As Lindsay stood in the elevator, she was thinking about the Travel Company she was about to visit, again. The last time she was here, they had promised they would send her on a fantastic holiday, somewhere she had never been before. She had not heard from them for over a month, until today. The Manager had called her early, and asked her to come in, as her holiday was ready.

The elevator opened and Lindsay walked out into the offices. Something was wrong, this isn’t where she was supposed to be.

“Can I help You?” A pretty young woman with dark hair and glasses, had approached her. “Yes.” Lindsay said. “I am looking for the Travel Time offices, but I seem to have gotten off on the wrong floor.” “The young woman sneered at her.” “I am sorry, but this whole building is owned by Advantage Loss Insurance Company.” “What?” “That can’t be right.” “I was here a month ago talking to a Mr Forgo.” The woman looked at Lindsay as though she was just out of a mental institution. “Mr Forgo was owner and founder of this company, one-hundred years ago.” “He died a long time ago, and he had no children.” “I really don’t know who you are talking about!”

Lindsay looked at the young woman. “I’m sorry, you’re right.”

“I guess I have the wrong name, or something, thank you for your time.”

Lindsay got back in the elevator, and headed back down to the ground floor. As the doors opened Lindsay felt sick. This was not the building she had walked into. “What the heck is going on?” she thought.

Lindsay walked out the front door, onto the path, nearly knocking another woman over. She stood there thinking, “Where the hell am I?” Nothing looked familiar, she couldn’t work out where she was, or how to get back home. Lindsay hailed a taxi, then asked him to take her to 40 Clarendon Way.

“Lovely old suburb.” The driver said. “Very pretty with all the large trees and old fashioned houses.” Lindsay sat back and thought. “Am I going out of my mind?” “I live in a new estate!”

The driver dropped her off after charging her an outrageous amount, and laughing at the money she gave him. “Using up your savings Maam?”

Lindsay walked up the path to number 40. But this couldn’t be her house. The trees she had planted last year were so big they almost covered the house. The house had just been painted, but the paint was peeling on all the windowsills and the door.

Lindsay put her key in the door, but it didn’t work. Suddenly the door opened and a large man stood there glaring at her. “Whatever you’re selling, we don’t want any!” He was about to close the door, when Lindsay yelled at him. “I live here!”

The man looked at her. “What are you talking about?” “You don’t live here!” “My family have owned this property for over sixty years!” “I don’t know who you are lady, but you have the wrong address!”

Suddenly, something clicked. “You’re right.” She said. “But can you tell me the way to the nearest deli please?” The man pointed down the street. “About two blocks, on the right hand side.” “I hope you find the right house.” Then he closed the door.

Lindsay walked down to the deli. She bought herself a drink, a sandwich and a newspaper. The cashier looked at the money she handed him as if it was counterfeit. She walked over to the park across the road and sat on a bench. She had a big mouthful of cola opened her sandwich and began to eat it, as she placed the newspaper on her lap. Lindsay almost choked, then had a dreadful coughing fit. People walking past looked at her strangely. She carefully sat the bottle and the sandwich down beside her, picked up the newspaper and held it up in front of her. The date was Wednesday 12th, 2120. Lindsay pinched herself. “Ouch!” She wasn’t asleep, so just exactly what was happening? She remembered the words of the Manager at Travel Time. “Somewhere you’ve never been before!” He was dead, his Company had disappeared, her new house was now old with new people in it. She was in the future! She couldn’t have lived this long, so she must be buried somewhere!

 Lindsay knew where the County graveyard was, not all that far away, so she decided to walk. She reached the front gates, and there was a gardener so she asked for directions. “ I want to find the Fonteyne family plot, please.” “Hmm, don’t recall that one, must be pretty old, hang on a minute.” He pulled a large book out of his car, rifled through the pages then smiled. “Found it!” “It’s way back on the left hand side, just past that large Angel you can see back there!” Lindsay thanked him, and proceeded to track the grave down. As he said, she found it just past the Angel. Lindsay felt faint. She was looking at her own grave, or what was supposed to be. The stone only had her name on it, nothing else, and it was broken. There were weeds growing all over the grave, and no flowers of any kind. Lindsay was very disappointed. She decided to change her name, and her appearance, and find a few relatives. After drawing some money out of a secret account (they wanted lots of ID) she had a haircut and colour and changed her name to Sally. Sally traced her great grandson through the post office and phone book. She got a taxi to the address and walked up to the house. “Hi, my name is Sally, I was a very good friend of Lindsay Fonteyne.” “I was wondering if you could tell me anything about her for my book I’m writing.” “I lost touch with her later in life.” The woman invited her in and introduced her to her Husband Geoff. “This is Lindsay’s great-grandson.” “We don’t remember much about her.” He said. “I think she liked to read, she left hundreds of books we had to give to the Salvos, along with all the old antique rubbish she collected.” “But was she a nice person?” I asked. “Do you remember her for anything else?” “Not really, she didn’t leave anything to me anyway.” “She was in a few different clubs, I think, but don’t remember much else about her.” “She was very old and creepy when she died.” Sally tried not to show how disappointed she was. “Do you know of any other relatives I could talk to?” she asked. “I think most of them have passed away, or moved overseas.” “haven’t heard from any for many years.” “Not the sort of family that keeps in touch, if you know what I mean.” “Sorry we couldn’t be more help.”

“Don’t forget to put us in the book, and tell how much we helped you!”

Sally thanked them and walked down the street to catch a taxi.

The taxi took her to a B & B where she booked in for a few nights, as she had no idea how long she would be here.

Over the next few days, Sally traced the places she used to go, and some of the friends she knew. Most of the friends were gone long ago, or in homes, with dementia. The clubs she had been a member of could not recall her, only by looking in old record books. Sally was very disappointed. She had completely disappeared, nobody even remembered her. She didn’t like being here, she wanted this vacation to finish. Lying in bed that night Sally thought about all that had happened. “When I get back I’m going to make sure I do something to make everyone remember me!” she thought.

The next day she decided to try something. She went back to the Insurance Building, walked inside and entered the elevator, making sure there was nobody else in there. She got out at the floor which was supposed to be Travel Time.

“Hello Mrs Fonteyne!” The Manager of Travel Time shook her hand. “I have been waiting for you, we have found the most wonderful vacation for you!” “Come and sit down and I’ll tell you all about it!” “You have changed your hair, it looks terrific!”

Lindsay declined his offer to sit down. “I’m sorry.” She said. “I have changed my mind, I don’t feel very well, so I will put this holiday off for a while.” “That’s fine Mrs Fonteyne.” He said. “You just let us know when you want another vacation, we always have the right one for you!”

Lindsay went home, made herself a coffee and sat at her computer. “Everybody is going to remember me, because I am going to write a very graphic novel, which is going to be a number one best seller!’ And she did.

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Loved reading this! The idea is one I've never really thought of before


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