Love Will Never Die

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Romance Drama

“Don’t leave me.” She whispered, ‘I need you.” And that’s all she needed to say. As the minutes trickled by, Raphael stayed sitting across from her unmovable. No words, movements, or facial expressions. Meg thought he would say something. After all, wasn’t being vulnerable a hard thing to do when it felt like static in return?

Then he moved. 

His steps crunched underneath the colorful array of leaves and he came closer. Raphael slipped closer until their faces were inches apart. She saw his breath in the air stand still and she leaned towards him smelling his natural rosemary scent on his shirt. He never, not once, ever came as close. This was past personal space, it was a deep ‘relationship close.’ But they weren’t dating, they weren’t even supposed to be friends. 

He was someone she could never have.

But here he was.

And it was very hard not to notice his scent, his clear green eyes, but most of all, the main reason she loved him all this time. It was just... him. There was something different but unmistakably comfortable about him. He was like her own personal cup of cocoa, he was the kind of person you wouldn’t mind spending hours with without tiring. 

Raphael wrapped his hands around her shoulders and leaned in. There was no mistaking this, it was their first kiss. Together.

Meg didn’t pull away, she let him pull her into another world of feelings. She let the warmth of love wrap her snuggly and hug her tighter. Their smooth surfaces touched, soft and sweet that felt like everything she dreamed of. But just as she felt comforted, the kiss pulled away.  And there she was left looking back into his eyes.

 This was real. They were real. 

5 Months Earlier 

The halls were crowded, with one person not in them. And she was walking among the crowd but didn’t bother joining anyone. She didn’t need to. ‘Everyone it seems, Meg thought, ‘doesn’t know I exist. It’s like, I’m not even here...’ But someone did notice. And as she clumsily walked the halls in an purposeful manner, he ran up to tap her shoulder. 

“Hey, I haven’t seen you before. I’m Raphael -- uh, since you're new to the area, how about I introduce you to some of my friends?” His heart could be seen through his actions and she felt her heart pause for a split second. “I’m Meg. I am new to the area, I’d love to meet your friends, but I’m kinda shy.” She giggled trying to hold back a snort. It felt a long time since anyone wanted to talk to her. 

A lot of the time, people don’t like trying to meet other people. And it feels like you're stuck. Unless you go and talk to other people first.

And so it began. First a coffee shop, then dinner, and eventually they went out for a picnic laughing and talking. They were inseparable it seemed, and Meg didn’t mind. 

She sighed, “I’ve had such a great time. I honestly wish this wouldn’t end. But you have college classes, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do...” He smiled, “That’s the great part. You don’t have to know when you're with me.”

Everyone told her she had to know. Who she was, what she had to do in life, what was holding her back, but she didn’t know. She wanted to do everything in her own time, and he understood. 

3 Months Later

They had been going out everyday for the past two months, and it could be seen clearly they were meant for each other. “I’ll see you around, Meggy.” He winked before waving her off as he hopped in the car. She laughed, “You know I’m going to miss you until tomorrow! Don’t go yet, Raphael.” He paused, “You know I’m going to miss you more.” Meg shook her head, “Ha! No, I love you.” He looked closer at her, “I can’t love you yet.” 

She felt like toppling over. No kiss, no holding hands, no ‘I love you.’ Why was he holding back? 

Why wasn’t she enough?


1 Months Later

“Raphael, just tell me. What is going on? I love you. You know that. Should I keep trying or should I give up?’’ He smiled a sad smile, “I can’t love you.” She shrugged, “But why can’t you let me love you? Why are you so afraid?” Raphael looked into her eyes, “Because you won’t have enough time to love me. And I won’t have enough time to love you back.”

Her breath shortened, “What do you mean ‘enough time’?” This was the moment of truth, “I’m sick Meggy. I’m not going to drag you down with me.” All this time, he was hiding. Hiding from her, the truth, and love. 

“But I love you... I believe in us.” He looked at her. “I believe in us too,” he continued,

“But I also have sarcoma. It’s a tumor in my side, part in my muscle and part in my fat. I’ve had it for four years, and my life expectancy is getting worse. I have less than a year. The doctors don’t have a cure, but I’m willing to be the first for the treatment.” She sucked in her breath, “I’ll be here for you. Always.”


“Meg, I’m going in. I’m going in for my treatment today. “Don’t leave me.” She whispered, ‘I need you.”


And after their kiss, he looked at her in the most sincere facial expression, “Meg, I want you to know something. I love you. I’m ready to love you.” Their love was now mutual. 

It was real. They were real.

“Raphael, what took you so long? I’ve been waiting since day one.” She laughed, “but honestly, I will always be here for you -- because I believe in us. You’re going to get better, and if not, then I can only hope love will cure it. I believe love is a powerful thing.” 

Love will never die.

Story by Aubrey Maria

September 08, 2020 02:08

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Itay Frenkel
23:52 Sep 13, 2020

"He was like her own personal cup of cocoa" I really liked this line! This was so sweet and tragic, I think you have a gift for turning little movements and details into really romantic moments. Way to go! If you get the chance please check the new stories I posted this week.


Aubrey Maria ✌
01:21 Sep 15, 2020

Of course Itay! Thank you for reading my story💕 I try my best when I write — I appreciate you noticed those details! Look forward to reading yours.


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Emma Lekhesi
19:12 Jul 10, 2021

Nccoa!!This is so cute😍 I love happy endings...


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