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August 4, 3:14 PM

Today is the day that we finally have left on the trip!  Mom and dad have been saying we might go for months now, and we have finally hit the road.  I asked where we were going on the trip, but mom just said it was a surprise. I can’t wait to see!  The traffic must be bad though, dad looks stressed. We passed a lot of cows, and have gone through like 20 towns.  I got bored and figured I should write about all this. Nothing exciting has happened yet, though, so I guess I’ll write more later.

August 4, 7:46 PM

I’m getting rather hungry.  I haven’t eaten since lunch, and we have been driving for almost 6 hours.   Usually, we would have eaten dinner at 6:30, but it’s already almost 8! At one point mom and dad said we were going to get food at a restaurant, but we got to the parking lot and dad just drove away.  He said the line was too long, but there were barely any cars. Maybe he has one of those apps that says how busy places are, and this place was very busy on the inside. Either way, I need some food.

August 5, 12:09 AM

We finally stopped for food at a burger place.  I thought I was gonna starve to death! We only went to the drive-thru though, and dad seemed to be in a big rush.  The burger was really good though! I really am tired though, and am going to go back to sleep now.

August 5, 10:15 AM

Weird stuff is going on.  Mom woke me up at 9 and said that they were going to run into a gas station.  Then dad handed me his pocket knife and told me to use it to defend myself if I needed to!  I’m only 12, what does he think I can do with a pocket knife? Anyways, they got back in only 15 minutes with a LOT of food.  Mom says it’s so we don’t have to stop so often to eat. But I was watching outside while they were gone, because dad told me to be careful, and I saw a couple of super shifty looking guys walk in right before mom and dad came out.  They were wearing all black and had the sort of mask you wear in the cold weather on. It’s August! It’s warm outside still, and will be for a while! Maybe they are from some very hot place, like Florida, and the Minnesota August was cold to them.  I mean, I have heard stories of people in very warm places wearing parkas in 50-degree weather! Anyways, I am getting off-topic. The point is, these people seemed very suspicious. I think we all should be more careful.

August 5, 2:33 PM

I got bored and was watching out the back window, and I might be wrong but it looks like this navy blue car was following us.  Not straight out following us, but trailing behind from a distance. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but something about this certainly seems odd.  I didn’t want to tell mom or dad, though, because the car probably isn’t actually following us. Maybe it just is taking mostly the same route. After all, I only watched it for maybe 15 minutes max.  I think I’ll go watch a movie on my phone.

August 5, 4:21 PM

The movie ended, and I looked outside again.  The car is still there! I’m getting actually freaked out now, so I’m going to tell dad, be right back.  He said it was probably a different car, but he looked freaked out and sped up. I really want to know what’s happening, I’m scared.

August 5, 4:58 PM

The car is still there.  I demanded that mom tell me what is going on, and she said that she couldn’t say, but that we had to keep moving.  I’m scared, I think we must be running away from someone.

August 5, 5:17 PM

Dad hasn’t slept since we left, and it is showing.  He has been driving since about 1:00 yesterday afternoon.  That’s 28 long hours of straight driving. Honestly, he looks like he is about to pass out.  Mom told him to let her take over for a bit, but he declined, saying that they couldn’t stop to switch.  I told dad to please just switch with mom, otherwise we might crash just from him falling asleep at the wheel.  He just shook his head. I really hope we don’t crash, but at the same time, I’m glad we aren’t stopping. The car is still there, and it’s scaring me.  I have a pair of binoculars in my travel bag, and I was just about to try looking at the car with them.

August 5, 5:23 PM

I looked through the binoculars at the car, and the person driving is wearing all black and a mask for the cold weather, like the people at the gas station!  I told dad and he just melted a little more in his seat. He looks genuinely close to passing out now. I wonder if I should call 911. If this is one of the people from the gas station, they have been following us for a long time.

August 5, 6:00 PM

Im writting this quick so someone will know wnhat happened to us.  da d fell asleep and we crashed. The carsh wasnt too bad, we just hit the railing on the side of the road.  Everyone is fin but the poeple from the car are comeing. Im scared. Calling 911  

AUGUST 5, 2018 

Medical Notes for Blair Kendall

Today Blair was in obvious distress for most of the day.  She looked panicked, and at one point attempted to call 911.  Fortunately, she has written in her journal about what was going on in this particular fantasy, so we can get some idea what is wrong.  It looks like we are no closer to improving her condition. In fact, the schizophrenia seems to be worsening. I can try her on a new medication tomorrow, though.  Maybe this will be the one.

April 05, 2020 14:12

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Ivy Spade
19:25 Apr 14, 2020

I love the twist at the end!


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