Fantasy Crime Adventure

(The end of this is not for children that are twelve or under! If requested I will rewrite the end! I hope everyone enjoys!

I walk,walk,and walk some more

Then I start to explore…

I skip with all my soul,

then I suddenly fall down a hole!

Spirals of red and even black

My,is that a sac…?

Dots scattered,and speckled white,

This is such tremendous sight!

I spin,spin,and spin some more

Whatever is this for?

This is a dream…yes it must be!

I see stripes as far as I can see

Tables,Flowers,and even one rake

And I believe I see a milkshake!

I gaze upon the walls,

Spotting not pictures,but stress balls!

Mounted as if trophies across the stripes

Some dark,some light

I reach the bottom,bouncing off the floor

I grew invisible wings and start to soar

I meet the ground once again

As if it were an old,envied friend

I stand and dust off

Then I suddenly begin to cough

My throat dry as well as parched

It felt as if I had been starched

I look and walk across the halls

Spotting some sports balls

I skip on down the bouncy stone hall

I do not remember being this tall..

I ate cake just minutes before

Could this be what the cake was for?

I just saw it sitting there

I could not help myself to just stare...

The cake,so small and sweet

Of course I would like it to eat!

So I climb,climb and climb with all my might

Finally that cake was in my sight!

I was locked on,trapped…in a trance

Me and this cake were ready to dance

Looking back,I quickly realize

It did indeed change my size

I quietly move along the enclosed ground

That is,until I was found!

A small white rabbit,chubby and cute

Why,he was in a business suit!

He took out his watch,standing proud

However his small mouth never made a sound

I quickly backed away as he said words

Rabbits are seen,but never heard…!

He let out a loud sigh,then groaned 

“Little girl,go home…”

He then waved with a friendly depart

Leaving me alone again,with only my heart

The hallways darkened as fear grew

A threat she thought existed but never knew…

Her mind uneasy as she continued to walk

But the whole way she did not talk

She found a beautiful,and attractive light

Showing nothing but colorful trees in sight!

She ran to the end filled with hope!

That is until she landed on soap-

She slipped,tumbled and fell

Then let out a great big yell

She recovered back on her feet

Then another came up to greet…

His eyes,big,wide and blue

Why,his gaze is fixed on you!

He greets you with his smile,up in the air

And even then his eyes still stare…

Not a breath,not even a blink

You suddenly see his nose,it's bright pink!

Fur disappears as,his smile fades…

You hope it's time to end this charade

Still worried,and stuck in a dream

Everything may not be as it first seemed

You walk through colorful trees

Then you spot some pineapple bees!

Squirrels appear in the vines

Why,their fur looks divine!

The light bounces off red,and brown

They are a lot shinier than the ones in town…

You continue seeing many crazy things

What else may this dream bring?

You walk the whole way through

Then another is talking to you

She is petite,agile and gray

A mouse who refuses to stray

She inches closer and closer as you look

Is she carrying a small pocket book?

Her eyes are big and wide,

Why,she has a sword on her side?!

The little mouse scurried along

That is after she sung you a song

You dance slowly to the silent wind

Until you smell something very thin…

A faint fragrance,like peppermint tea

You start to look around and see,

You spot a table,and three guests

They were having a tea party if you had to guess…

You see the purple floating cat,the rabbit,and a man

Could they be a trio or a band!?

You begin to loosen up as you go and join

Then the man throws a coin!

You caught the coin and looked back

The mad man then loosens his belt for slack

He bellowed and cheered

Why,Alice! I'm glad you're here!

It's me! The mad hatter! You probably don't know…

But it is me! The hatter who watched you grow!

I watched as you twirled in your pretty blue dress

But you never saw me,I would guess…

Your kindness rewards you

Just keep your heart golden and true

Welcome to wonderland,we have trinkets,treasures and goods

Unique animals and turquoise wood!

My eyes meet the yellow grass under me

And my mind can finally see

Like curtains in front of my eyes

Everything seemed as if it was a disguise

Too much to believe,all too quick!

I feel like I may be sick…

The Cheshire cat…I remember now

He hides from others…he does not prowl

The mouse that went “Squeak,Squeak”

Why,she always loved to eat!

Even now she is devouring cake

Letting her roam the table may be a mistake…

The rabbit,in his black little tux

His job must have really sucked…

He always timed everything just right

I wonder if he ever had time to get a bite…?

He hurried off on and scurried along

And then I think the hatter pulled out a bong…?

He blew smoke as he let out a sigh

Then he told me his goodbye

He retired anxiously as he headed home

Then I realized in his hat was a bone…

He held keys to whatever he had

And I realized it was also a human bone! That he was bad!

A shock ran through my spine and blood ran cold

Then I ran…refusing to be bold

I hurried back to the door

This was all a huge lure!

Something insane and strange

I never want a change!,

Weather it be better or worse

I do not want to end up in a hearse!

I am too young,only thirteen 

I just hope i'm not seen

Not by the hatter,the rabbit,or the mouse

I just want to return to my house!

I reach the entrance,And I open the door

Whatever did I come to wonderland for?

September 22, 2023 13:31

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15:48 Sep 24, 2023

I hope whoever reads this enjoyed it,yes the end is not child like...but if requested i can make a kid's version. Other than this i hope anyone who read this enjoyed it! The beginning was off beat but as i went on it was easier to read!


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Vicente Batista
12:14 Sep 25, 2023

Damn, I was excited about that.


12:36 Oct 02, 2023

Forgot to say i will not be on at all during weekends now,you know,no wifi ant home and all :T


Vicente Batista
16:14 Oct 02, 2023

Oh, right, that's sad. but at least there are days of the week


18:16 Oct 02, 2023

sorry i keep forgetting to tell you lol,also my birthday is on the 22th of october :3 imagine an overwhelmed-self contained mature fifteen year old


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11:28 Oct 03, 2023

Oh,and do you like regular stories better or the rhyme schemes?


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11:46 Oct 03, 2023

oh and probably wotn be on today,got practice test day REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Vicente Batista
22:24 Oct 03, 2023

Your birthday is coming up, and yes I like stories with rhymes lol and good luck on your tests


12:15 Oct 04, 2023

omg i am sooooooo pissed right now.Yesterday and the day before they promised up two hours of free time outside after the test,but because the test would not work,so we were left with less twenty minutes,and they only gave half the school a pop,i watched them roll ten unopened crates away and leave the rest of us with just water.


12:20 Oct 04, 2023

and we dont see our schools so i dont know what i got


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18:00 Oct 06, 2023

Got it posted but it was kinda rushed. And I needed twenty five more words to post it. xD


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