Gay Romance

"Hey," Simon says softly to the boy who approaches him and kisses him on the mouth.

"Hey," Alan replies after hugging him a little shyly.

They hadn’t seen each other in a few days and Alan knows it wasn’t an accident.

Their whole story had been mapped out from the beginning, and he used to think he was just imagining it, but now he’s sure of it.

They grew up together, or rather they had known each other since they were aware of their existence. In that little alley, almost protected from the outside world, the two of them had known since then that they were lucky.

There were more kids there, but the two of them were always a tandem, no matter what happened. As they grew it only became more visible.

Sometimes people exchanged them for brothers even though they were physically quite different.

Alan was two years older and was always protective of Simon. Especially lately since they finally realized why they are so attached to each other.

Only, their relationship here will never be accepted and they knew it from the beginning.

Tonight he will try to put it all aside.

Simon is only 17 years old and he knows that this trip, no matter how short, will be condemned by his parents. However, he insisted that they reach a small lake near the neighboring town and live with each other for at least 24 hours. One night and the day before Alan went to the big city.

He was reluctant to leave him because he knew Simon's parents would surely go crazy and punish him. Especially when they find out they were together, and they’ll find out for sure. Simon just shook his head at that. He didn't care. This is their time, and even so short.

Simon was the first to admit to Alan that he liked him. He was always more open and honest. The younger boy was always the one leading and Alan, among other things, really liked it. He seemed to want to be like him sometimes, but he didn’t really mind, they were perfect together.

It doesn't matter tonight. These few hours of theirs are so precious that they will try to forget everything around them.

They walk and talk. Alan listens to Simon’s stories with such interest as if trying to soak up all of this for some bad days that are sure to come.

They brought some sandwiches and juices because this is something like a trip. They wandered almost all night in the deserted city and when they got tired they sat by the water and waited for the sun to rise.

The dawn is beautiful, even though it's a little cold in the morning, they don't mind either. Simon leaned his head on Alan's shoulder and just watched in silence.

One day there may be justice for them too.

One day when they both come of age and hope to be ready to go anywhere. That will only matter while they are together. Because they both know that there will never be anyone else, for neither.

When the day dawned, Alan left Simon with a heavy heart, his eyes full of tears, but so they agreed. Scrape off quickly like a band-aid, and simply wait for the day when somehow everything will work out in their favor.

Simon wanders around the city for a while, then sits down by the lake again on a bench where they sat together until recently. Tears stream down his cheeks and something heavy, dark around his heart grips him. He remembers the promises he made to the older boy, he will endure whatever he has to, so he straightens up and just looks at the water.

Trying to fight all that sadness, he just falls asleep.

Luckily there are no people around and when he finally wakes up it’s already night. He knows he should have gone home, but he can't.

It can't be forced, at least for a while longer. That’s where they were last together, right on this bench.

Maybe everyone thinks that he is too young for such great feelings and decisions, but Simon knew for a long time. And he also knows that he will never regret it, nor will any of it ever change.

Simon really went through everything and anything. His family was anything but normal. Some would say that his affection for Alan was just an attempt to escape, but even that was not true.

He remembers almost every day they grew up. Their going to school and every time Alan defended him.

He remembers so many times when Alan helped him when he ran away from home and fed or clothed him.

Alan was not only his friend, he was like family to him, from a young age.

As they grew older he only felt his affection for the older boy grow and he had no choice but to admit it. Why hide the truth from the most important person in his life.

Alan felt the same way, but he tried as a senior to suggest to Simon to wait. Explain to him what the consequences might be. In fact, he knew he would always be able to rely on each other, so he relented.

They met secretly and kissed like all young lovers. Clumsy, passionate and full of heart. They took each other's innocence, if it can be called that, because they were very happy to give it to each other.

Simon thinks about all this as he watches the moon looming in the small lake. Everything here is so perfect, in this quiet, hidden place. Almost everything, because he is still alone.

Only, this is temporary. He won't be stopped by the beatings he'll get when he gets back. Nor the hatred of the whole world if he has to fight. One day the light of this month will lead him to what is his.

He smiled for the first time after Alan left and headed home.

Just a little more…

November 20, 2020 16:14

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