Last night, the rain was pouring heavily beating like a drum on my rooftop.

The cold like ice temperature growth rapidly throughout the atmosphere, I felt like a human refrigerator on feet; with the hair on my skin standing straight like a porcupine. I was cold and quivering.

I went into my kitchen, put on the kettle as it made the sound shhh! shhh! over and over again, with hot smoke air blowing out from its nose while I buttered a peanut jelly sandwiches.

After the hot tea water was finished boiling I made a hot cup of chocolate flavoured tea; I enjoyed the hot chocolate tea.

Then I went to my bedroom while sitting on my bed sipping on the hot cup of chocolate tea, trying to keep my body warm by drinking the hot tea; I still felt cold like ice.

I set my alarm clock for 9 am, one hour ahead of my appointment; which was for 10 am because I wanted extra time to perform my regular chores, then I warped myself in my thick cotton blanket and cuddled with myself, while quickly I fell asleep.

I was sleeping deeply and peacefully. The rain has a history of causing people to have deep sleep; I was sleeping under the weather. I couldn't even hear when a pin dropped or if robbers were inside my house.

In the Saturday morning, Cuckoo- doodle- doo! over and over again.

The old alarm clock alarmed, which my countryside grandfather that is a farmer present me as a birthday gift.

Every time for my birthday, my grandfather would give me something related to animals or an animal, for my 16 birthday, he give me a chicken, that my neighbour name Thompson stole and made barbeque.

I woke up feeling like I was in another dimension, as my eyes opened and the blur inside my eyes quickly disappears. Finally, I was awake, the best day of my life was here! all my hard work and study at business school would be paid off.

I bathed and brushed my teeth, dressed in my new sharp black suit and polished shining new black shoes, then I had some cereals and milk for breakfast

When I checked my watch; my eyes became paralyze, the time on my watch was 12 pm.

I quickly realised the time on my watch and alarm clock was different, that old alarm clock was dysfunctional.

I walked and rushed down the street, with a smile like a diamond on my face and my head up in the sky than suddenly the dust from the ground covered my shoes, I rubbed some my saliva from my mouth on my shoes, polishing it.

Over the road I saw an old man with a long beard and all the cars were speeding passing him; none of the cars stopped to give him a chance to cross the road.

As the old man stood by the road corner, a car driver passed and spilt mud from a muddy puddle on his clothes and the selfish driver shouted, "Watch it old flee, you old people make me sick!".

There was no traffic light to guide him. I felt sorry for the senior citizen; we are always taught to love and care for them whether family or stranger.

I saw tears in his eyes, I check my watch I was late but despite my late situation, I couldn't leave the old man and not help him. I ran over the road and helped him cross over the road.

He said, "Thank you, son, if it wasn't for you, I would still be over that road and I am heading to my son workplace now".

I said, "It's was my pleasure, I have a grandfather and wouldn't want nobody to treat him this way, do others as you wish to be done unto you." and I give him some money to get his clothes washed at laundry service.

I was late but at least I did a good deed. When I met at the Johnson car company, I went inside the building and office of the manager; he and another man were inside there.

The manager said, "You're late, but luckily I didn't find no one qualified in the long early line and let me see your qualification papers". Then I showed him my qualification paper.

He said, "This man has more and better education qualification papers in business than you, obviously I can't give you the job".

I was unhappy and disappointed. Suddenly my luck strike, the old man I helped cross the road came inside the office as well. I was shocked, what was he doing here? my mind exploded with thoughts.

The manager said," Father where have you been so long, I was worry about you, I sent a car for you but you always like to walk and I told you at your age, you shouldn't be walking down these busy road".

The old man said, "I am sorry for being late son but that man sitting in your chair spilt mud water all over me and thanks to this gentleman right here, I have new clothes on and was able to cross the road."

The manager with tears in his cries said, "Thank you for helping my father."

While the other man bowed his head in shame; which was the speeding driver that spilt mud on his father, he told him, "My workplace doesn't allow people only with qualification but respect and manners."

The manager said, "Your qualification is not good like the other man but you have a good personality and that what counts most, good personality rather than qualifications papers, I don't want people with only papers in my company, I need good manners. "

I was given the job, because of my good manners. Even though I didn't have enough qualification I had a good personality.

In this world, we are usually better because of papers proving our education standard but it shouldn't be that way.

People like beggars living on the street have better manners than people with high education certificate.

I learned two valuable lessons, simple manners and good personality can take you through the world.

March 29, 2020 14:29

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