The Intergalactic School For Secretaries

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Would you "fit" in this weird and crazy school? Blast off and take this voyage along the Intergalactic highway to this strange school for secretaries!

The Intergalactic School for Secretaries.

The Year is 2500.

The Human Race is now part of the Intergalactic Educational System.

If we are to compete in our galaxies, we must be well educated!

"Come right on in, Miss Duncan. Have I got a school for you!", my overzealous high school guidance counselor waved me into his office.

I rolled my eyes, expecting the same old, same old stuff. You know, Ivy towers. Catalogs filled with scenes of students sitting in the college square pondering the meaning of life. A spectacle of color in the autumn leaves of Princeton or Yale.

I am not Princeton material. I thought.

I was right. I wanted more. I didn't know exactly what until my counselor interrupted my daydream.

"Are you with me, Miss Duncan. I said I have something special for you here. I think you are going to like it."

He took out a brightly colored catalog from his bookcase and showed it to me.

I took the catalogue and paged through it, fascinated by its contents.I could see myself traveling to another planet and adopting its culture. Most of all, I wanted to be the best secretary in the universe!

Tears fell to my cheeks as I have found my answer.

The Intergalactic School for Secretaries!

My counselor suggested that I take a quick look at this unique

school. He knew that I wanted to not be "just a secretary" but the greatest secretary ever. This prestigious school for the very gifted and efficient of the cosmos was located on the Planet X in the Galaxy of Intelligence. Only fifteen light years away from Earth, it would be a snap to get there. I had received a 2000 on my SAT's and my IQ was extremely high, my counselor strongly advised me to consider this school to start my glamorous secretarial career.

I read the catalog with great interest and filled in the application form quickly. Did I have the 200,000 galaxy tokens it took to get my place on the Shuttle? Not yet. Just a few more games of Space Asteroids and I will be there. I just have to defeat the King of Jupiter and laser his whole kingdom and the tokens are mine! I can do that this weekend. It should only take a few hours to finish him off.

What language did I have to learn? I read through the catalog and although they do speak English on Planet X, we as students would have to adopt the native language. It is a difficult language to learn, but I think I have the patience to master it. There are many consonant blends like "sh", "wh", and "bl" sounds and only a few vowels like "a, i, o, u and no " Y". "

As a successful student of The Intergalactic School for Secretaries, my goal would be to increase my present typing speed of 200 words per minute to a fantastic 1000 words per minute. I would only use my clone double on sick days and bathroom breaks and if anyone had a problem with that, I would give them a shot with my handy, dandy laser gun. I call it the "Eliminator".

It eliminates arguments.

I decided to fill out the application in English. Translators

were readily available at the school and I was certain that if I

followed the directions to the "letter", I would be accepted easily.

A few weeks later, I received my acceptance letter. It was a happy day! Now, I was on my way to be the most Superior Secretary in the Galaxy.

I can't wait!

I had my 200,000 space tokens and I paid at the gate at Cape Kennedy. After I boarded the Shuttle, I ordered my obligatory Manhattan, put on my ear phones and listened to the mellow sounds of aliens droning in my ears. In other words, I was attempting to learn the language of Planet X. My new home.

The flight on the Shuttle was very smooth except for a few bumps on the Intergalactic Highway. I spilled my Manhattan when some stupid man bumped into me and asked me what I was listening to on my tape player.

"I am listening to the native language of the Planet X. I am planning to attend school there."

"You don't wanna go there, girlie."

"Why not?"

"Not unless you have a strong stomach."

"A strong stomach?"

"Yeah, I was there six months ago and I couldn't wait to get out! Those aliens stink! They use generic soap."

"Generic? How gauche!"

"They don't even have a stick of Irish Spring on the planet?"


"How uncivilized!"

"Yep, and they use Close Up Toothpaste. How Seventies of them."

"Yeah, I'll say!"

"If I were you, I would turn around and go back home. Unless you like stinky aliens."

"No. I'll take my chances, mister, but thanks for the tip. I

brought along a nose plug for this kind of emergency and an extra bar of Irish Spring."

"Good thinkin' girl!"


I smiled at the wisdom of my Shuttle mate and decided to heed his warning. I just hoped that there was plenty of water on Planet X for a nice hot shower. I hoped that the water was blue, not green. I certainly didn't want to stink like the rest of them. The Shuttle hit velocity speed and shot past asteroids, stars, planets and solar systems until we finally raced by Exit 999 on the Intergalactic Highway leading to Planet X. My destiny

"Here comes my stop. Nice talking to you."

"Good luck girlie."

"Bye. Bye."

I put on my nose plugs as the Shuttle landed and braced myself for a rough landing but it was rather smooth. I didn't feel a thing due to the simple fact that I had consumed five Manhattans during the trip, but I wasn't talking.

When the Shuttle finally did stop, I gathered my luggage and met my host family waiting for me by the lobby. The father of the group told me that they just purchased a new space ship just for this occasion. He tried to greet me with a hug but he smelled so bad that I quickly backed away and gagged. He pointed to the space ship and put my luggage in the trunk and off we went to my new home.

