Friendship Drama

“Are we really going to do this Nova?” Scarlett asked slightly worried. Nova looked at her wrist than at Scarlett. “Yes. It’s for your mom anyway.”

“I’m sorry I’m dragging you into this…” Scarlett says as her eyes start watering.

“Scarlett.. It’s ok don’t cry!”

Scarlett looked at Nova “It’s all my fault!” she cried.

“No, it isn't Scarlett!” 

“YES! Because I should have gone to the store! When she was complaining about her really bad headache! She was also dizzy…” 

“Stop blaming yourself!” Nova said, “How could you know?”

“I-” she stammers “I couldn’t…” she whispers. 

Nova leans in to hear her better. “Exactly! NOW GET OFF YOUR BUTT!” she exclaims. “WE GOT SOME WORK TO DO” Nova grabs Scarlett’s arm. Pulling her toward the dressing room. Scarlett says “Nova- I can walk!” Nova lets Scarlett go “Nova… Aren’t you hungry? You haven't eaten anything today!” Nova looked at Scarlett with surprise, “Uh.. No, I’m fine! Yeah, you see I did eat! At uhh…” Nova Stutters “When you were sleeping!” Scarlett looks at Nova concerned “But Nova I was the-” 

“SHHHHHH” Nova interrupted “I’m fine!” They continued walking into this bright hallway leading to the dressing rooms. Nova demands that Scarlett is first. So Scarlett sits down. Nova plays with Scarlett’s hair. It is vibrant red, thick, wavy. She makes it into a half ponytail and puts a sparkly green headband on and does her make-up making her look like an angel. “Wow!” Scarlett gasps stunned. 

She smiled evilly “Your turn Nova!!’


“Nova you can’t run!”

“Fine! You win. I will sit down.”

“HEHEHE” Scarlett laughs smiling. Scarlett works on Nova’s Black straight hair making it into a braid. Puts a yellow headband on her small round head. Does a little natural-looking makeup. “Wow… How..?” Nova stammers. “Where did you learn to do that?” Scarlett smiles shyly “My mom taught me.”

“OH!! Awesome! Well, let's go!”

“Alright!” Scarlett exclaimed. The best friends walked together arm and arm. The 2 friends go onto stage just in time. “INTRODUCING COUPLE 5; NOVA AND SCARLETT!” Cheers start, whistling, and everything. Scarlett and Nova look at each other thinking “Are we ready for this?” They nod. “Alright!” Scarlett and Nova say in unison. They look at the other teams; There are 4 not counting them, 1st team Lola and Uno; 2nd Brook and Dagger; 3rd Pearl and Coral; 4th Winter and Luke. Prize is $100,000. “This shouldn’t be so hard... Right Nova?” Scarlett asks worried. “Yeah, it won’t,” Nova replies with confidence. “THE FIRST THING YOU WILL BE DOING IS GOING TO BE A TEST OF STRENGTH AND DEXTERITY!” The judge cries out. “YOU WILL BE DOING A TEST TO SEE WHICH TEAM CAN HOLD UP THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER WHILE RUNNING BACK AND FORTH GRABBING BAGS OF SAND!” Scarlett looks worried at Nova. Nova smiles and whispers “Don’t be scared. I can carry you” Scarlett nods and walks over to Nova. Nova lifts up Scarlett with no struggle. The judge yells out “ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO!” 

Nova runs super fast, avoiding every little obstacle. She grabs a bag of sand and throws it up at Scarlett. She runs back, Scarlett drops the bag of sand. Nova ran back and forth, till she grabbed all the sandbags. 

Scarlett jumps out of her arms. Then Nova starts breathing really heavily. “Nova? Are you ok?” Nova looks at her stomach and quickly says “Of course! NEXT TEST!” 


Scarlett looks at Nova with increasing anxiety. “OUR NEXT TEST HAS A LOT TO DO WITH TRUST! IT IS A BLIND TEST! GOOD LUCK GUYS! ALSO EVERYONE TEAM 3 HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED FOR GETTING THE MOST TIME.” Pearl and Coral looked at each other with sadness as they walked off the stage. “3 teams remain plus team 5 our team!” Nova and Scarlett thought. They came in 3rd place for the race. Nova looked at Scarlett and said, “It’s your turn, Scarlett.” Scarlett looked frightened “B-b-but I can’t do it..”

