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Best Fantasy Book Publishing Companies in Canada

A comprehensive directory of the best publishers in 2023, vetted by the team at Reedsy. Showing 3 publishers.

Inkyard Press

BIPOC, Diverse Literature, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Thriller & Suspense, Young Adult

Part of - HarperCollins > Harlequin > Inkyard Press

Location - Toronto, CA

Size - Small press

Formats - , Physical Books, Audiobooks, Ebooks

Submission format - Manuscript entries - Submit here

Website - https://www.harlequintradepublishing.com/shop/brand/inkyard-press.html

💥 Hit titles

Counting Down with You

Tashie Bhuiyan

The Keeper of Night

Kylie Lee Baker

Shadow of the Fox

Julie Kagawa

Carina Press

Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Diverse Literature, Fiction, Novella

Part of - HarperCollins > Harlequin > Carina Press

Location - Toronto, CA

Size - Mid size

Formats - Physical Books, Ebooks

Diversity - Diverse Literature

Website - https://www.carinapress.com/

💥 Hit titles

Hot Copy

Ruby Barrett

Knit, Purl, a Baby and a Girl

Hettie Bell

Learned Reactions

Jayce Ellis

Mythos and Ink

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Feminism, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Religion & Spirituality, Comics & Graphic Novels, Diverse Literature, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Fiction, Nonfiction, Children's

Location - Toronto, CA

Size - Small press

Formats - Physical Books, Ebooks

Diversity - Diverse Literature, LGBTQ, BIPOC

Submission format - Queries - Submit here

Website - https://www.mythosink.com/

☑️ Indie publisher

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

Under the Lesser Moon

Shelly Campbell

Super Sick

Allison Alexander

Thy Geekdom Come

Casey L. Covel

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