This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Project Detonation

By: Kearnon Henske

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!” Carter's alarm was blasting. Carter woke up after a good night's sleep. He rushed out of bed, knowing that he had many things to do. While most kids would eat breakfast and get dressed, Carter didn’t have time for any of that. Instead, knowing that he had many important things to attend to, he ran through the house, out the door, and hopped on his bike,  riding deep into the forest. He came to his destination, and after jumping into a hole, he plunged into a deep pool of water. Then he heard someone say, “You're late.”

Rushing through the station, Carter stopped at the weapons room and grabbed a few guns and knives along with some grenades and a grappling hook. Carter and his team were all spies, and they were working on a big project. After meeting up with his best friend, Colin, they headed to the team meeting room where they were to discuss their plans with their boss, and they were welcomed with a very unpleasant surprise- their boss was sitting dead on his chair.

Rushing out through the door, Carter and Colin had to tell everyone about this news because their boss was running the whole mission, and he knew many things about the mission that other people didn’t. Carter and Colin hopped on the loudspeaker to tell everyone about what happened and after the announcement, they told everyone to come to the team meeting room to discuss what happened and to figure out if they could find any clues. People were searching every corner of the room when Carter spotted a note sitting in their boss’s jacket and it read, “We know what you are doing every day, and we are going to destroy you. From, Venomshade.” 

Everybody knew what Venomshade was, and they knew that they were up to something. Carter and his team needed to figure it out fast. Everyone ran through the station and to the lab. Carter was carrying the note on its edge with gloves in order to create minimum contact with it. After getting to the lab,Carter and Colin placed the note under a microscope to see if they could find any clues, and they noticed one thing- a speck of sand. 

Carter told everyone that Venomshade was probably near a place with sand.  They could only think of one place where sand was found, and that was the beach. Everybody got geared up with weapons such as guns, knives, grenades, and a grappling hook. After grabbing everything, they rushed out of the station and hopped into their helicopters. Before they were about to take off, Colin asked Carter,  “You sure this is a good idea? We only have 30 people, and you want us to go up against one of the worst organizations in history?”  Carter knew that this was a big risk, but if they didn’t do something to stop them, Carter knew that they would cause big problems so they had to go now. “We have to go now. Otherwise we won’t be able to stop them ever.” When they were about to leave,  they realized that their helicopters wouldn’t start, and they ended up finding another note on the wheel of one of the helicopters. It read, “You're not going anywhere. From, Venomshade.”

Nobody could get their engines started, and Carter couldn’t figure out what was happening especially since they had guards on duty all night. Then he realized something– one of the guards must be working for Venomshade!! Carter told all of this to Colin, and Colin had been thinking the same thing so they decided that they were going to insert a fake version of one of the Venomshade’s workers into the camp and watch the guards’ reactions to see if the guard shot the person or not. But before Carter and Colin were able to run their idea by the others, they were getting shot at.

While shots were ringing out, Carter yelled, “Everybody back in the station!” The crew started to rush into the station, and they all headed to the secret hallway where they had to turn a secret knob attached to the wall. Then they rushed through the secret hallways behind the wall and closed the door because they didn’t want Venomshade to know that they were there. After hiding in the secret hallways, they heard Venomshade come rushing into their station. They all thought that they were safe, but then they heard the ticking of a timer start inside the station followed by Venomshade’s footsteps running out of the station. Since they didn’t think that there was anybody still there, they took a sneak peek out into the secret hallways. Carter looked outside first and when he did, his heart sank to the bottom of his stomach.

He saw a bomb lying on the floor with a timer on it that read 00:30. This was horrendous because Carter knew that once that timer hit zero, it was going to explode. After seeing the bomb, he yelled, “There is a bomb on the ground!” Everybody ran to it and tried to defuse it, but Colin was able to defuse it in a matter of seconds because he had trained with the bomb squad. Then Carter came up with a smart idea. He decided to send his drone out and scout the area. The drone had a camera on it so he could see what the drone was seeing. After looking around for quite some time, Carter saw the vehicles that Venomshade were taking to return to their station, and he decided to have the drone follow them. After  some time, the drone caught Venomshade jumping out of their vehicles. They opened a hidden latch under a patch of grass that blended in with the surroundings, and that’s when Carter realized, “ That’s where Venomshade was hiding this whole time.”

Carter ran to find Colin and when he did, told him about the news.Colin was in shock. He never thought he and the crew would ever get this close to Venomshade. Carter was so excited for this moment because they might now be able to finally beat the most evil organization in history. Carter hopped on the loudspeaker and announced this to everyone else.”We figured out where Venomshade is hiding out. We will attack at midnight!!” Now everybody knew about this. They had been preparing for this moment their whole lives. Everybody quickly suited up in pitch dark clothes and grabbed various weapons such as knives, guns,and grenades, but Carter packed a grenade with 1 megaton worth of tnt inside of it, and then they set off on their quest, driving off with their jeeps to the destination of Venomshade’s secret base. Carter had taken a recording of the drone flight to guide them to the location,  and they followed that exact path which led them to the latch.  Before they got too close though, they got out of their jeeps and walked by foot because they knew that there would be Venomshade guards on duty. They made sure to be careful. They used their night vision goggles to scan the area  for any Venomshade evildoers, and as they expected, there were 5 guards on duty. They shot them with  sedation darts, and all of them were knocked out before they were even able to react. After they knocked the guards out, they focused on the hatch, and they carefully opened it. Carter dropped in the big bomb that he kept, and he set the timer to 1:00.”Bomb’s in the station!  Everybody back to your jeeps!” Carter shouted. Then Carter closed the hatch. They set off in their jeeps and rode away back to their base hoping for the best.   

September 22, 2023 01:59

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Susan Willard
03:00 Sep 29, 2023

Hey Kearnon, I enjoyed your story, Project Detonation. The action adventure has a great story arc, with a ending that was forged with much thought. I liked the cliff hanger. Your story left me wanting more, more details. Collin had some hidden talents. You could have teased us with details like that. Do you think that with some descriptions, like deeper character descriptions at appropriate times, or showing the small details of a each character interacting with the Venomshade by physical action? I thought about this story on a vi...


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Emilie Ocean
17:33 Sep 25, 2023

Thank you for sharing Project Detonation with us, Kearnon. I enjoyed every second of it :)


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