Adventure Fantasy Happy

I could feel a thousand winds blow across me. On this chilly day, all I could think of was the unusually immense amount of deplorable luck I’ve been receiving. The weather seemed to agree with me, with snow softly falling into my bare hands. Then, gentle showers of rain started to fall from the sky. 

I opened my arms and legs, and felt the relaxing tenderness of nature. I sit up from the wooden bench on the sidewalk. Spotting a field of ripening grain, I thought, This is the perfect place to relax, as I strolled over casually. It’s very early in the daytime, and I could hear nothing but the noiseless morning hush. 

I spotted a family of sparrows. They rushed towards the nearby apple tree, dancing elegantly. Gorgeous birds raced in the sky, of beautiful, circling flight. Even though it was still daytime, I could imagine the excellent starshine of the night. It’s Spring, and everywhere I look, flowers are gradually blooming. 

The savage streets of Manhattan are starting to fill with residents. I decided to stroll home, for I have been depressed for as long as I remember. As I turned the doorknob, I thought, A nice cup of tea could do well. Once I was safely inside my apartment, I made myself a wonderful cup of warm green tea and sipped. Mmmm, finally something relaxing to help take that awful thought off my mind, I grinned. 

I was still sipping my tea when I accidentally knocked a blue (and huge) tub of water down the counter. “Oh.” What I visioned appalled me. The water slowly formed a gigantic whirlpool, sucking me and everything it could find into itself, making it grow. “Woah! Ahhh!” Soon, my whole apartment was swallowed! Unable to bear it anymore, I fell unconscious right in the threatening whirlpool.

Blink. I woke up with a terrible headache. I held my forehead and looked around. I screamed. I was walking-- on water! Five water nymphs arose from the lagoon. “Welcome to the Nymphs’ Lagoon,” the tallest one with her sea silk dress connected to the water greeted. All of them nodded and curtsied. “I assume you are new here. Let us sort you into the right class.” The tallest nymph clapped twice. One of the shorter nymphs sunk into the lagoon and appeared again. “Here, your majesty.” She handed the tallest nymph a hefty leather book. The tallest nymph looked at me and smiled. “This is the nymph-cyclopedia. It lists all of the nymphs in the world, especially water nymphs,” she patiently explained. “Now, what kind of nymph would you be? Nymphs are made out of elements, as you may already know, if you attended the nymph academy,” the tallest nymph pointed in the water. “Alright, now, what element are you made out of? Oh, I know. You didn’t have enough rain dollars to attend the academy? It’s alright. Let me explain, there are four elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. As you might see, we are water nymphs,” she speedily spat. I was about to tell her that I wasn’t a nymph and that I knew what the elements were when she very rudely interrupted me. Once again. 

The tallest nymph eyed me suspiciously and slowly observed. “Hmmm… You don’t look like a rock nymph. And you definitely cannot be a fire nymph. You’re not as beautiful as a water nymph,” she smirked. I was insulted and a bit offended. “Could you be an air nymph?” she asked hopefully. 

“Um, look here, uh?”

“Call me Cordelia. Oh, um, Queen Cordelia.”

“Thank you. Um, look here, Queen Cordelia, I’m not a nymph. I know what elements are, but thank you very much for the detailed explanation,” I nodded my head in respect, although I might’ve exaggerated a bit on the part with the detailed explanation (As if). “Anyway. Um, I’m a human, and, uh, I really need to go back to my apartment in Manhattan, and, uh…” I stuttered, staring at my toes. A loud gasp coming from the nymphs startled me. One of the water nymphs pointed at me and shouted, “Land monster!” Queen Cordelia glared at me.

“Now, now, nymphs, calm down,” she comforted the other nymphs. Then, she turned to me sternly. “There’s only one way you can prove that you are a real human. The legend says, there’s always at least one human out there that doesn’t realize she’s actually a nymph,” Queen Cordelia (truly) explained in detail. “So, we shall test you.” She snapped her skinny, silky fingers and a fire nymph magically appeared. “This fire nymph will give you a ball of fire. If you can control it, that means you are a fire nymph.” She snapped again, and an air nymph appeared. “If you can see air when this air nymph embraces you, that proves you are an air nymph, there’s just a mold covering your true eyes that disables the power of seeking air. When two air nymphs embrace, the mold breaks apart.” She snapped a third time, and an earth nymph became visible. Queen Cordelia brought out a rock covered in cinder. “If you may change the colour and shape of this rock, you are an earth nymph.” Queen Cordelia hesitated for a moment. “And… if you are a w-water nymph you can walk on water.” 

I tried the fire first. Nope. The fire went ludicrous and the fire nymph had to strangle it. Then, I tried air. I could see nothing but the four nymphs standing in front of me. Earth was ridiculously difficult. No way am I an earth nymph. Finally, water lay in front of me. “Try walking,” Queen Cordelia offered. I started walking, and stopped. What was I doing? This was absurd. If I fell I would drown. As if my body was not connected to my brain, I kept walking until I stepped onto the lagoon. I squeezed my eyes and waited for myself to drop. I was human, and nothing could change that. 

I slowly opened my eyes. I was walking! I was a water nymph! Queen Cordelia smiled and pointed at my legs. My original clothing floated off and formed a beautiful water dress! I smiled back at her and cheered. 


July 26, 2021 22:52

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