Gears and Heart Part Eleven: Photo of Light

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Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction

“Let’s get married.” Viktor suggested as he lay next to me in a lush green field. “I want to make you my wife and -”  My finger pressed against his lips, his face flushing with embarrassment.     He tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, a random female voice jerking me out of our moment.  A flash blinded me, light spots bouncing around my eyes.  She held out a picture, a shocked Viktor and  me staring back at me.  A black haired woman in a simple black dress stood over us, her red eyes glittered joyfully.  How rude I thought to myself.  Who just comes up and takes a picture of strangers without asking?  

“I will take your wedding photo if you wish.” She babbled excitedly, her brown camera case swinging in the summer breeze. “I haven’t run into anyone in awhile.”  A warm smile brightened her face, Viktor looking over at me.  Lottie came running out with Evie, and all of our friends so far.  Vinci hovered over us, the centaurs approaching my side.  They looked better, and the depression they once bore was gone.  Boran ran over to his father, his father who was dressed in a golden suit head to toe, spun him around.  

“So what do you say?” Viktor begged, his eyes turning into puppy dog eyes. “We have had so much happen to us that I thought something amazing should happen.  My feelings for you will never change.”  My cheeks flushed scarlet, a feeling of a million eyes watching me made my nerves go crazy.  

“I wwwwwill be your wife.” I answered, a nervous stutter in my voice. “Unfortunately, I don’t have a dress to wear, and that would be such a shame.”  It is not that I didn’t want to be his wife, but I didn’t think I was good enough for him.  A sly grin curled on Vinci’s lips, a lacy white dress resting on her wrist.  Lottie dragged me away from Viktor to a black silk tent where Vinci sat with her toe tapping incessantly.  My jaw dropped to the ground, the white lacy flowing over a sea of cream silk.  A black cloth was tied around my eyes, my current dress falling to the ground.  The silk felt soft against my skin, Oakley passing me a golden leaf necklace with matching earrings.  

“I am so excited for you two.” Lottie cheered happily, slipping a pair of shoes on my feet. “Spin her around so we can make her as beautiful as the morning sun.  I am so happy you said yes.  Why did you say yes?  You just seemed so uncertain.”  Soft bristles tickled my face, my lips parting to speak.  

“I may have sounded uncertain.” I explained, my nerves going nuts. “I do want the same thing as him.  I want a family and a husband, and most importantly he loves me with all of his heart.  The moment my eyes fell on him, I knew that I wanted a future with so many years ago when he sneaked into his father’s workshop.  He smiled at me, and it was like we have been together for years.”  Lottie giggled childishly, placing what I would assume was a crown of flowers.  The chair spun around, Vinci’s voice brimming with pride.  

“You can look.” She announced with a bubbly tone.  Wonder illuminated my eyes, a more radiant version staring back at me.  The rosy pink on my lips made my skin creamier, a  light gray shadow made my red eyes look beautiful.  A crown of pink roses and white flowers sat on a nest of flawless curls.  Tears of joy welled up in my eyes, my eye falling on the golden leaf jewelry shimmering in the morning sun.  

“Do you like it?” Lottie inquired with a sense of childish impatience. “I made the crown myself.”  Turning my head down towards her, puppy dog eyes glistened up at me.  A warm smile dawned on my face, her little hand wrapping around mine.  

“I love it.” I gushed, tears of joy streaming down my face. “I didn’t know you guys cared so much.”  Vinci wrapped her arms around my waist, a hint of jealousy flashing in Lottie’s eyes.  This felt so nice and warm.  William popped his head in, his blue tuxedo’s diamonds blinding me.  

“Are you ready?” He asked, gasping in wonder. “You look amazing, not that you don’t look amazing everyday.  I am so sor-”  Striding towards him, my arms wrapped around his shoulders.  His eyes twinkled with bliss, him whispering a prayer of good luck in my ear.  Lottie lifted up my long lace train, Vinci fixing up some last minute touches.  

