Crime Drama Mystery

“Can I confess something to you?”, my friend Anglea asked me.

  “Sure, anything for you”, I reply.

            “I killed somebody.” My brain does a 180 at those words. She would never.

“You're joking?” I say. Anglea looks at me, her facial expression hard to read. She stares at me. I wonder what she is thinking. Anglea opens her mouth but shuts it the moment she opens it. I can see she is trying to figure out how to say things. I just hope that those things are along the lines “ I killed someone in my story” or “I was just seeing how you would react”. Neither of those things come out from her. 

“ No, I killed someone.”, She says bluntly. “I'm not sure it was an accident in the first place.”

I looked at it with a look of horror. Angela seems unfazed, unbothered even. 

“What do you mean?” I was not sure if I'm ready for the answer.

“Well you know I have always wondered what it was like to kill someone.  That thought has always been in the back of my mind. The urge grew stronger everyday you know? The thought grew stronger everyday also, so did the planning of a murder and ways to get away with it.”

The look of horror grew more evident on my face. Angela doesn't seem to notice, she just kept on telling me her plan.

    “So I figured kill nobody, someone nobody would notice would go missing. Kill a drunk nobody, a person like this would seem like an easy target. So I dressed up, got all nice and went to a club. Danced and flirted a bit, nobody seemed like an easy target. So I left and went to the shitty part of town. Found a nice little bar with a nice alleyway out back. The owner said a few homeless people slept there. It was also a hot spot for drug deals, they said. They made sure to tell that they had nothing to do with it. I bought a beer, left and snuck out back.”

   “What did you do when you went out back?”I asked

“Shhh let me get to the fun part. I noticed a man just sitting there clearly, nobody. I thought it was perfect. I went up to the man and tried to seduce him and said I would give him a hit afterwards. Well he quickly followed me down the alleyway.  He asked what I would give. I pulled out a plastic bag filled with midol- it looked like I had drugs- and I knew it would get somebody. He smiled, we did the dirty- really classy, I know- and once we were done he went for the bag..I stabbed him right then and there. He fell clutching his stomach and screamed in agony. A joy went through my body. Nobody was around so I did it again. I watched his lights go out and left him to die.” She finished.

I sat there bewitched by what I had just heard. “You..you ..you actually killed a man?’ I whispered. 

“I sure did indeed”, Angela said with a smile on her face.

“Why? Why are you telling me this?’ I stammered

Angela gave me a wicked grin. I could see her eyes light up. “So you can get the details right” She said.

“I don’t understand” 

“You see I didn’t kill a nobody. I killed an undercover police officer.” I could hear the venom in her voice as she spoke.

“You're not going to get away that you know.. You had sex with the dude! The owner of the bar even saw you go down there and you're caught!” I yell at her.

Anglea began to snicker. “You think I’m that dumb?  I know I will get away with it because you’re going to confess to the murder” she says plainly.

“Now why would I ever do that?” I ask.

“Because all the evidence points to you my sweet darling” Her grin grows. “ You see, I went to the club in your clothes, wore a wig- the color of your hair, and introduced myself to everyone as Chelsea- your name I believe.  The bar owner knows me as you and the poor undercover police officer knows me as you. Another thing is I didn’t have sex with him either; he wanted to arrest me as soon as I pulled the drugs out  and told me his name was Officer James Merychant and I had the right to remain silent. Tried to handcuff me even. Poor him, he was weak and with one punch to the face -and it angling just right- hit the corner of the dumpster and died.”

“So! They will never know it was me that killed him!΅ I say

“That is where you're also wrong, you see. I saw that he was wired. He asked me a name and I gave him yours. Made sure to never make it to where it wasn’t me they could point at. Made sure to not touch him where you can get a fingerprint down. So in the end everything points to you.”

“You can never get me to confess this!’ I say

“Is that so”, Angela says, and her eyebrow raises. “I killed a police officer undercover. It's only a matter of time before someone realizes he’s gone, that he is not back from an assignment and for someone to listen to the tape and put the pieces together.”

“But you're confessing to me at this moment!” I say

“But you have no proof; you're not recording on your phone-it's in the other room charging- you have no cameras recording this conversation, you have no proof of me even saying this to you. You’re completely screwed” 

As I sat there, I realized that I’m getting framed for a murder I never committed. I don’t see a way out. “I won’t do it.. I won’t confess” I said.

She looks at me “Yes you will...it's either this or the cops get an anonymous call that you have drugs in your place, making you go to the same place anyway.” 

I realized she placed drugs in my place too, and I realized there was no way out for me.

“So listen here sweety. A police officer is going to knock on your door soon because they have found the body. You’re going to let them take you away and confess to the murder.” She said with a grin. “You have no other option”

I realized that I did not and I was trapped. I was going to this place either way.

“Fine” I spit

          Angela smiles. “Good, now remember the details”

A few minutes pass by and I hear a heavy knock on the door. I opened it to see a police officer standing in front of me. 

“Miss, you’re under arrest for the murder of James Merychant. You have the right to remain silent.” I don’t bother listening to what the rest is. I let him handcuff me and take me to the car. On the way out of the door Angela smiles at me.

We drove down to the police station and I was put into an interrogation room. A man walks in. 

A deep nerve hits my stomach as I worked up the courage to say “I confess to the murder of James Merychant.”

Editor: Salom:) go check her out!

November 19, 2020 21:09

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Llind Kam
07:39 Nov 26, 2020

I hope none of my friends are planning a murder! I found a few grammatical errors or I should say you skip words sometimes: 1. 'so did the planning of a murder and'- missing I did the planning. 2.“So I figured kill nobody, someone...."- so I figured to kill a nobody. There were others like this. You also have to give more thought to your tense. It is an issue I myself have. I am working on it. Hope you will too. Your story was very engaging!


Annette Lovewind
17:20 Nov 26, 2020

Oh, thanks! I believe I did have the correct grammar but google docs said it was wrong, so I just left it alone. My friend noticed the tenses too, I thought I had gotten all of them so sorry about that. Thank you for your feedback very much appreciated!


Llind Kam
04:39 Nov 27, 2020



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Crystal Lewis
06:07 Nov 24, 2020

Oh jeezus what a horrible friend! I liked the detailed description of how it all happened and man I feel so sorry for Chelsea! Ugh. Just as a note with the punctuation, commas always separate what was said from the rest of the sentence unless another punctuation mark is used (like a ! Or ?) Example: “I am happy today,” said Max. Jim replied, “That’s good.” “Are you happy today?” Max asked. “Yes!” Jim shouted. I hope that helps a little. :) Feel free to read my latest stories if you’d like. :)


Annette Lovewind
13:13 Nov 24, 2020

Oh thanks! I'm still new to figuring how to edit stuff and rules. It's been a while since I've written something. I will gladly check out your stories!


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