-         Look , Tom! Get ready ¡ there was a letter in our mailbox .

-         A letter  ¿ -   showing   all my indifference  to something I did not considered worthy to give importance  in that moment of extreme addiction to the game.

-         Read ¡ ( no ¡ Should I have to read in the moment I was thinking to leave home? No way ¡)

-         Ok. In  this  document - along with it John,  my skinny eighteen years-old  cousin showed me the paper, signed as well as  sealed by the president of our sponsorship- they  say..

-         They ¿ Who ¿

-         Our sponsors. Here it says that they  are taking the sponsorship from us, due to reduction in the budget.

-          Away ¿ Budget ¿

-         Yeap  ( now I think he got it )

Frowning his eyelid, he screamed :

-         I knew that ¡ - taking the sponsorship contract to thow it  to the trashcan.

-          So, what can we do now?

That, was a difficult question to answer.

-          Do you think we can  find another sponsor?

-         No kidding ¡ what the hell are you thinking about ¿ ¿ It was so difficult to find this one! . We spent three years to  find  it and we still have  debts to pay – now he was seriously mad , while I was not really in the mood to talk about money, as I normally never have it.

My bro just kept staring at me, waiting for a possible answer – any.

I kept looking at him, trying to figure out the answer he wanted to have.

Judging by the anger printed on his face, I thought it could be a good idea to tell him something .

But he was quick  to  throw a rispid :

-            Do you want to spend more three years on finding another sponsor ¿

As I obviously had no answer for that, I decided to keep  me  silent.

It was clear for us that we  would not be able to  spend that time without an income.

So, what should we do ¿

I could not think about an answer.

Then, I looked up , to the sky.

It has no answer,  of course.

But that morning seemed to be special : the computer was not on.

Together with  its shadows covered   the sandy mountains around us, in the middle of a game, one that we had to kill the enemy using tomatoes  – in front.of the roon we both rented with the money from the game  sponsorship we had

 In the gamer, I used to spend my days in front  of  the computer ,  playing  besides  almost always   eating junk food, together with.my cousin, a skinny blond haired eighteen years old boy – just like me - who visited America in three occasions . On the contrary, I have never been there, but I wish I had …

 It is true that, when you are troubled, your sensibility gets sharper.

Therefore I looked at the sky again, feeling   that   there was something  weird  in that morning air,  rousing  my understanding.

-         What could it be ¿ - I asked in deep confusion, as I was looking for the answer, and never being able to find it.

Well, it is probably  only  my imagination.

Moreover tossed the paper to the trashbin.

Looked at my cousin, tying his shoes.

-         What are you doing, lazy fella ¿ - I asked him, avoiding his eyes.

-         In boring laziness

-         As usual – I said, almost murmuring so he could not get angry with me.

-         Always the same, right ¿

-         Right. I am getting pissed off, bro – chewing

Don’t you think we should  do something  ?

-         Do you have  an idea  for that ¿

-         Me ¿ It is exactly what I am always looking for, cause  I do not have any therefore I think I should ask my mother for cash.

-         How about  creating our own game  ¿

-         Own  game ¿ sounds fun, but what exactly do you mean ¿

-          I mean that it would be great idea if we could  ask your mom tl lend , I said l-e-n-d some cash to expand our abilities   We need money to start this business, like  special programs, .

-         Well, the old lady has not too much  money, but she will surely ask what is it for that’s why I think  you have to be more specific

-         Fine. So tell  your  mother we are going to make smattering  living  by doing business, as it is so difficult to make ends meet without cash.

-         Are you serious ¿

-         Serious.

-         So I think I will tell her – also,  we started to play a other game , the whole day.

-         I think we could imagine an ordinary tourist life for the characters

-          Looking like you  and  me, as well as  playing like you and me .

-          In summary : living life – we had decided

That  night, I called mom.

-         Fine, dear, I will make a transfer  – fortunately, the game   was not that expensive after all

-         Thanks mom ¡

-         When you have money, you have everything – my cousin said to me.

-         That’s right. So, we better  do it..

The same day we got new appliance together with new softwares, from   America.

-         I think the action must happen in a big american city,  where  players can   learn what life was about.

-         Do you know what life is about ¿

-         I guess that all the difficulties that seems to destroy your life is in reality something that creates a different way of facing the world.

Is a new chance to change your mind therefore, your life.

-         Holly philosopher, you ¡

As soon as everybody  had the appliances and the programs  installed , both  felt the heat of  excitement of the scenery.

-         Miami beach, of course – my friend said- starting to programme the game, using the rememberevies he had in order to build the game of his dreams..

With that  breeze.

The salty smell of the air.

The girls – ah ! Those girls, driving me crazy

-         Don’t get so excited boy. Remember we are here to make money.

-         You are. But I am not sure about me –  on being honest, I think that was how  problems started.

-         Look that chick –  so  he went after her, using a main control

-         I am in a hurry – she said, rispid.

-         - c'mon, babe, give it to me

-         - what ? – she opened her eyes after turning around.

What was supposed to come  next was too obvious : she  slapped him.

To make things worse, a policeman was passing by the street of the game.

-         It is the enemy.

-         She us calling the police!.

He wanted to see his identification.

-         Passport, could be ?

-         -  a foreigner?

-         I mean..

-         How can an outsider come to this land to behave like this ?

-         Sorry, mister, but I got really excited to see the beauty of your country.

-         I see.

-         He could ask for forgiveness – she intervened.

Obviously,  he kneeled down  in the middle of the street, where sky many people were passing by .

The face of the girl turned red, first.

Then,   she did not say a word about it,  walking away.

-         And now? The lady left ! Besides  this guy is disturbing the traffic.

You are coming with me. To the police station.

-         What ? But what have I done ??

-         You are disturbing the routine of the people nd the car drivers.

-         That is not enough. See other people standing in the corners, selling stuff in the middle of the street and nobody is saying anything 

-         But you are a stranger without  showing  no identification…

-         I left in the hotel – the character of the game was himself.

-         So let’s go to the hotel.

-         Ok ,is a block from here

As it should be, altogether   went to the imaginary hotel, in front of a drugstore  selling  covid-19 mask.

But he could not find the hotel in the game’s map, vast and full of doors, buildings, cars,   people.

The narrow streets in that map  lead to large avenues and parks.

One of the difficulties was to get out of the crowded  bank line, in order to  accomplish  several  deals.

Like in real life, the player could only get out of it with a lot of patience plus a pint of determination.

We needed sagacy to get rid of the police, using   lies for it, if needed.

-         I thought  it  was here.

-         I see.

-         Maybe, one more block.

-         Lying, disturbing the street traffic, no identification.

Now, you will follow me, taking  me to the police station, by using a core control.

-         Such a shame ! - j said to my friend, who left the game.

-         You don’t fit to it.

-         Yes.

-         It is your fault.

-         Yes, it is.

-         So ?

-         I think I have to kneel down again

Then,  he did it.








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