Text Me The Next Job

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Chapter 1:

You up?


Come on.

but why

You know why.

can't we skip a day for once

No. Now get your ass up and come on.

of course you wouldn't let me sleep in for just one day

If you're not careful, I'll throw a rock at your window.

you here

Yeah. Now come on.

i'm coming i'm coming

Chapter 2:

How far away are you now?

dunno a few blocks

Okay, do you see me?


Watch for my signal.


Chapter 3:

You have it?


Good. Take it to Jesse.

hold on






What did they want?


Where are they?


Damn it! I told you not to!


What do you mean, why?

why do you care so much


I'm done.

what do you mean

I don't want to do this anymore.

you have to

No I don't. I'm through with this crap.

fine then say hi to your brother in hell for me


he's currently at my house playing video games i convinced the babysitter to quit

Convinced did you.

so are you sure you want to quit

God damn you. I hope you rot in hell.

i'm sure you have a spot reserved there too

How many more jobs?

just one

What the hell does the boss have in mind?

you know the large house by the dollar store


the parents are on vacation four teens are there


So what does the boss want us to take?

he has a different kind of job in mind

And what is this job?

he wants them taken out


you won't do it

I'm not a murderer.

i know several people who are

one of them's five feet away from your brother


then do the job



I hope you rot in hell.

is that a yes

Why does he want a bunch of kids dead?

you dont need to know why you just need to do it

or ill see how well your brother likes the taste of steel

Fine. Does the time matter?


he just wants it done

Alright. I'm going to delete my texts in case I'm caught. Don't text me. I'll text you when the job is done.

you better not try anything.

I'm not an idiot.

Don't text me.

Chapter 4:

I'm back.

where are you

You don't know?

dont try me or did you forget whose throat i could slit within seconds

I'm at the junkyard. I just finished dumping the trash. The cops won't find them for months. Maybe never.


the boss decided you still have some use to us

Damn it! You said I was done!

the boss makes the final decision

he doesnt give a damn about your weak stomach

What's the job?

this will be a little harder than the last one

for one thing theyre not stupid teenagers

Then who are they?

the first ones a former member

hes an accountant now with four kids and a wife

I'm not murdering children.

you dont have to kill the children just the accountant

Why does the boss want him dead?

he leaked some information to the cops and got one of our guys killed

And the boss doesn't like that.

youve gotten to know him well

You said they. Who's the other guy?

not guy but girl

she lives alone in her apartment she'll be easy

Give me their addresses.

one more thing

What's that?

the boss wants pictures


he wants to see them for himself

He's sick.

he wants to make sure you're doing your job

You're all sick bastards.

remember who's my company

Your boss will get his damn pictures. Just don't get trigger-happy.

Or I swear to God you'll wish you were burning in hell by the time I get to you.

is that a threat

Just don't hurt my brother.

the accountants directly across the street from those teens and the woman lives in number 4 of Trixie Apartments

Deleting my texts again. Don't text me. I'll text you.

Chapter 5:

I'm back. And here's the pictures.

good now where the hell is your brother

What are you talking about?

hes gone where is he

I thought you were watching him!

he took off when i was taking a shit now where is he

You think I know? I can't believe you lost him!

God he must be lost somewhere

Somewhere in the city


And scared

if hes not careful ill give him something to get scared about

He probably got nervous and that's why he ran.

you find him before i do and bring him back here

or it wont be pretty

The message's loud and clear.


Chapter 6:

Damn it! I can't find him anywhere!

youre lying to me

What makes you think that?

you better pray to god i dont find him

or i swear to god ill skin him alive

and ill make sure you watch every second of it

I get it. I'll find him.

you better

or hes as good as dead

Chapter 7:

i found him


dont play dumb with me

I don't know what you're getting at. Where did you find him?

come to your house


Wait, he's there? Why would he be there?

It's six.

He thought I'd be home.

Please don't hurt him.

He just wanted to see me.

he will see you in hell if you dont hurry your ass up now

I'm still at the junkyard. I'll be there in thirty minutes.

make it twenty

or ill give you an extra incentive

I'll be there!

Just don't hurt him!

Chapter 8:

I'm here.

where are you

I'm coming up the driveway.

get inside


I don't have my keys on me.

i suggest you stop with your bullshit or ill blow your brothers brains out

I swear they're not with me. I keep them with the babysitter.

In case she needed to pick something up from the house.

youre lying

she had nothing on her


No, that's not right.

She always has them on her.

how about i check your brothers body

see if theyre on him

No! Don't touch him!

I'm sure she dropped them somewhere.

Check her house.

you go get them

ill stay here with your brother

Fine. I'll be back soon.

Chapter 9:

where the hell are you



i swear to god if you dont answer me your brothers as good as dead

damn it

get your sorry ass over here right now

if youre thinking your brother will pull the same getaway trick like last time know it wont work

ive got him locked in his room

he cant get out

damn it answer me!

My sister's gonna kick your ass.


who the hell is this

wait the brother

how the hell did you get out your rooms on the second story

I have a lot of experience sneaking out my bedroom. You might want to look out the window.

you little shit

You don't like cops all that much, do you?

you do realize that your sister will go to jail too once i rat her out

I don't think her boss would let that happen.

i'm her boss, damn it!

So you're the guy who sent her on all those jobs? The mastermind behind all this? The cops would love to hear that, wouldn't they?

they won't

that phone youve got is programmed to self-destruct at my command

they'd be going off your word and yours alone

You mean the program my sister's partner decoded?


what the hell are you talking about

You haven't figured it out yet? My sister never worked for you. She was never a part of your little gang.

She's an undercover agent.

And you fell right into her trap.

youre lying

You wish. Every one of your guys are in the slammer right now. Same with your clients.

that bitch

I'm sure you're glad to know that she didn't carry out those killing jobs you gave her.

she sent me pictures of the last two

Those are photoshop. Her partner combined crime scene photos from cold case files and the photos she'd taken of the two when she paid them a couple visits. Pretty good, aren't they?

that bitch

Hope you enjoy your time rotting in jail :)

you arrogant little bastard

i swear once im out ill skin you alive and your sister too

I wouldn't count on that, "boss".


i hope you rot in hell, you bitch

I'm sure you have a spot reserved there too. Plus, I think you'll find your prison very close to the real deal.

Next time, I wouldn't suggest threatening an FBI agent's little brother. Especially over text. At least have the guts to do it to her face.

TTYL bastard

LOL :)

March 27, 2020 03:07

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