Mirror..mirror on the war, all I see is my robot staring at me…

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Fantasy Funny Science Fiction

Hmm….and I thought you said you love me. 

I do but not the way you think I should - I said and rest my hand on his shoulder. I don’t understand. 

Why are you even questioning my motives. I did everything I could to take you home with me, but I was told you had to stay in the lab. 

You said, you will take me home, Ian cried and covered his face so I couldn’t see his dry eyes. I leaned closer and put my arms around him. Look, I promise to visit you everyday until it will be safe for you to leave this lab. So stay- stay with me. I don’t work here any more Ian I have to leave.

But you made me, I am yours forever, you told me so, he held my hand so tight red marks started to appear on my skin. Ian you are hurting me - I looked at his eyes. He quickly looked down on my hand and released his fingers. I am so sorry Mia, I have never meant to hurt you, you believe me right? He quickly rubbed my hand with his fingers. They were cold but gentle touch made me feel good. Ian you are experiencing emotions I haven’t seen before. 

You said you love me and he looked at my eyes and pointed to the center of my heart. You said you love me, he said it again. 

I felt awful. How can I leave him now. I need to know what is he really experiencing. I talked to him about love many times showing him how he should care about the other life, how he should never hurt anyone. How does he interpret these type of teaching for love. He wasn’t a human.

Two years later I show up at the lab. We are going home Ian. We are going home? Ian repeated. You said we are going home. Did I heard you say that? Yes, yes Ian we are going home today.  You are all mine. Ian jumped on his feet almost falling on his back but as usual he found the right balance an stood tall in front of me.

We are going home, he repeated . You and I are going home, he smiled and was just about to give me a hug where I took a step back and asked him, are you sure you ready to leave this place? I didn’t want to get squashed by machine that is so excited I can’t even imagine his strength.

You are asking me if I want to leave this place and go with you into unknown …Heaven ?

How you know living with me will be a heaven? I asked.  Ahhhh….he scratched his bold head and smiled. Mia, you are kidding me right?  No Ian, tell me why you think living outside this lab will be such an amazing experience for you. Your expectations are so high and you never been outside those walls.  He looked at me, his eyes looked very sad. I actually felt uneasy, I don’t know if I wanted to hear his explanation. Mia you thought me how to live, how to think for myself, to feel, experience all kind of emotions. Most of all I learned from you to feel as I belong here on Earth with you, the humans.

I learned to respect you, your feelings. Feelings? I asked. Yes Mia. I feel, deep inside my heart. I recognize different type of feelings. I feel differently about you as I would say I feel about Bob. So you do recognize there are man and woman in humans. We also have children -we love them differently as we would adults. Right, right Mia. I definitely know the difference. I tried to kiss Bob and he was very upset at me. Did he explain why? He sure did…I only want to kiss you Mia….hahaha Ian, maybe we should keep kissing to a minimum. Not everyone likes kisses from a robot. Ian took a deep breath and exhaled with very disappointing look. Ok, ok, Ian I will lets you kiss my hand. Is it same as lips? Well, not so but I love you to kiss my hand, please. Ian took my hand and gently kissed top of my hand. He didn’t want to let my hand go. What is it Ian? You didn’t say anything. Was I supposed to? I asked him. I thought thank you or a smile would be nice. He actually made me feel embarrassed. He just thought me some manners. Ian thank you, you made me feel very special. He smiled.

Mia and Ian set there in total silence. Neither one wanted to move. It was a magical moment just look up and watch the sky. It started to get dark and few bright stars were pooping out. 

“Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” I broke the silence….oh, it’s a planet Venus Ian corrected me. Hmmm maybe so. It’s just a star to me. I said.

You mean I can make a wish and it will come true? Ian asked. I didn’t know if I really wanted to answer this question…will he understand this riddle? It’s easier to explain it to a 5 yrs old than a robot.

‘let’s go inside a have a real assignment to finish. I sat at his desk and stared at the white piece of paper.

Mirror …mirror..on the wall…I was saying after my mind went blank and nothing good comes out to write. What mirror? Ian looked puzzled as he glanced from one wall behind him and back on me. I cant find any mirrors in his room. I raised my head and repeated…mirror..mirror on the wall all I see is my robot staring at me. 

What? This time he was lost, his eyes were definitely staring at me.

Ian, I am writing a story and I am not physically looking at any mirrors. Oh…he still looked puzzled.

What story and why are you looking at the mirror? I have an assignment and I need to write about mirrors, would you like to help me write it Ian? Is it allowed for a robot to write your assignment? He asked. Well I asked for help to plant ideas in my head not to write it for me. He sat down next to me. Looked at my still empty piece of paper. You didn’t write anything yet..I thought you said…I placed my finger on his lips…psss…close your eyes and just think. He closed his eye, he couldn’t keep them shut too long, two seconds later were open again. I can’t think when my eyes are closed. Why? I asked. I can’t see anything. Why do you need to see? Look down to your..data base and come up with something. You don’t need visual to find it. He closed his eyes again. Two seconds later eyes were wide open. I can’t…I can’t - he cried. I can’t find any mirrors. I laughed so hard. I guess I am on my own, Ian.  He was seating next to me so sad. His eyes…I swear I could see some….tears😩

November 18, 2023 00:04

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Andrea Corwin
17:08 Nov 27, 2023

Very inventive story and I liked it. I think the reader would have an easier time if you either put quotes around speaker’s words, or italicized them. Reading the story aloud can help with finding typos and minor things that need to be fixed. “He closed his eye” - you meant eyes because further in sentence you said “them.” I loved the opening and immediately thought he was going to hurt her; then I loved their conversations which are endearing but also humorous because he is a robot. The ending was great too! 😀 - I submitted one under the ha...


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