The Mission

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Adventure Drama Thriller

As Blackbang trudged through the snow, he thought of his mission: kill the nefarious ringleader of C.R.O.W., a syndicate that targeted the top leaders of the world. That would be relatively easier than his other missions: kill an assassin from a rooftop 3 acres away, kidnap a gang leader, and many others that had earned him the title of “Shadow.”

He had accomplished all of this through one thing: his superpowers. The only organization that knew about it was the one he swore his allegiance to P.A.N.T.H.E.R.

 P.A.N.T.H.E.R.was the most kept secret of the government, even more than Area 51. It strived to take down what commoners call "evil guys."

Blackbang was the best operative that P.A.N.T.H.E.R. had. He joined training when he was 19 and rose through the ranks fairly quickly. He was now Lieutenant Blackbang, and his age was only 29.

His abilities enabled him to have super strength, jump higher, and move with lightning speed.

He could break rocks with a punch, he could run 100 meters in 5 seconds, he could jump some 15 feet easily, and to a triple-jump.

“Blackbang” was just his code name. He wasn’t authorized to disclose his true name to anybody. He took it as his alias when another operative saw the lightning that burst through Blackbang when he summoned his speed.

Blackbang stopped. He saw a large hole in the center of the ground. When he checked his coordinates, he saw that this was where the ringleader would give his speech to C.R.O.W. members around the globe. 

He descended the steps that lead underground. “678, 679, 680,” His brain counted with each step. When he finally reached the last step, he saw a large, iron door, with two guards flanking either side of it.

He walked towards them confidently and took an ID card from his cloak. To be able to enter the auditorium, you needed a special ID card. P.A.N.T.H.E.R. had kidnapped a C.R.O.W. agent and tortured him until he gave his own ID card to them. That ID card was given to Blackbang for his mission.

Pictures weren’t allowed on C.R.O.W. ID cards, including names, so that even agents don’t know who they are working with. Everyone wears a mask with a voice amplifier so that no one knows how their voice sounded like.

He gave them his card. They looked at it and opened the gates. They had built-in X-Rays. Blackbang didn’t know this for sure but had suspected it, so he had wrapped his guns and knives in lead so that it wouldn’t detect them.

When Blackbang stepped in, he was greeted by a huge auditorium, with about 1,000 seats. Each seat had a codename printed on it. Blackbang’s given codename was “Strike.” He found his seat and waited.

As he waited, he focused on remembering his plan: As the ringleader, or “Viper” as they called him, walked on stage, Blackbang would get up from his seat, walk to the exit, and shoot him. It should have been easy; it should have been quick; It wasn’t.

As he waited, agents filled the room fairly quickly. Soon, a robotic voice that could be heard all around the auditorium spoke. “The speech will begin shortly.” Blackbang tensed, getting ready for action.

1 minute later, a figure shrouded in a long cloak stepped onto the stage. Blackbang knew it was time to act. “Welcome my friends,” Viper said as Blackbang got up. “I have much in store for you today, but first, we must acknowledge the presence of our young friend there,” he said, pointing towards Blackbang.

 Blackbang froze. “What? How could he know?” he thought. “Kill him,” Viper said calmly. Two mechs the size of small houses emerged from a hidden door. Blackbang had no time to think about the elephant in his mind.

He grabbed his MP5 and shot at the mechs. The bullets ricocheted off the mech’s hard armor. Since none of the C.R.O.W. members had guns, due to the X-ray sensors, they had gathered around Viper to protect him.

As the mechs slowly walked forward, while opening their missiles, Blackbang seized his chance and shot away at all the C.R.O.W. agents gathered around Viper. They fell rapidly like ragdolls.

When Blackbang cleared a way through to Viper, he took his guns and shot at him. They struck Viper’s chest and fell off. “Do you really think I would be so naive?” he asked, opening his cloak. There was a bullet-proof vest strapped to his chest.

“Remember this when you die,” he said, “The Viper, is always a step ahead.” Blackbang was panicking. “I gotta do something quick!” he thought. The mechs were already firing at him. He jumped out of the way using his jumping ability.

That’s it!” He thought. He jumped all the way to the stage and knocked down C.R.O.W. agents that had remade the protective circle. When Blackbang reached the center, where he should have seen Viper, there was a long hole.

Blackbang had no time to think. He jumped down and landed on some cold stone. He looked up. The entrance of the hole was no more than a tiny speck of light, some 100 meters high. He looked forwards and saw a long tunnel.

He made up his mind and gathered the speed within him. He let go, and with a burst of black lightning, he sped himself forward. He reached the end within 3 seconds and found himself inside the large auditorium hole.

Blackbang looked up and saw the silhouette of a helicopter leaving the hole. He used his jumping ability and leaped out of the hole. He jumped onto the branches of trees like a monkey and followed the helicopter.

After about half an hour of jumping, the helicopter slowed down and started its descent. Blackbang seized the chance and pulled out an RPG from his bag. He aimed and fired. The projectile hit the mark. The helicopter fell down and down, before bursting in a shower of fire and sparks.

Blackbang took his radio and said, “Job’s done General, all in a day’s work."

July 22, 2020 17:01

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06:18 Jul 25, 2020

That is the best story you've written(●'◡'●)!


13:14 Jul 25, 2020



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Doubra Akika
08:43 Sep 02, 2020

Loved the action in this one! Your stories keep getting better! All the ones after this show your improvement!


08:52 Sep 02, 2020

Thank you so much!


Doubra Akika
09:39 Sep 02, 2020

My pleasure!


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Sunny 🌼 🖤
17:21 Aug 25, 2020

Ooooh I love the action! Great job!


06:30 Aug 26, 2020



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The Cold Ice
05:23 Aug 25, 2020

Great job👍.super story Would you mind to read my story “The dragon warrior?”


06:33 Aug 25, 2020

Thank you! Yeah, I'll read it.


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