Asian American Christian Coming of Age

Adeem had a chequered childhood- a childhood of mons and sobs.Adeem wound leave for school earlier than his other classmates living in the neighborhood.He had no sense of time.He would leave his home, go to his friends and if he would not be ready would look for some other to play with.For Adeem school was not jan institution where he would learn but just a brick-stone structure akin to garden full of love and latitude.He was always at his happiest while at school.He was not a gem of a student.He would only love school for his home was no better.

One day Adeem was coming home and he came across a vendor.The vendor had a peculiar voice- some would just pop out on the road to find out the source of this grotesque voice.Some would try to answer his calls in the similar way as his.Adeem went close to the vendor,sized up his way of selling things.The vendor came across as a very innocent man not alert to any theft or pilferage.Adeem was fascinated by a small toy- a toy dog which seemed an oddity in the maze of hundreds of other articles such as sharp knives, scissors,pens,pencils, handkerchiefs etc. For a child of third standard like Adeem a pencil or a pen or for that matter a knife should have been a vivid attraction but he his Herat was in the toy-dog however dusty it was.Adeemcame from behind,followed the vendor for few steps and then stopped.He followed the vendor agian ,till he was hemmed in again by a horde of wen again as if he knew that women always fall for vendors.Now when Adeem felt that the vendor cannot monitor all that goes around ,he grabbed the toy-dog,ensured it is seized upon firmly,open the zip of his bag and put the toy-dog into it.He was all joy now.

Adeem was not all that normal at home.He would often find his parents quarrel.His father would often beat his mother.He was no priority for them.His mother would at times go to his school not for any academic check for just to ensure tht Adeem was there no. She would often be at the fields in the morning and Adeem would leave for school as usual.Adeem's father Ashir would not care for him.He had fallen prey to gambling and drinking.He would lose temper on being asked to stop these.Adeem would never bring himself upto him to ask for anything to his father.So his father was not his.One day Adeem father was was reported to have died in an accident.The news of his death didnot create any sort of commotion in the village.It was as of something normally usual or something of workaday importance happened.Adeem's mother Haja wept with Adeem in her lap.She weft for an about an hour.Some women from the neighbourhood visited her, consoled her and some brought some fruits.After some days,Adeem's mother resumed her routines. Adeem would go to the school as usual.Now Adeem would rush back home in the afternoon.His home was now a peaceful stead.He would help his mother in the morning and in the evening.One day Hajra fell ill and died.Adeem wept bitterly and left home.He spent some days with his friends.They consoled him.Their parents consoled him.For him the world had nothing g good in the offing.He had lost everything.He rather hadn't anything.

Adeem left his village only to work in a factory in the town.Years passed and passed.He would work through the day and fritter the earnings in the evening.He didn't want to earn to live life the better way.He had just come to town with that school bag with a broken pencil and that stolen toy-dog.The toy-dog was his relic from the past.Years passed and passed. The owner of the factory at which Adeem worked took Adeem to his home.It was perhaps the marriage of the owner's youngest daughter. Since Adeem.was the only worker in the factory to put up inside factory precincts.Adeem took his bag with and left with the owner.The bag had gathered a thick layer of dust.Adeem didn't mind that.He didn't want to part ways with his prized relic.On reaching the owner's home,Adeem was shown way to a room outside the owner's mansion.Adeem want inside the room.He flung his bag on the bed.The toy-dog fell off from it.Adeem was hurled back to past,to the history of thos toy-dog.His eyes welled up.He washed his toy-dog.It lit up in shine.He kept it on the table close to the bottom of his bed.In the morning,Adeem was invited to the grand feast by a servant of his owner.In a strange,Adeem swooped the toy-dog in his hand and followed the servant.Adeem was astonished to find a long and rambling hall filled with guests in glittering costumes.He was shown a room where some fifty to sixty people were eating on a table.

He was handed a bowl full of sweet rice.After having finished the feast,Adeem,like other guest in his room, stepped out in the open.The toy-dog was half dangling from his trousers' left pocket.He had taken a step or two,the toy-dog fell off from the pocket with a loud thud.A child happend to run towards it and picked it up.Aleem was happy at seeing a child pick it up.The child sized it up keenly for a while and left it there.The child left saying ' umhhhh too very old not something very good."The child looked back at the toy-dog as Adeem picked it up and pocketed it.For Adeem the toy-dog was a thing with an immeasurable value and for the child the toy-dog was a thing worn-out and rediculously too old to find a place with him.Adeem seemed to be talking to himself.Yes he was saying something to himself.He was perhaps trying to relive his past.The past where the toy-dog lived,the past where his mother lived and the past where his father died.Adeem left the place with a heavy heart.He forgot for some time that he was at his owner's home.He forgot all the railleries around.He now paced up as he left.Adeem felt as if the world had turned upside down.As Adeem was now walking down an alley,the toy-dog fell off from his pocket and broke up into two large pieces.Adeem didn't stoop to pick up the pieces.He left behind his broken toy-dog and moved on.

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