The Golden Harp

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"A hall has been as lavishly decorated with swaying garlands of marigolds; a princess entered the hall and for one electric moment, there was awed hush. Everyone kept their eyes on her exquisite beauty enhanced by the bridal finery she wore". Joanna ! Joanna ! Joanna woke up from her bed and realized that was a dream. But her heart glitzed with ecstatic color, she sprayed her shrubs, merrily sung few songs for a while,as she is the lover of music. She went to the college "Anne ! I had a fantasy today! "Ha ! Ha ! The dreamer came".Everyone made fun of Joanna. She was too sad and didn't revealed her beautiful dream to anybody.

  The next day,she listened to a few musical pieces on her mobile and slept off. Again she had the same dream.The princess was walking on the decorated hall,she heard a sweet melody.She came out of the palace and went in search of the pleasing music.The maids too followed her path and searched for the place where it came from.She saw a triangle-shaped musical instrument with strings stretched across it that was pulled with the fingers of a handsome young man under a tree.

"Joanna ! Joanna ! wake up.It's 8 a.m" her mamma called her. She woke up and again found that it was just a dream. But she felt the reality on her dream and couldn't leave it as just a dream, the music she heard on her dream was still mumbled on her heart. She never heard such a pleasing music in her life.When her mom called her for breakfast,she didn't reply. Her brother Blyton called her to play chess but she sat calmly thinking about her dream prince.In the afternoon,everyone in the residence fell asleep. She walked near the pond, fields and heard the sweet songs of different birds but nothing matched to the tune she had in her heart.

She was singing the tune and walking in the valleys. 

  All of a sudden, she fell inside a pit. Inside the pit, she saw a cave, she stepped inside with fear.The echoes of her walking steps made her body shiver and sweat. Shhh....! bats flew away,splash ! In a jerk,flow of water took her somewhere.She saw a shining golden rod with strings.Joanna went near to it and realized that its the same triangle-shaped musical instrument gleaming alike the glittering gold which she saw in her dream last night.She touched the golden instrument,it stopped shining. She took it to her home and kept it in her room safely.She is very eager to know about the musical instrument she got from the cave.But she had a fear that her friends make fun of her so she didn't reveal it to anyone.She was thinking for a long time to know about it.

 Atlast she decided to ask Anne.She made a phone call to her soulmate, Anne " Anne. . . ! Anne. . . ! I saw a triangle shaped musical instrument in my dream last night.The strings were tied across that.Is there any musical instrument like that ?".

" Oh yes ! It's an ancient musical instrument named HARP. In Bible, King David played "she replied.Joanna bounced with joy for discovering the name of the musical instrument.She got more concepts from the world wide web and tried to play harp.When she tap the first string of the harp, radiant colors arised from the harp alike the glitters of gold and filled her room.She shut the door of her room to watch what's happening around her.When the door got shut,the appearance of her entire room changed and took her to the hall which she dreamt of . " Wow ? Where am I "How I became a princess? Is this a dream ?" and she tweaked herself.

She saw the same elegant young man playing harp and fell in love with him at the very first sight."knock-knock,knock-knock, Joanna ! What are you doing?" her brother called and she stopped playing the harp and went out.Whenever she stops playing the harp her room becomes as usual. But she loved to live in that magical world of dreams.

Every night she played and spent her time with the harp and it took it to her dream life and met the elegant young man named Steve John,who played harp,the magic made her shine everyday. She took the harp with her wherever she went.She loved music more than her soul so she decided to marry the dream prince as she loved him alike the love of music she had.

One day Blyton noticed few transitions in her and found the secret of her happiness.Yes! he has found the shining harp."Wow ! a golden harp !".He has stolen the harp from her and took it to his friends Sam,Kingsly and Satheesh.

"Sam ! I got a magical musical instrument.It brings glee to our lives"he said.

"Satheesh ! Will it give us money?" Sam asked.

"No! No! It glitters alike gold".

"Really !then it may gives gold"said Kingsly.The friends misunderstood that the magical instrument gives lot of money for a luxurious life and decided to keep the harp one by one in turn everyday The first day,his friend Sam took to his house.When he touched the string of the harp,it didn't shine but hurt his hands and blood oozed out of his fingers.It made unpleasant noise and didn't allow him to sleep.Here,Joanna was searching her harp and felt sad of missing it.

Next morning, Sam rushed to Blyton's house and returned the harp to him."This is an evil,it hurt my hand" and showed his fingers.By seeing those things Joanna came."Give my harp" she pulled it from him and went to her room and shut the door.The touch of her hands made the harp glitter with vibrant color of gold.

In the evening, a man came to Joanna's house. He talked to her parents and brother. Joanna's mom went to her room and told her that someone came to visit her. Joanna hesitated to meet anyone at that time. But her mom requested her to meet him. So, she went down to meet him with laziness. By seeing the man, she stood still for a while. She was not able to believe her eyes. It's her dream prince. . .

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