That's the night the lights went out

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"Mommy, what on earth is mama doing?" The little girl with blonde hair and green eyes clings to her mother. She doesn't like the dark, she never has. And tonight was the worst possible night for the power to go out. At least for a little girl trying to go to bed. That's when it happened, her eyes starting to close watching the Scooby-Doo night light, and boom, it switched off.

She didn't know she could scream that loud, sending both of her mothers barreling into the room, trying to console the crying little girl. Which is why they were now outside watching one mother try to set up a tent with a little boy with brown hair and blue eyes. 

"Ma, I think you skipped direction 5. You didn't attach the line to the hook in the ground."

"You know, some help from my wife would be great too."

The older blonde woman laughs quietly, "I'm not sure Madi will let me put her down."

As if on cue, the little girl clings tighter to her mother. The little boy walks over, "Madi come on, we can go play in the sandbox while ma and mommy figure it out. What do you say?"

She's hesitant, scared of the dark, but her brother has always been kind to her, "O..okay Aden." She is set down on the floor and she runs to her older brother. He takes her to the sandbox and they start to play.

"Well well well nice of you to finally join us, Clarke." The sarcasm is playful and the blonde woman simply sucks her teeth and rolls her eyes. 

"Tell me, how is it my wife is this big brute," She takes one half of the tent and starts to build it with expert hands, "But can't seem to build a tent? And you swore when we got married that you were an outdoorsy woman."

"Excuse me, just because my last name is Woods doesn't mean I'm a camper. I can do almost anything else. Give me wood and I'll build you the perfect fire."

"Alright, Lex, whatever you say."

They both share in quiet laughter as Clarke finishes building the tent. When it's finished, Lexa takes Clarke to the shed and starts to pull out the sleeping bags.

"Lex, why are we doing this?"

Lexa smiles, "When I was a kid and the power went out, my mom and dad used to take Anya and me outside for some backyard camping. I just thought the kids would love this experience. Especially since Madi is still so scared of the dark. She'll be with us and we can point out the stars."

Hearing the excitement in her wife's voice, it brings back those butterflies she always seems to get. Lexa was amazing, always finding new ways to make Clarke's heart stop. Clarke can't help it, she leans forward and kisses her wife so softly, so lovingly, they feel like those love struck teens all over again. 

Getting a little carried away, Lexa pulls away, breathless, and smiles, "We can do that later baby. Come on, I wanna set these up."

Clarke can only smile as she tries to catch her own breath and watches Lexa rush out the door. Lexa is all over the place, setting up the sleeping bags outside and going inside for the couch cushions to place inside the tent. Deciding her wife can handle the rest, she makes her way to the kids.

"Aden you're getting sand on me."

"Madi we're in a sandbox. Of course I'm gonna get sand on you."

"And what, pray tell, are my two beautiful children doing?"

Madi looks up and smiles, "Aden help me make di...dinasur."

Madi was still learning big words, but big brother Aden always helped her, "It's like this Madi, Dino Soar."

Madi repeats it until it doesn't sound like a word anymore but tells her mother, "Dinosaur mommy!"

"How magnificent! You know your Auntie Raven and Anya study the bones of dinosaurs."

"Yeah! They're paleontologists!"

"Very good, Aden! And they are on their latest adventure in some far away place."

"Alright guys, come on over!" 

Three heads turn and see Lexa standing around a small grill with marshmallows in one hand and chocolate in the other, "Who wants s'mores?"

Aden and Madi are up so quick, "I do, I do!" 

Clarke sighs as she stands up from the sandbox, "Now if only they moved this fast to clean their rooms."

"Aww babe come on, you know you ran just as fast for these growing up." Clarke again rolls her eyes and takes a marshmallow to put on a skewer and heat it up. It's slient for a few minutes while everyone gets their fill of chocolate, Madi managing to make a mess of her hands and face. 

"Alright my messy demons, go with mama to wash your hands and faces." Clarke watches as they follow behind Lexa to the water hose, deciding to clean up the mess and put the small grill off to the side to cool off. After putting everything away, she spreads out the sleeping bags so each person can lay down. 

"Mama what do you mean we are gonna look at stars?"

