssia, Leo was desperately waiting for him. "I said LET me gooo!!!" he shouted again and again but then, the head cop came to him. She lifted his chin upward and said, "May I know why this young man is so desperately wanting to let go?" She spoke in a quiet, formal tone. "It's none of your concern. lady!!" he shouted. "Let him go. But boy, if we got the slightest hint of you engaging with a Dorssian, we might get you in a huge custody." She said that and left. He ran to Rilecta.

When he was on his way, he realized that the bracelet was the biggest reason for tracking him. So, he tried many times to remove it, but it didn't get off! He didn't have any choice, so he still continued. By the time he reached Rilecta, he saw Leo gone and only a letter was left there...

After Leos sudden disappearance, Zin was overly confused, and he panicked too much because of anxiety that he might lose him forever. The letter mentioned that Leo has committed a big sin of leaving Dorssia without a valid permit card and thus, he has been caught in custody. This really worried Zin. The following night, Zin couldn't sleep at all, thinking only about Leo. While Leo was kept in a big custody room, "Why do you think you're here?" asked the Head of Dorssian Disiplinity Management. "Because of committing a sin by leaving Dorssia, huh?" replied Leo in a rough manner. He didn't want to be here and get out soon to see 'his' face again. "In which century will you leave me?!" he yelled out. "Haha... Of course, until you speak out the truth." Ginzo replied. "What truth is hidden?! Can't I just get out of that hell?! Why is it wrong to go to Rilecta if no one's there?!!!" he southed again. "Keep it down! It is only because Dorssian lives in Dorssia. Same goes for Zephest. What else reason do you need?" he questioned him again. "I don't know just untie my hands!!" Ginzo pitted him and uncuffed him. "But don't think of leaving from here. I just need to tell you a very important thing." Ginzo knew Leo's previous records, so he expected for him to accept his offer. "What is it?!" Leo was pissed off. "It might be a bit dangerous, but... since you've done fighting, quarrelling before, why don't you redo it?" asked ginzo. "Haaa?! What the heck are you saying?!" he shouted. "Don't be rude, just listen carefully. I know you had many fights before, in your high school life. You were bullied countless times so you had no choice but to bully them back. Just so you know, as a DDM Head, I know every Dorssian's behaviour. So, don't try to hide your broken past from me. If you can fight well, how about you learn more Martial arts or other fighting material to kill that idiot, Ferron?" he explained with Leo's eyes opened wide. Ferron is the governor of Zephest while Elliot is Dorssias. They both have like what you call a cat and dog's relationship. "What are you saying?... me kill ferron?.. HAVE YOU GONE MAD?!" he yelled. "Of course this wont be an easy task, but we'll pay you handsomely. How about 45 million?" he gave him a good bounty but the task was much higher and the money deserved is a hundred times more, since your talking about Ferron the great lion here. "Oi, oi! That is Ferron, not Ferret! Think before you make a move!" Leo didn't want to agree, because he knew that if he destroys Zephest, his best friend, Zin would be sad. Because no matter how bad, worse, or ill is Zephest, it's still Zin's home. "No way.. haha... I've made this offer along with His highness, Elliot. So, there's no chance of hiding or running away. Just think of it as your destiny, boy." Since Elliot approved it, then there is really no chance of delaying it. So therefore, Leo was trapped in a very critical situation.

Zin contacted him thrice, but no response. "Seems like his phone is off. But there hasn't been a day when he doesn't pick up my call... I wonder what's wrong." he was worried. There was sitting Leo, having a difficult situation. "How's it going? *yawn* I'm tired tell me your answer fast, ok?" Ginzo went out and the guards still stayed. Leo thought it over and over, should he kill Ferron, or leave him. Of course, if one of the Governor is killed, it means the other gets their hands on the whole world. But that isn't the matter here. If one is killed, then the alliance he created will be finished, letting the countries' kings, governors start up again. "What if... I kill them both? Will everything go settle the way back before?!" This came up in his mind and he decided to kill both of the governors. Kill one in front of everyone, and the other secretly. This intention was sincere but his actions will not be sincereful enough. "Hey, call your evil master!" he called out for Ginzo. "Master had gone home, please settle your decision tomorrow." the guard said. "What!? Do you think I'm a ghost or something!? I'm also hungry and tired!" he yelled at them. One of them pointed towards the bed, the other towards the table where food was kept. "Now, go!" they commanded. It was only rice with stew and water.

The next day, Ginzo came back and heard out his final decision. "Ok! That's good, or else if you hadn't made this 'right choice', I would have to kill you!" said Ginzo. "You...! Anyway now I'm going home, and my permit?" Ginzo gave Leo a permit card which he can use to enter at any place, whether it's Zephest, VIPs, or Rilecta. "Good, old man..." he said and left. "Remember your decision, kill boy!" he shouted. Leo gave him a final angry glance. "I know!"

