Tired eyes gazed into the darkness of a barely visible ceiling, his bladder full and he tilted his head to look at the time through his bleary vision. It was 3 in the morning and he groaned in irritation before he sluggishly removed himself from the warmth of his bed and the comforting blankets he found himself tangled in between and instant regret filled him as the cold breeze blew on to their bare skin, they shivered in discomfort, longing to return to his sheets. They rubbed their eyes as they yawned before he noticed bright light peeking out from the small openings under his closet door and he blinked slowly and he walked towards it to turn off the light but failed, confusion stood on his face and he slowly opened the door, before his eyes met a small circular swirl of light hovering centimeters off the floor. He closed his door as he shook his head, staring blankly at the door, "What..am I dreaming?" he mumbled as he blinked quickly in hopes to awaken himself, and a pinch to his arm, and a spark of pain flew through him. 

He opened his closet door, his desire to pee forgotten momentarily as his eyes became wide as he still sees it. In his closet. Staring back at him,"....This is inconvenient," He said out loud as he picked up a slipper, cautious as he threw it towards the distortion in space? and he watched as it disappeared at contact, he blinked and his panic tried to climb its up out of him wonder how he'll be able to get his clothes with that thing standing there in his way before his slipper was spat out angrily hitting him in his face, bringing him out of his worries and stunning him.

He slowly began to pick it up, raising it to eye level to look at the panda slipper for any damage, relieved to see none and that he didn't lose it forever into that weird void. A sudden laugh burst out of him, tears pinching the corner of his eyes wondering about his own priorities and If he had just finally lost it. Any semblance of sanity he had— It's gone and he could only attribute it to being locked inside for too long without any sort of proper human contact being the only reason why he was imagining things. He sighed, no longer feeling tired and decided to indulge his mind or whatever dream because he refuses to believe any of this is real, because once he believes it's real, he's either insane or the world is probably on the verge of ending and he understood he’d begin to panic before trying to calm down.

He stared wearily before coming to a decision. He plopped down in front of the thing he deemed to be some sort of portal, maybe, possibly, preferably. He already concluded a black hole would eradicate his entire room and his own existence in an instant, he thought sardonically, before stopping to wonder if black holes were actually black as it’s name implied and he stared at it, hoping maybe it would go away if he stared long enough. Hopefully, but he quickly got bored and immediately decided to throw his slipper back in the portal counting the seconds before it was flung back at him, flying over his head, landing behind him. Time went by like this, him throwing random things in the portal watching as they fly back at him, and as dawn began to break, his ever growing curiosity grew and for a second, he wondered with each time he threw in something of his, what's on the other side?

He was pretty sure at this point that it was maybe safe, rationalizing the thought that since his slipper and things came back, trying to convince himself the one thing he knew his older sister if she was here, would call him crazy and stupid, but he really thinks he won't be torn to shred, and he got up, swallowing nervously as he stepped closer, standing tall as if to show the swirl of colors that is the portal in his closet, mocking him, feeling the heat radiating off it, that he wasn't afraid in all his bunny patterned pajama'd glory, with one slipper in the shape of a panda on only one feet before slipping the experimental panda slipper onto his other feet. He whispered a quick prayer to the universe begging it to be safe and that he won't die immediately on contact before jumping inside the portal before he could actually think more about the fairly large difference between a small fluffy slipper and an able bodied functioning human male. The world went white and he immediately regretted as he felt himself being squeezed as if he was sucked into a tube a few sizes too small. He wondered why he did the dumbest thing he could do that he thought he'd never do in real life. Investigating the unknown that could possibly kill him, and not calling the authorities or any one who could figure what it is going on. There was a reason he couldn’t ever call himself a scientist, and now he finds himself staring back at a round blob of a blue creature with eyes too big for their face with no arms or legs, laying on his chest, leaving some sort of substance in its trail, it was cute in its own creepy realistic way. He sighed drearily as he got up, watching the thing fall of his chest with disinterest, and a sudden headache pressed down on his temple before he hurled out everything he had eaten before bed, noticing how dizzy he felt, he tried to quickly settle and raised head to the sky, freezing as everything is the opposite of what it should be, he stared incredulously at the blue sun that shine prettily, gentle on his eyes and the fiery bright sky that was a mix of oranges, red and yellow. A groan left his lips as turn around to look for the portal, desperate to leave this strange world, wanting to go back to normal boring life as he didn't want an adventure but only to satiate his idiotic curiosity, "This is really..inconvenient." 

He then found a girl walking towards him with blue hair and yellow eyes and she reminded him of the strange sky, and wondered if all people on this planet looked as odd as she did. He didn’t move his gaze from her as he saw her rushing to him and asked whether he was okay. She looked at him strangely, her gaze never lingered away from his hair as she began chattering without giving him a chance to respond. He stared blankly at her figure, and flinched as she leaned closely, making a comment about how strange his hair and eyes were, annoyed at the rudeness and audacity of her of all people telling him that, his hair and eyes are rather normal in his opinion, thank you very much. He cut her off and asked if she saw a portal around here and when she frowned and gave a reply and that it threw odd objects from it. He demanded her to take him to it, she looked surprised and asked why but he gruffly answered, “It’s none of your business.”

 She huffed her annoyance, eyeing him as if debating whether to comply but turned away and told him to simply follow her as she muttered irritatedly under her breath that she should've just left him there if he was gonna be rude to her after helping him, and that despite how odd he appeared, she still took care of him in the goodness of her, and a continuous sets of ramblings that left her lips, and he ignored her during the short walk. Once they arrived at the portal that waited patiently for him, he smiled pleased as he didn’t find himself stuck here, and he immediately jumped inside it to get away from the girl who he didn't enjoy the presence of at all, leaving the girl to stare at him in shock, watching him disappear from existence The place was strange and new and he hadn’t like it at all nor did he welcome the discomfort of the feeling of traveling back home. He fell onto familiar floors of his room, a shock of pain hit his cheeks and he glared at the portal as if it was mocking him and to be blamed for all his problems. He really wished he had just slept. He sighed and stared longingly for the set of clothing that hid behind the portal, understanding that he may never get them back before he shut the closet door, refusing to ever think about the portal that occupied his closet. Maybe it was a sign that he should finally get out of the closet. He heads to the bathroom and pee before returning to his bed, letting the idea of the portal stay in the back of his mind, in hopes that it'll disappear after a few hours or maybe a few weeks and he could have his closet and clothes back. Unfortunately, It never did.

April 25, 2020 00:50

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