"I mean we are gonna look up at the stars baby girl. Come here." She picks Madi up and points to the sky, "Do you see that line right there?" Both Madi and Aden look up.

"I see it, Ma."

"I..I don't, mama."

Lexa smiles and patiently points out the line of stars until Madi smiles as she sees it, "Well that's called Ursa Major. And see that one?"

Clarke smiles as her family joins her, "That one is called Ursa Minor." 

Lexa looks to Clarke and smiles at the answer. They spend the next hour naming different constellations. Both kids are alive with excitement at trying to remember the different names. After a while, Aden asks a burning question.

"How do you know so much about the stars?"

Clarke and Lexa both share a smile as Clarke tells the story, "Well my father used to work for NASA."

Aden gasps, "Grandpa used to work for the space people!?"

Clarke chuckles, "He did. He spent a lot of time looking at different telescopes, sending rockets to space, help build robots that would explore planets. So he knew every constellation and taught all of us."

Madi is confused, "Who is all of us mommy?"

"Well, your aunt Raven, Anya, Octavia."

"Me, your uncle Murphy, Bellamy, Jasper, and Monty."

"You guys were friends when you were little?"

"That we were baby girl. We got into a lot of trouble together."

Clarke laughs, "Don't lie to my kids, we only got into so much trouble because of you and Bell."

Lexa laughs, "Only slightly guilty."

Clarke pushses her wife playfully. As they get comfortable on the sleeping bags, they all hear and see the power turn back on. But Madi grows sad, "Does this mean we need to go back inside now?"

Aden joins in, "Does it? I was having a lot of fun outside."

Lexa could cry with how happy she is, "No, we can stay out here all night."

Madi and Aden cheer as they scoot closer to their parents and hear stories from their childhood. Both kids don't last very long, falling asleep after the first few stories. Lexa carefully picks up Aden, and Clarke takes Madi. They walk into the tent and lay the kids down to tuck them in. After kisses on their foreheads, Lexa quietly takes Clarke's hand and leads her out. She zips up the tent and points to the sleeping bags. Clarke follows her kead and walks over to them and watches as Lexa disappears into the house.

When she comes back, she is holding their own couch cushions, two glasses, and a bottle of chilled wine. Clarke laughs quietly and helps her wife with everything. After they set up and get comfortable, Lexa pours them each a glass. They settle into each other, the day finally wearing on them. Lexa kisses Clarke softly, "With all the bustle we never got to talk about how your day was."

Clarke blushes at the fact that Lexa still wanted to hear about her day, "Exhausting. Doctor Erickson cannot intubate to save his life. He nearly killed a patient today if I hadn't of been there." And she goes on to talk about her patients and what happened. Lexa hangs on to every word, enjoying all the hospital gossip since Clarke was a nurse. 

"Enough about my day, how was yours?" She pours them another glass of wine.

Lexa takes a sip and smiles, "Not as fun filled as yours. I feel like I'm in my own episode of Grey's Anatomy!" Clarke scoffs and Lexa simply laughs, "My day was great actually. My students this year are filled with excitement for this class."

"Well how can they not be when their English Professor is a total hottie."

Lexa nearly chokes on her wine with a laugh, "I'm a married woman you know. And these are children."

"So are we though. I mean we aren't that old, are we?"

"Clarke, I think 30 is what the kids call middle aged now." They share in laughter and finally lay down for the night. Clarke cuddling into Lexa and placing soft kisses along her sharp jaw line. Lexa smiles and lifts Clarke's chin to kiss her lips. They have been married for 10 years now and each day was Iike the first all over again. Each kiss was butterfly enducing, each touch sent hearts racing. 

They spend a while wrapped in each other, kisses becoming more and more breath taking until Clarke is the one to pull away, "Easy there. Our kids are in that tent and can hear."

Lexa laughs, "You don't worry about the fact that we are out in the open for neighbors to see? But worry about our kids?"

"Let the neighbors look. They shouldn't be nosy. As for our kids, I'd die of embarrassment, they'd die of being grossed out. No thanks."

Lexa kisses her wife one last time and they finally settle for bed. Her only thought being she couldn't wait for the next power outage. 

September 11, 2020 15:50

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