“Are you ready, girlie?” She queried gently, my phoenix waiting by a row of candles on golden candelabras.  Nodding,  William walked me to the beginning of the candles.  Viktor’s eyes welled up, the biggest smile curling on his lips.  A soft rose blush flushed my cheeks, my eyes falling on his simple black tailcoat tuxedo.  The golden vest shined in the morning sun, the flames of my phoenix’s wings lighting all of the candles.  The audience oohed at the sight of me,  all eyes falling on me.  The chairs creaked as they all stood to their feet, King Orion floating at the wildflower altar.  William bowed to me, his arm letting me walk up to my Viktor.  Lottie waved good luck, her tiny feet scurrying next to William.  Time melted away, our eyes meeting for the first time.  His hands wrapped around mine, sniffles beginning in the audience.  

“Do you have vows?” King Orion asked cheerfully, adjusting his crown.  An anxious grin spread on his lips, his trembling hand pulling out a scratched out piece of paper.  Clearing his throat, the paper shook in his hand.  

“Dearest Mina, I promise to love you through all of our trials.  From the moment I saw you in my father’s workshop, my heart was won.  Your smile then melts my heart just like it melts mine now.”  He vowed with a shake in his voice. “I promise to be by your side even when your recklessness frightens me.  Mina, I love you with all of my heart and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.”  My trembling finger wiped away his tears, a lump forming in my throat.  I didn’t know that I had to piece together a vow.  Cold sweat dripped off my brow, my throat clearing.  

“Viktor, I love you with all of my heart and mechanical parts.  The day you saw me so many years ago was the day I never forgot about.  Every night I dreamed of being by your side, and you lived up to my expectations.” I squeaked out, my mind racing. “I want to have many children with you, and be your loving life making pies for you.  You are my home, and always be.”  King Orion signaled for Boran to approach the altar.  

“Place these special rings on each other's fingers.” He ordered jovially, watching us slide the golden branch bands onto our shaking fingers.  “With the power of light invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”  Our lips pressed together, magical snowflakes floating around us.  Pulling back, Viktor wrapped his arm tightly around my waist as he paraded me down the aisle.   

“You are the most beautiful bride in the world.” He whispered in my ear, running his hand up my back.  Shivers ran up my spine,  my eyebrow cocking in response.  

“I better be the only bride you see.” I joked, nudging his shoulder. “I am glad I did this.  When do you know the plan on sealing the deal?”  Embarrassment flushed his cheeks,  smiling faces congratulating us.  Lottie popped up behind us, a stern look in her eyes.  

“No funny business, okay.” She warned, making the I’m watching you motion. “I don’t want a baby sister yet.”  Giggling to ourselves, Vinci pulled us to a willow tree not far from us.  Fairies pulled the curtains back, a pleasant feast filling my view.  Music played all night long, not a sign of trouble seeming to be in sight.  Sighing deeply, I realized that I was Mrs Mina Franken, the wife of Viktor.  A warm breeze blew my dress around, his arms wrapping around my waist.  

“Are you ready my wife?” He teased sweetly , nuzzling into my neck. “I can’t believe it all happened today.”  A sudden rush of emotions surged through me, salty tears flooding from my eyes.  He wiped the tears away, concern flashing in his eyes.  

“Don’t worry about it.”  I sobbed uncontrollably, resting my head into his chest. “I have never been so happy in my life.”  He patted my head, and lifted my chin up.  His hair fell just so, making my heart skip a beat.  

“This is why I married you.” He mused, pressing his lips against mine passionately. “You are full of surprises.  Come along my wife, we have guests to party away with.”  A crooked grin danced across his face, his arms pulling me into the bustling party.  The sense of community relaxed me, joy was the only thought in my mind for the first time in a long time.  

“Thanks for the pictures.” The photographer shouted over the music, passing us a couple of photos. “I best be on my way now.  You never know when there will be another wedding.”  Just for a minute, I thought I saw the Lady of Light instead of the photographer.  The photographer winked back at me, placing her finger to her mouth.  Blue lights floated aimlessly around us, Viktor catching one.  Kissing my forehead, he handed me a rose.  This marriage was blessed with the light, my hand spinning the rose in my hand. 

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