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"Lizza! Come down for breakfast, unless you want to go hungry!" I could hear my mother calling me from downstairs, causing me to roll out of bed and land on the ground with a light thud. I couldn't help looking out the window to make sure the sun had set. I know it's risky, but I just can't help myself sometimes. I smiled, the sun was stocked away for the night, meaning that it was the start of my day. Mother surely would have scolded me if she would've seen what I had just done. Telling me how I could have risked my life by barely opening the curtains. 

"Lizza?" I heard her hurrying up the stairs, causing me to jump back away from the window and towards the door. She knocked on the door, for the first time ever, and called out to me as I fell backward. "Lizza! Are you alright in there?" I shot straight up out of bed, meeting her concern with the usual response, "yeah Mom, I'm fine." I started walking towards the door, feeling hazy as I neared the door. I turned the knob and didn't even get to open the door before her mom stumbled in, looking as if she had been sleeping against the door. 

"Did you get any sleep last night?" You look at her as she gives you the answer you think she wants you to hear. "I got plenty of-" 

"Mom, please tell me you didn't get sleep because you were worried about me." She looks at me, "guilty as charged." Mom manages a smile, even though it's a smile filled with worry. 

"Mom, it's not your fault, it's all those stupid-" I see her giving me the look that she always gives me when she wants me to stop doing something. She knows how I feel about this, we've talked about it ever since we found out I would be moving to a new school one week ago. "But at least this one is free," I tried to cheer us both up as we sat there, thinking to ourselves silently. 

After a pause that seemed to last forever, she stood up and walked towards the door, stopping in front of the door and looking back at me with a saddened look. "When you are done getting dressed, you need to come downstairs and eat breakfast and bring and last minute things you wanted to bring and put them with your suitcases that are on the couch. Do you understand me, Lizza?" I looked back and managed to nod despite how I was feeling at the moment. At the sight of my nod, she turned away and left me there, disappearing down the stairs. I started to follow her, dragging myself towards the steps, when I realized that I had forgotten my book, causing me to turn around to grab it off of my bedstand.

The old book had a small mark on the ridge, which used to annoy me since it had been given to me with the mark, with the name "Dean Dragomir" written right beside it. It was the last thing given to me from my brother, who had been for not following the stupid rules from the-

"Lizza! I told you to get down here!" She never lets me finish my thoughts anymore, does she? 

"I'm coming!" I yelled back to her, marching towards the stairs as I replied back to her.

It smelled so good downstairs I couldn't stand it. I knew the smell, it was my favorite breakfast, and my Mom only made it when something great was happening, or when something terrible was happening to me. "The last time you made this was when Dean..." I couldn't bring myself to finish the sentence. It had been only three months ago, and it still hurt to think about him. I had always stayed strong for my Mom, but now I can't, she has to do it on her own without me. We sat there silently, letting out thoughts scream at us in our heads. 

My Mom opened her mouth to break the silence, speaking quietly. "Let's just enjoy our breakfast while you're still here with me." I sat down at the table without saying a word to her. The TV was on in the background, the news to be specific. I watched as they talked about my family for the third time ever. 

"Reporting live from the hospital with Yasmeen Farrow and James Marsh, two victims of a vampire attack, made by Lizza Dragomir, at a local high school." The reporter walked over to James, my boyfriend who had persuaded me to turn him, and got a good shot on his neck. "James Marsh was bitten deeply in the neck and might be turning into a vampire since there was vampire blood found in his system." The news reporter stopped to walk over to Yasmeen, my best friend who had willingly given me her wrist that night, and pointed to her wrist as the camera zoomed in on the bite marks I had given her that night. "Yasmeen Farrow had been bitten in the wrist, but there were no signs of force by Lizza Dragomir, which leads authorities to believe that she had willingly given Lizza her wrist." They stopped for a moment as a picture of me from my ninth grade popped up on the screen. To be fair, it wasn't a bad picture, but it wasn't my favorite picture of me either. "Lizza Dragomir hasn't answered any of the media's questions or talked to the authorities any at all. Today she will be sent to a boarding school for vampires where she is required to stay there until she turns the age of nineteen in four years." A picture of the protest that started happening after I had bitten both James and Yasmeen was the last thing I saw before the TV cut off. My Mom looked back at me and put the remote down as I continued eating. 

After I finished my breakfast, I heard a car beeping loudly for me to come outside. I was surprised I could hear a single car horn through all of the protesters who were screaming outside my door. They only made a path for me because there were three or four men on the sides of the path with guns trained on me. I was surprised to see some people fighting for me, but everyone was calling them vampires, which most likely wasn't true.

This was all because of those stupid werewolves and humans. They teamed up against us because apparently "vampires were the real threat." Well, I know one thing for sure, and that is that I'm going to show everyone wrong. And as soon as James and Yasmeen wake up, they'll tell everyone that what is happening is wrong. But they'll see soon enough.

October 23, 2020 14:58

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Jessica Mills
21:46 Oct 28, 2020

Very interesting premise. There are some editing issues though; going from first person to third person narrative and some missing words. Also, the ending could have been expanded on. I found myself wanting to know how her arrival at the school went and what happened to her brother. Definitely opportunities to expand in the future. Keep writing!


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Rachael Clark
04:57 Oct 28, 2020

You had me intrigued at the end. There were problems with the story, but overall I enjoyed it. It made me want to know what would happen next.


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Carly Clarissa
14:59 Oct 23, 2020

I could have written this story better in all honesty, and I'm not too happy with it, but I wanted to see what other people thought of it.


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