Spin like the Lilies (Part 2/2)

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Romance Lesbian LGBTQ+

Author’s note- All songs here were written by yours truly! Hope you enjoy! My personal favorite song that I have ever written is Spin Like The Lilies which is what inspired this story’s two parts.

I, Merielle Olympe, am a troublemaker.

I have gotten in detention three hundred and seventeen times in my whole school career, have been evicted out of classrooms at least five times a year, and have broken thousands of rules while cheerfully jamming to Blackout on my prized headphones.

Yet, there’s always been one rule that I didn’t break. A rule that I- never considered I could break.

To let you understand the gravity of this rule, I shall share an old memory.

It was barely six months after we had migrated from Asia to England. I had a hard time making friends, but the neighbor’s kid didn’t mind me much, so I asked her to play dolls with me one afternoon. I had two Barbie dolls but no Kens. I was five years old, and all for what I knew, the world really was flat, and if my mom didn’t buy it for me, it didn’t exist.

So, we were playing with the Barbies. We were playing a romance story for some reason, and there came a kiss scene. The neighbor’s kid just gave up at that point and dropped the Barbie.

I picked it up and made it kiss the other one, and was immediately greeted by ‘Gross! Girls can’t kiss girls!’.

That was the first time I realized that the world really wasn’t fair. For the next twelve years, I went to sleep thinking about why girls couldn’t like girls.

And that’s the rule I never dared to break in my family.

The Olympes had drilled this into me from the moment I dared to question it.

Of course, this all changed when a certain songbird entered my life.


The girl who sat in front of me in Geography always fascinated me. Her hands were always moving, her yellow notebook was so precious to her, and I ended up somewhat stalking her, because her songs are really good. One day, however, she showed up without it.

My first thought- ‘That’s not good.’

I tore off a sheet of paper from the back of my own notebook just in case she asked. When the hawk-like teacher was done inspecting the rows ahead of us, she started fidgeting really badly. I got the general vibe.

I fidgeted like that too, when I have an idea that I can’t transcribe into GarageBand right away. So I passed on the paper to her and she mouthed ‘Thank you’.

And then the rest is history.


Eli is honestly really good with words. Even though it seems like I am the extroverted one and she the introvert, it’s kind of the opposite. Her words just impact a lot more than mine. That’s why I used to think I was better off silent.

Yes, before. Eli told me that my words as just as good as my music, and that I should use them more often. And here I am. Sharing my music with my words.

Of course, Eli’s much better at it. One interesting thing I noticed it that she calls me Rai and I call her Eli. Those are boys’ names, are they not? Well, I’m glad to be different.


Eli writes a lot of songs. This is my favorite-

The Lantern

As I walk along these desolate sands,

I notice not everything’s enshrouded

by the night.

A little lonely light,

Trying it’s best to burn bright.

It’s just a lonely lantern,

Then why does it fill me with hope?

A gust of the wind,

Would extinguish it.

But I can’t help seeing myself

in that lonely lantern.

It moves farther away…

Please don’t go!

You’re the only comfort I know…

So I’ll keep on running

Towards the light.

This is by far, her most famous song. And who can blame them? It’s a really good song.


Fast forward a bit, and we’re now in tenth grade. By now, literally everyone in class is dating someone. Apart from me and Eli. But even Eli’s been acting weirdly. Hmm. cOnSPiRaCy.

We’ve copyrighted five songs! So Eli and I are going skydiving. Of course, my family objected immediately, but I can tell how much it would mean to Eli, so I’m going to ignore them.

We’re at the center now. There are barely any people there, so we’re feeling like VIPs for getting suited up in less than half an hour. My stomach is tingling, like the feeling you get right before you get on a steep rollercoaster.

Like you might regret it but you know you won’t in the end.

The plane awaits!

I’m kind of worried about Eli. She’s very fidgety and I have no idea what’s wrong. Maybe she’s just excited?

Maybe. But she also looks worried, like she’s afraid of something. I place my hand on hers and she seems to calm down.

Wooo, go best friend power!


The plane is blue. I think it’s funny because it reminds me of a dodo for some reason. The butterflies in my stomach are hawks now, tearing me in excitement. I’m feeling giggly, like someone invisible is tickling me. My enthusiasm is contagious, and I think Eli is feeling better.

In no time at all, it’s time for us to jump. Eli’s face is a bit white, so I hold her hand and jump.

And. Oh. My. God.

For a second, it was like time was standing still. Eli and I were holding hands, hair flapping in the wind. And then- the moment passed, and my stomach jolted as we fell.




I did not expect the air to be so loud. I leaned closer to Eli so I could hear her properly.

“Merielle Olympe, do you-”

“What the penguin, Eli?!”

“LISTEN! Do you promise to be by my side forever? And ever?”

Silence. I can almost hear the proposal.

Something I thought I would never hear.

“Eli- what are you asking?”

“Will you be my girlfriend, Mirai?”


And that’s how we fell. Hand in hand, and we released our parachutes together.

We really will spin like the lilies,

Hand in hand.

Forever and ever.

I’ll gaze up at the stars,

When we are apart,

Because I know you’ll be looking at them too.

September 02, 2020 09:49

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What a beautiful story! I really loved how you switched points of view in part 2. The song in this story is wonderfully written and stunning. Amazing job! ~Alainna


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18:32 Sep 02, 2020

Aww, thanks so much Allainna! It means a lot, because I was kind of afraid that people would hate on me because of this story’s LGBTQ themes :)


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. .
10:21 Sep 02, 2020

Wow! The meaning behind this is so pure. I loved how you used barbie dolls to show that sometimes life just isn't fair. I also loved the songs, they were kind of like poems in a way.


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18:24 Sep 02, 2020

Thanks so much, Sarah! :D


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