When Leo finally came to Zephest, he decided to meet Zin for the last time. He came to his home there. "Hi, Zin!" with a good smile. Zin almost cried and hugged him for showing up late. "Where were you all this time?! Why didn't you-" Leo interrupted. "I know, I was just having a hard time. And my phone was at home... was away from home for 2 days... haha" he smiled nervously. "Do you think this is light?!" said Zin. "Then is it... intense?" he came a bit (too) close to Zin's face. "Aha, go away..! it's not good." Zin blushed heavily. After that sweet talk, Leo told everything to Zin, even the secret plan. "Why? WHY?! Do you want to kill Ferron" he was angry but sad. "You won't understand it, you're still small!" Leo insisted. "Till when will you stop treating me as a child?! I'm at your age now!" Leo pointed towards his heart, "But your heart is of a child, my best friend..." and he stood up hugged him and went on his mission. "Stop! I'll go with you then! I won't stop, neither distract you on your mission! I just don't want you to go..." He cried lightly. "But... your coming along with me will distract me, I don't want to get you involved in this!" He really didn't. And so, he sat back watching his best friend go battle...

After a month passed, Leo was invited to Elliot's mansion. When he arrived, they talked in the meeting office. "Long time no see... or perhaps I never saw you...?" Elliot spoke in a gentle tone. "What? Go to your aimed topic." said Leo. "Fine, fine, If you now, know your mission, I would like you to know one thing as well." said Elliot. "What?" "That boy... he is the major problem here. I just got the news that Ferron is implying to use his dirty manipulation tricks to involve a guy named, Zin, in this and then try to kill me." He explained. "WHAT?!" Leo was shocked to hear it. "Yes, it might be shocking to you, but to me as well... what do you say? I say, betray that guy. He probably works under Ferron. And what's more, he will be distracting you further." "No... NO WAY I would betray or leave Zin! I will protect him even if I have to die!" he shouted. "What's the need to give your life to a human who's already mixed up with the enemy? You're too naive and foolish." It was he who was trying to manipulate Leo. "What did you say?! Betray him, like I would! And how can a person who hates killing and blood, kill someone so high?! Don't think of everyone the same!" He said. "I understand, but if you don't follow the rules... you know what'll happen, huh?" he insisted hard to make Leo betray Zin but Leo couldn't. "I just can't...! I cannot betray him! He has always trusted me... from the beginning, I was the only one he would open up to!" He shouted with tears. "How did you two met? Don't you 2 live separately?" asked Elliot. "Yeah... *sniff* I met him at an official trip." He explained his past to Elliot.

At the end, Leo was given 2 options; one to betray Zin, another to kill him. How could he kill the person he loves dearly? But can he really betray him? and if yes so, is it the right thing to betray him. One day, when Leo went to meet Zin, he saw some cops talking about Zin. "Hey hey, have you heard? The lion on Zephest has made a contract with that weak and silly Zin in our neighbourhood!" This surprised Leo. "What..?" he muttered. He ran off to Zin's home and saw it was written, 'resident shifted' and 'where did he shift?!' came up to Leo's mind. Leo asked everyone about Zin's disappearance, but in the end, no answer was clear. "Back then... I disappeared, and now you... hah, how strange.." as he wiped out his tears by the cuffs of his shirt, sitting on a bench under the starry sky.

A week had been passed and the par still hadn't been in touch with each other. "I called him, but he didn't pick up." Leo was worried. So Leo had no choice but to start his first plan; create a meeting with Ferron. Second, barge in with a female disguise and kill him with poison. But sadly, none of them worked. Now he was only left with the third last option of killing him infront of everyone. He had mastered his fighting skills enough to win over a weak guy. "Here I come, ferron...!" and he rushed, held his sword with the name carved on it, 'Justice' When he entered the mansion, there were plenty guards. But he killed all of them easily since they weren't mastered in sword fighting or hand to hand combat! After he went to the place where the governor Ferron sits. "Ahh, I wondered there would come an assassin with highly appreciated skills. Lol." he smiled and Zin was standing beside him with an expressionless face. Leo was angry, filled with ferocity. But when he took notice of Zin was there, he couldn't get that anger again. "Zi-Zin..? Why are you here? Weren't you supposed to wait for me at home? So those rumours were TRUE!?" He cried with pain and was feeling betrayal. "No. I didn't do this on my own will. I was dragged into this. I love Zephest, but when i heard you were going to kill King Ferron, i felt bad. I wanted to protect him too." Zin explained. "Just why!? why do you like that idiot!" Leo shouted. "You know, when my parents left me all alone beside the mansions trees, Ferron was the one who picked me up from there. He fed me and gave me a house to live alone. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, but if I had told you, you would have never fallen for me, Leo. This is not betrayal, it's-" That's where Leo stopped him. "Zin, you know what?" talked as he came forward, "I thought that I would go through anything but would never betray you, you..." he came towards Ferron, "You BETRAYED ME! I was unsure to betray you, but look what you did!" Leo finally burst out with tears and slashed Ferron's head with Zin standing still, with opened eyes. His reaction was still and mute. He really had no words to lay out. "Did... I really betrayed you? I though Ferron of my family, but I forgot you, is it true?" Even he cried. "No, what you did was correct, but you forgot that he was manipulating you from the start. Didn't I tell you before? That I will kill both the crowns, and bring up that old history again!" Leo stood with his sword and said his last words to Zin. "Zin, I love you like a brother to me! I didn't betray you and I'm grateful for you didn't also. You were the only person I had trusted upon, and trusts." and left to kill Elliot who was waiting happily, patiently for his rewarding.

Eventually, Elliot was also killed, Ferron too. The world slowly went back to the root once again. And Leo was remembered the one who saved and turned the world back as it was. Leo and Zin started to live together, and their life started happily.

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