“Yes, you can!! Stop being a chicken and lead me already!” Nova said with a smile

“Alright, Alright” WHAT IF WE LOSE!”

Nova’s smile faded but she shook it off and brightened up. “We won’t! Let's try our hardest!”

“What if I make you fall? What if I lead you the wrong way?! You know I'm terrible at mazes!”

“I trust you, Scarlett…”

“But-” Scarlett gets cut off by Nova losing her balance and falling over. “NOVA!” Scarlett screams. “What?” Nova says getting up.

“You just fell-”

“... I’m fine. Let’s go,” Nova says standing up brushing the dirt off her legs. She puts the blindfold on. Scarlett grabs her shoulders directing her towards the maze. “THIS TEST YOU HAVE TO GET ALL OF THE ITEMS. 5 MINUTES.” The judge says. Scarlett starts leading Nova around. “Left Nova 5 steps. Reach down! Right 10 steps. Reach down! You got it!” Scarlett gets sucked into the game not worrying about anything. “Another one straight 1 step- Back 1!!” They ended up with 5 in total. The judge went around looking at each of the teams. Team 1 has 10; Team 2 has 2; Team 4 has 5; Team 5 has 8. “TEAM 2 IS DISQUALIFIED!” Nova whispers under her breath looking at her body. “Nova, what was that?” Scarlett says. “Uhh… It wasn't a-anything” 

“You look sort of pale, Nova are you sure you're ok?” 

“OF COURSE!” Nova kinda shouts

“Alright, Alright! But I am worried about you.” Scarlett says trying to be a little braver

After 1 more test, Scarlett and Nova were left with Team 1; Uno and Lola. The Judge exclaimed “1 MORE TEST ARE YOU READY! THIS LAST TEST IS A RELATIONSHIP TEST, YOU WILL BE GIVEN 10 QUESTIONS AND YOU MUST GUESS WHAT YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER PICKS! THIS TEST WILL DETERMINE WHO IS THE PERFECT COUPLE!” The girls look at each other worried. “Nova… We won't win this… We aren’t in any sort of relationship.” 

“SCARLETT! You can’t say that out loud!”

Scarlett freezes, “Oh no... “

Uno smiles at them and starts calling out to the judge. “JUDGE! I have something to tell you~” The judge comes up, “Yes Uno?”

“Well, you see… Scarlett and Nova aren't in any kind of relationship,” Uno says with a smirk.

The judge looks at the girls “Is this true, Team 5?”

“Uhh no-” Scarlett starts. She is interrupted by Nova passing out. “NOVA!!” Scarlett yells “SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE!!” So there they were in an ambulance. Nova has still fainted. As Scarlett bawls begging Nova not to leave her.

November 12, 2020 15:29

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Avani G
19:04 Nov 14, 2020

Yay, I'm so glad you're back! When I saw this on your profile, I literally gasped, lol. Keep in mind these few things: 1. Proof read it. There were a few grammar mistakes that can be fixed. 2. Try using descriptive words. 3. Explain the plot. It's a bit flat, making it hard to understand. 4. Break up the paragraphs into sentences. I hope this helps!


Ivy Spade
15:58 Nov 15, 2020

Oh thanks, it does! I didn't expect you to see this and comment! XD


Avani G
15:59 Nov 15, 2020

Aww, no problem! How are you? We haven't talked in a while ;)


Ivy Spade
14:06 Nov 16, 2020

I'm great! How are you?


Avani G
15:01 Nov 16, 2020

I'm great, too! ☺️


Ivy Spade
15:36 Nov 16, 2020

Oh good!!


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The Rookie
17:47 Nov 12, 2020

I`m probably not nearly enough qualified to try and critique, but if by chance it helps, great:) - all the CAPSLOCK and examination! marks can usually be replaced by a more intricate description of the scene, so the reader knows the character is shouting or yelling out sentences even without them. Otherwise great story!


Ivy Spade
18:17 Nov 12, 2020

Oh thanks! Any critique helps!


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