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American Funny Happy

Niall sat anxiously in the room, waiting for someone to come get him and tell him it was time. He checked himself in the full length mirror and chuckled. He swore he would never do this. Not anytime soon, at least. Yet here he was. 

He thought about their first date.



“I’m coming, I’m coming!” 

He chuckled as he heard her run down the stairs and into the living room. His breath caught in his throat. “What? Is my hair messed up?” she asked. 

Niall shook his head and laughed. “No no, Pet. You….You look amazing.” 

She went bright red and smiled, scrunching up her nose. “Thanks….You look good too.” 

He chuckled and held out his hand. “Shall we?” 

She took it. “Yes we shall.” 

They both laughed as they walked out.


Niall had had a crush on her since he first met her. Before that, the idea of getting married wasn’t even in the picture. 

When he met her, it took awhile before he thought it might actually be worth it. 

When they finally started dating, he wanted to, but not anytime soon. 

But after only a year, he couldn’t think of any better future to have than with her. 

There was a knock at the door and his mom poked her head in. “She’s here, Pet.” Niall took a deep breath and nodded. 

He went out to his parents and the groomsmen waiting. They all hugged him before they lined up and Niall went out. 

Niall stood at the altar and looked out at the crowd of family and friends.


“I’m Annalina. You’re Niall, right?” 

“Yea, nice to meet you.” 

“You too. Go ahead and start over there. Take a seat, I’m almost set up.”


Niall walked over to a stool and sat down. 

He was glad the other boys didn’t end up coming. He had this cute photographer’s attention all to himself. 

He watched her as she set up. The more he worked with her and talked to her, the more he thought...she’s way more than cute. She’s...beautiful. Smart. 

He shook his head. What was he thinking?


The music started playing and the groomsmen and bridesmaids started walking down the aisle. 


“What do you mean you never wanna get married?” Ann asked. 

Niall shrugged, “I just don’t see the point in it. Most marriages end in divorce anyway.” 

“So you don’t want to grow old with the person you love?” 

“Tied down to one person for the rest of your life? No thanks.” 

Ann slapped his drink out of his hand and stormed off.


Niall checked his pocket again for the ring. 

Still there, thank goodness.


“Why not Ann?” 

“Because I want to get married, Niall! You don’t!” 

His eyes went wide. “Oh...Babe..What I said...That wasn’t true. I-I was drunk and mad and….Please, give me a chance. I want you Annalina. I...I love you….I always have.”


Ann began walking down the aisle. She saw Niall and tears immediately began to fall. 


“So that Niall kid couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.” Her assistant, Lane, teased. 

“Oh shut up.” she laughed. 

“He’s cute. You should ask him out.”


“What? You don’t think he’s cute?” 

“I didn’t say that.” she blushed.


Ann gripped tight to her Grandpa’s arm. He patted her hand.


“What was that for?” Niall called as she stormed off. Ann wiped her tears. She shoved the door open and went and sat in the car. 

How did they even get on that subject? Why would he say something so rude when he knew that was all she wanted? And if their friend was right, Niall wanted it too..with her.


Ann hugged her Grandpa. He kissed her cheek and sat down with her Grandma, then she turned to Niall.


“Well I love you too!” she yelled. 

Niall was shocked. 

“Your feelings were never one-sided, Niall! But I was too scared to lose you as a friend so I went on a date with that guy. When Danny told me you were a wreck at the bar the other night because of it, I didn’t know what to do. I thought he was exaggerating. And then you said that and I….I gave up hope on you. There can’t be a future if we don’t want the same thing!” 


Niall and Ann held each other's hands and stared at each other. 

The Officiate asked them to say their vows. 

Ann started. 

“Niall, when we first met, I never saw us getting to here.” 

Everyone chuckled. 

“But one night, before we even started dating, I was in tears. Someone had hurt me and they told me that it was because they loved me. I thought, if that’s love, then I don’t want it. So I had convinced myself I wasn’t worthy of real love. That night, as I sat there crying, you took me in your arms and wiped my tears. I asked you if that’s what love really was and you said ‘No. Love is gentle kisses and touches. It’s taking care of each other when you’re sick. It’s looking at someone and knowing that they are your home. And you deserve it.’ Niall, you are my home. And I promise to be yours as long as we live and long after.” 

They both wiped their tears. 

Niall took a deep breath before starting. “Annalove…..I never thought I would get married. I didn’t want to. The thought didn’t even cross my mind until I met you. And I tried to fight the feelings I had for you because I was scared. I didn’t want to get married just for it to end miserably. It took me risking losing you to tell you how I felt. I realized, a life without you, wasn’t a life I wanted to live. I will love you forever and always. Come good or bad. I promise to always be your home. And I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to call you mine.”

They said their ‘I do’s’, kissed and everyone cheered. “I love you, Petal.” Niall giggled, pressing his forehead to hers. 

Ann held his face. “I love you too.” she laughed.

January 03, 2021 01:06

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Zahra Daya
00:59 Jan 14, 2021

Wow! I really enjoyed this read and the constant flashbacks of drama really kept me engaged. I felt like I had gone through their whole love story in a quick second and started getting goosebumps near the end! For improvement, I would say to maybe try using description to explain the slips back into a flashback instead of directly saying it. Overall, loved this story! Also, would love it if you could check out my work and leave feedback! - Zahra :)


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