Pranks, Pranks and even more Pranks!

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Fantasy Holiday Science Fiction

“YES! It’s the day!” Fleegblast floated out of bed and over onto the wall where his calendar hang. 

“Yes! It’s the first of April today!!!!!!!!!” 

In case you were wondering, Fleegblast was a god. 

Not just any god. 

Oh, no! 

He was the god of pranks. 

Every single year, Fleegblast would have a countdown to the next April, as, of course, It was the best day of pranks! 

Fleegblast like in a treehouse up in the sky. 

Above the clouds. 

If you look into the sky on a clear day, and notice that one odd cloud, then you know what it is now! 

Fleegblast could turn inviable too, this made him the king of pranks. 

It was bright early, he got out his toothbrush, brushed his teeth, spitted out the cloud of toothpaste on a man walking below him. 

“OW! That cloud just hit me!” Complained the man. 

He put on some cloud clothes and squeezed his special watch, that always made him invisible. 

“Pranks, Here I come!” 

He floated across the block, and then through a fence. 

Agh! What better way to start than Mrs.Blender’s house? 

She was like a trick hotspot! 

Today, she was watering her flowers with a hose. 

Fleegblast sneaked behind Mrs.Blender and shouted: 


“AGHHHH!” Screamed Mrs.Blender as she let go of the hose, and it sprayed all around the place. 

By the time she turned it off, she was all soaking wet! 

She ran to a nearby police officer, and shouted: 

“ghosts are real! I tell ya! They’re real! One just attacked me!” 

“uh-hu!” Chuckled the police officer “Good one! Merry April fools to you!” 

“WHY does no one ever believe me?” Grumbled Mrs.Blender. 

Fleegblast sneaked over to another house. 

He sneaked into the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a can of good old jonny’s whipped cream. 

Fleegblast noticed a girl! 

He squirted some of the whipped cream into the girl’s hand. 

“BOO!” Screamed Fleegblast, it was his favorite word to say! It was like his own little catchphrase. 

The girl jumped up, and whipped cream was on her face, on her bed and melted on her hands! 

“NOAH!” she marched into her Big brother’s room, and shook him firmly. 

“OI!” Yelled Noah “stop that!” 

The girl hit Noah on the head with the pillow. 

“so, it’s a pillow fight you want, eh?” 

If you’re wondering, that’s how most pillow fights start, especially on April fools day! 

Next, Fleegblast went to another couple’s bedroom, they were sleeping as it was still nice and early, of course. 

Fleegblast floated downstairs into the living room, got some black paper, cut out some beetle shapes and then stuck it in their lamp. 

He got out his red super-loud honking horn and: 


Woke the couple up. 

The wife reached the lamp, turned it on and... 


The beetle shapes worked perfectly!  

It looked like beetled were crawling across the lamp! 

The wife called the exterminator, later to find out it was all just one big prank. 

“HEE! HEE! HEE!” Giggled Fleegblast as he went to the next house he was going to prank. 

HE decided to put chicken stock into someone’s shower. 

“Why does My hair smell like chicken?!!!”  

Fleegblast hit another house... 

“Where did these Carmel apples come from? WAAH! THEY’RE ONIONS!” 

And another... 

“Why does this air freshener smell like shrimp? Wait! The label is peeling off...” 

And another... 

“Holy Moley! My whole office is full of rats! Wait! They’re just toys!” 

Who could forget the time he stuck a picture of Kim Jong Un at the top of someone’s photo copier? 

No one! That’s who! 

 There would be a picture of his face on every single thing anybody copied! 

“This must be a nightmare! A terrible nightmare!!!” 

Fleegblast floated out of his house, and collapsed on the street with laughter! 

He laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. 

Everybody from the block was now looking at the empty street which was somehow producing the noise of laughter. 

“I told all of Ya that ghosts were alive! Now tell me who didn’t believe me! Eh? Eh?” Yelled Mrs.Blender out of her window, which she fell out of and landed on a trampoline. 

“Now, where did that get here?!” 

It was time to hit the schools!  

It was nearly the end of the school day by now. 

He decided to fill a boy’s bag with baked beans and explodes! 

The school bully walked over and grabbed the bag. 

He opened it and: 


The bag exploded and the bully’s face was filled with baked beans. 

“HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!” 

Everybody was laughing now. 

“You’re dead!” shouted the school bully as he grabbed the boy by the T-shirt, punched him in the face, gave him a headlock and went outside where he grabbed the innocent boy by the legs, and into the garbage bin, and the lid was shut. 

Of course, Fleegblast had to help this poor boy out, but one more prank couldn’t hurt, could it? 

He put on the sound of a garbage truck on. 

“AGHHH!” screamed the boy, as Fleegblast hauled him out, and then put him on the floor. 

It was time to hit the shops! 

Just as he was about to put fake gummy worms into the fruit and veg section when he noticed a crowed of angry people with flaming torches and leaf rakes. 

“Death to the ghosts! Death to the ghosts! Death to the ghosts! Death to ghosts! Death to ghosts! Death to ghosts!” the angry people yelled, walking more near and near towards Fleegblast. 

“Uh-oh!” Gulped Fleegblast, as fast as he could floated up into the sky and turned back into a cloud. 

Unluckily for him, a flaming stick shot into the air and right through him. 


He had to get out of here. 


As quick as a cloud can go (which honestly isn’t that fast) he travelled into another city (Livernool), where the angry tribe hadn’t been yet (at this rate, they would be here very soon!)

Just maybe he’d miss next year’s April fool’s day. 

Maybe it was for the best. 

“Death to zombies! Death to zombies! Death to zombies! Death to zombies! Death to zombies! Death to zombies!” 

Another flaming stick stroked right through him. 

“I really need to move!” 

March 28, 2021 17:35

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Kay (:
18:36 Apr 07, 2021

I don't mean to be rude but this story was very poorly written. You should try to have someone proofread it before you submit it. Is this god real in mythology? Because when I looked it up nothing came up. I wrote a story in the same prompt and worked extremely hard on it. I would appreciate it if you read it and gave me some feedback! Stay safe and keep writing!


Damian Nowacki
09:12 Aug 24, 2021

No, he's not a real god since this is a ficiton story. Sorry for the late response!


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John Carpenter
00:54 Apr 04, 2021



Damian Nowacki
14:06 Apr 07, 2021

glad you liked it


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15:06 May 01, 2021



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