My new home was on the West end of Planet X. A privileged part of the planet. Only the very rich live there. I spotted a swimming pool in the back yard filled with green slimy water and a couple of palm trees with yellow palms and black fruit adorning the countryside. Dead flowers were abundant and the air smelled just awful. The air had a yellow tinge and I wondered if there was any trace of oxygen in the air. I would have to keep my oxygen tank handy. I had packed a small one that I could carry in my backpack for just this kind of emergency. I do hope to survive.

I craved fresh air and was having my first pangs of homesickness. I wanted to breath in fresh mountain air.

"I miss the fresh, fresh air of home!"

The mother showed me my "room" which was painted black and had no windows. How was I supposed to breathe? I couldn't see a thing because I had no night vision. Darn.

"I can't stay in here!", I shouted at the Mother.

She stared at me and threw her hands up in the air. She clearly didn't understand me or she was doing a pretty good imitation of being an idiot. I would have to use my translator.

I typed in English, "This room is all wrong for me. I need light and fresh air!" The translator did its job wonderfully, I thought. She read my note and smiled. Then she opened the door, threw my luggage out the door and locked it.

"You like room?", she said in broken English. "You not ask Mama, if she spoken Englishes."

"Mama, if I may call you that. The correct way to say that sentence is: 'You didn't ask Mama if she speaks English. Do you want to repeat it with me?'"

"NO. I understands the Englishes."

It was my turn to throw my hands up in the air.

Communicating with these alien idiots was going to be a real challenge. Maybe I could introduce them to Irish Spring and toothpaste while I am at it. It would make life more bearable for me while I attend the Intergalactic School for Secretaries..

It did get a little better, but it took almost three months for things to improve. There were the language barriers, the local customs, especially the one where men stomp on puddles of green slime if they want to tell you they like you. The food was absolutely disgusting. I had to choke it down. The main staple of the diet on Planet X is Lucky Charms . On special holidays, these fine aliens treat themselves to buckets of Coors beer and eat tons of pizza. Oh, whatever! Get me some real food, please!

I attended the school for almost six months and I didn't make any real friends yet. Not that I didn't try hard enough. I did. I would follow the students to their favorite hangouts and listen to their alien music and tried the stomp dance but no one would ask me to dance. Until the day, I brought the pack of matches with me. I really like Claude, the alien with the blue hair and the red eyes, but he didn't even know I was alive. Aside from the fact that he smelled like a wet sock, he was okay. He laughed at me constantly and to me that was good attention.I decided that today was the day I was going to get Claude to dance with me. I placed a match in his shoe and I lit it up. I watched him jump. Just then, I pumped up the volume on my tape deck and we had a new dance. Everyone wanted a match and a turn at burning off each other's feet.

"We dance again, soon?" Claude asked me right after he stomped on my foot once again.

I slipped another match in his shoe and lit it up. "I like it. I

like it!", I laughed at Claude as he jumped up and rubbed his hot foot.

"Claude, how about Saturday night?"

"Is good we dance? I bring matches this time. No double dutch dates. I pay!"

"Thanks, Claude. See ya Saturday."

I felt two hands over my eyes.

"Before you go, I have a little surprise for you."

"A surprise?"

I closed my eyes.


I felt something being poured over my head.


I got slimed!

Oh Claude!

The classes were fun, especially the laser class. I wanted to do well in that one. The purpose of taking a laser class was for the future Secretaries of Superior Intelligence and Wit to be one up on any delinquent clients or wise guys. One shot of the laser can

eliminate any potential problems. The teacher, Miss Sonic Boom, lined all 150 students each to match a target. I was number 75 in line. I was chatting with a student and wasn't paying much attention to Miss Boom. She walked up behind the students and tapped each one in turn on the shoulder to signal each student to fire his or her laser gun at the target. When it came to my turn, Miss Boom tapped me on the shoulder and shouted, "Fire!" so loud that I jumped. I fired my laser backwards, aiming directly at the teacher. Her purple hair caught on fire and I managed to burn off all of her hair on her head. The whole class had a good laugh at that stunt of mine. I got an A!

"Good job, fellow Superior Secretary. A bad client needs an attitude adjustment."

"Next time, though, aim at the target." I blushed and I knew then and there that I would fit in just fine here at the Intergalactic School for Secretaries.

Life was good.

July 11, 2022 04:01

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Jeannette Miller
15:10 Jul 16, 2022

What a ride! It's a cute story. the environment you build doesn't sound too appealing to me, haha, but I'm glad your MC liked it. The formatting was a bit off for me at times but the tongue-in-cheek tone made up for it. When she says "Generic? How gauche!", I think the next line is hers as well but the way it's presented is as if it's the man she is talking to speaking. I had to read it a couple of times before I figured out she was still talking.


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Timothy Cooper
01:38 Jul 12, 2022

I love ur sense of humor! Keep it coming!


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