“You’re fired”, as soon as I hear these words spill out of my boss’ mouth like caramel, I freeze. I knew I had made a huge mistake, but I also knew that I had worked good enough to not hear these words. 

I collected all my things in a crate and took a glance at my cabin for the one last time. All these years and this is what I get! I slowly walked towards the elevator with my crate, full of memories. 

There was no one who could look me in the eye. They just held their heads down with fake sympathy. There was nobody to stop this. My tears were just waiting for me to approach the main entrance and they started flowing as soon as I did. I straightaway took a taxi so that I could cry more freely.

 I got fired. I texted Meghan and Nina and they obviously said, We’re on our way. I needed somebody to understand me, somebody to tell me that what I did wasn’t wrong, somebody who could give me a ray of hope, that things will just fall in place.

If someone knows you more than your family or in that case, you yourself, it has to be your school best friends! We have always been for each other since school. The only difference is that in school, we used to fall in trouble together and get out of it together and now, we individually screw our lives and get out of it together.

To be honest, our past version was much better. At least you didn’t have to clear a mess that you didn’t create. A small smile creeps up my face as I remember all the stupid things we have done together.

As I entered my house, I was not really shocked to see Meghan and Nina cleaning my couch which I assumed was stained while they were fighting for the Pasta, I had kept for my dinner. “Give my spare keys back!” I shouted jokingly at both of them.

“Don’t worry, Meghan has got Pizza for you. Something we exactly knew that you would want while crying”, laughed Nina and high-fived with Meghan. This was my second disappointment for the day and the least that I had expected to happen.

“Do you guys seriously don’t remember?” I said as I looked at them with disbelief in my eyes. Something which made me more furious was them nodding a ‘No’. “You guys are unbelievable!” I shouted and stumped towards my bedroom. 

“What’s the matter, Alison?” Meghan said as she and Nina rushed behind me. “The matter is, I have just got braces and my metal teeth are not allowed to bite on that lovely Pizza”, I said and sat down on my bed with a thump. 

Meghan’s furrowed eyebrows met Nina’s forehead, slapped by her hand. “It’s okay, we can order something else,” Meghan was saying and I cut her in the middle, “It’s not about ordering something else, it’s about how you both didn’t even remember!”

"Cut the drama Alison, please!" Nina said in a frustrated voice and sat beside me with folded legs.

"These are my feelings", I said, pretty much knowing, this was going too far.

"Oh! Where were your feelings when you and Nina planned a night out just the night before my parents were getting divorced?" Meghan asked while pointing out a finger at me.

"That was so long ago", I said in an even more frustrated tone and continued,"And anyways, I apologized for it, even when the whole idea was Nina's."

Nina glared at me, then shut her eyes tightly and bit her lip, either out of anger or out of fear of facing Meghan. You can never really know what's on Nina's mind. Her expressions and mind don't ever match. She could be laughing with you and at the same time thinking, that you're such a creep. 

"You both put me up for 'The Most Annoying Person In The Class' award, what did you expect?" Nina finally came with a reason. "That's the best you could come up with?" I and Meghan asked at the same time.

Meghan sat down on my other side. We didn't speak anything for 2 minutes. "Nina, do you remember you both almost pushed me out of the group once, saying that I have a different mindset from you both?" I asked and stood up with folded hands to face them. To be honest, I could have let it end here. But overreacting in every situation is a must for me. You could accidentally step on my foot and I would manage to create a scene out of that too.

"Okay," Meghan pulled herself out of the bed in anger and continued,"if we all are reading our school diaries, here's mine. Let's discuss about the day I was standing up for Miss Excalibur and you both weren't there to cheer me up because y'all couldn't get over your jealousy." 

If you haven't already figured out, Meghan is one of those Popular kids of your school. Her words will hurt you, but unfortunately she's never wrong. I looked at Nina, hoping she would come up with an excuse. She did, but only for herself.

"I didn't want to be there for people who bitched behind my back", she said while pulling my blue pillow and throwing it on her lap. "And that too with my ex-best friend!" She added, to make her point stronger.

"That was not the case and you know it, Nina", Meghan, the righteous lady comes with another truth. Nina suddenly started walking towards the kitchen. "What did we say?", I asked Meghan because I had never seen Nina ever walk away like that. 

"Whatever it is, I'm not going after her", Meghan said with a not-my-problem look on her face. Nina came in again and...she had the audacity to come in with the box of pizza?

"Sorry, I can't argue well with an empty stomach" she said while opening the pizza box. I and Meghan again shared the same look and rolled our eyes. "Are you serious?" I said, giving the most obvious reaction. Meghan and Nina shared a mysterious look and now it was Meghan who went to the kitchen. I was missing out on something.

"Here's your Mac n Cheese, Mi Amor!"Meghan said, coming with my favourite Mac n Cheese in her hand and bowing down in front of me. "Why didn't you tell me before?" I squeaked in excitement and took the parcel in my hand.

"We had decided to mess up a little with you," Nina explained and continued,"But Meghan got tangled in her own drama." "Oh, I don't think Nina has said anything in the past hour." Meghan came back at her immediately with a taunt.

“Hey, these are my feelings!” Nina mimicked me and started giggling. Meghan also joined her and hugged me, with her weird laughter on. And obviously, Nina had to make us feel her presence. So, she became the uninvited guest for our hug.

July 15, 2020 17:37

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19:02 Jul 23, 2020

Hey, Rutvi! I'm here from the Critique Circle. This is an amazing story, and the story line was actually pretty cute (once you read the whole thing, anyway). I think that's what making this story great; you think it's super serious, but then it'll all funny at the end (except for Alison actually getting fired). I will say that there were some grammatical errors scattered around the story, but nothing major. Other than that, perfect! Keep writing and stay healthy, Brooke


Rutvi Dhruva
14:01 Jul 26, 2020

Hey, Brooke! I'm so glad you liked my work. Will surely try to get better with my grammar next time. Thank you so much for such valuable inputs!


00:13 Jul 27, 2020

You're so welcome!


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Kelechi Okereke
21:19 Jul 22, 2020

Wow. Nice. I loved it. Arguing other stuffs and leaving the main reason/subject matter.


Rutvi Dhruva
11:53 Jul 23, 2020

I'm so glad you liked it!


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Batool Hussain
05:35 Jul 21, 2020

Well done! Mind checking out my new story and sharing your views on it? Thanks.


Rutvi Dhruva
18:22 Jul 21, 2020

Thank you! I will surely check out your work too!


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