Bedtime Drama Fantasy

From the very first moment I opened my eyes to this unknown world around me, I was in here, in this box-shaped glass.

A vast room with weird-looking glass walls.

The thick layer of glass is sapphire blue, with nothing to be seen outside it.

With no doors or windows.

I’ve always wondered, from where I’m getting this delicious food. And where are these people who deliver this food coming from?

Three meals per day, but no more than that is allowed to me.

I was young and oblivious to what's around me. 

Accepting anything they gave me, not knowing what’s better anyway.

But, the sole thing I had in me was curiosity. Like any other child my age, I desperately wanted to know more, to explore whatever I had in my both little hands.

But, the only thing I explored was the varied types of vegetables, fruits, and sweets I got as a meal.

My favorite one was chocolate sweets, I loved those so much; I used to cry for them, the days that they send me other tastes.

They didn't care tho.

With age, I wondered about other stuff like why I'm in here alone and the others are outside; I see them coming with food and nothing more.

Every day,

Nothing changes they burned the same routines into my memory.

Initially, I couldn't comprehend what they say when they communicate with each other. 

No one taught me how to speak.

No one taught me how to think properly, I was just going with instinct.

With time I taught myself some words, the one connected to the food I like.

A few years later, I started thinking of a way to escape past that barrier just to see what's on the other side, and nothing more. 

But they won't allow me near any of the walls putting me to sleep whenever I get close to one of them.

I tried running past them when they come with food, but they always leave behind one of them to keep me from doing that.

Not even getting close to the lights of the other side.

They enter and leave the same way, through the far end of the wall, but when they leave, the wall returns to its original frozen state.

And with that thinking, I've always ended up with the same dead-end, so I started changing my perspective.

I started carefully looking at these people’s faces trying to learn about them; I tried to imitate the way they interact, thinking that can help me properly understand them.

And to my surprise, a few days after I started my novel way of thinking. 

I instantly started seeing splendid stuff while asleep. Random stuff about the people I tried to focus on understanding during the day.

I started seeing stuff about the girl I was looking at during the day.

I chose her because she was remarkably the closest and nicest one to me, at least from my prescriptive.

During one night, I slept naturally at my usual bed timing.

And the moment I put my head on my pillow, I started seeing this weird stuff and feeling as if I'm no longer in my body.

It felt obnoxiously weird at first, but the same strange power that got over me instantly giving me this dream forced me to get used to it.

I was looking through the girl's eyes at the most elegant thing I've ever seen in my life so far.

She was looking wonderingly at the clear night sky; I recognized what was she looking at even tho I've never seen it before.

At that moment I undoubtedly recognized who I was, and where I'm right now, it wasn't my actual identity, but in that realm it was.

I was merely watching. Not able to perform any action of my conscious will.

I indeed kept looking at unusual objects for the first time and I kept on learning about them just by looking fondly at them.

I went through the next few weeks learning about the world outside this chamber through that innocent girl.

She was approaching her days performing her routine activities not knowing that I was observing her actions during the night.

I thought I was re-experiencing the events she went through during the day. 

Until one night, I noted an odd thing.

During the dream I embodied. The girl fell and injured her arm and got replaced with another girl.

That frightened me.

But later on, when they brought breakfast, she was the one who delivered it to my hand, and she was fine with no visible bruises or injuries.

I freaked out for that; I was witnessing events that didn't happen.

That got me shocked for a while, and I didn't know what can I do or achieve with that.

It's not like I had a way to use the dreams deliberately.

The next day, the girl got replaced; it was then that I knew for sure that what I saw a future event.

It stunned me at first and got me spending the entire day thinking about it. 

Now that the girl is gone I'm back to my normal dull routines.

I tried the same approach I took the first time with the other girls that served my meals, but with no results. 

Months went by.

And one day, the girl returned.

I was so happy to see her that and for the first time; I displayed a different facial expression, for the first time I gave genuine positive emotion.

When I had done that, the one next to her instantly noticed and told the armed guards.

They came in with beautiful glowing chains, used to bind me down.

I tried resisting but with no use; I was so scared weeping for my dumb reactions, not like I could've changed them willingly.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, just to burst up from my bed frightened.

It took me a while to calm down knowing that it was just a dream and that my actions today will get me in trouble.

After a long time, it felt strange to get back to that ability.

But this time it took me off-guard, it came to me with no outside help.

The thing I understood about this dream ability is that it is just a defensive ability that was activated through that girl, but the connection developed with her blew my mind.

And, that was the first time I witnessed the complete use of this ability. 

By the time that girl entered with the food, I was already calm and waiting impatiently to see her after all this time; after all, she is the only one who can aid me accomplish my goals even if it's not by her own will.

From that night I continued searching for specific answers using that girl, and after a couple of days, I got valuable info about what I was eagerly seeking.

Using some old books she had with her, I can finally get to unravel the truth behind my lifelong imprisonment.

March 13, 2021 04:30

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Eric Cruz
07:03 Mar 22, 2021

This was amazing to read. Wonder what happens next?


Anes Nia
11:23 Mar 27, 2021

Thanks for the review, the continuation is coming soon.


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Saurabh Singh
17:12 Mar 18, 2021

Great comparison between dream and a reality surroundings!


Anes Nia
12:07 Mar 19, 2021

Thank you! ^^


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