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Best Academic Book Publishing Companies in Australia

A comprehensive directory of the best publishers in 2023, vetted by the team at Reedsy. Showing 2 publishers.

Federation Press

Academic, Law, Nonfiction

Location - Sydney, AU

Size - Small press

Formats - Physical Books

Submission format - Book proposals - Submit here

Website - https://www.federationpress.com.au/

☑️ Indie publisher

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

Environmental and Planning Law in New South Wales

Rosemary Lyster et al


George WIlliams & Harry Hobbs

Criminal Laws Northern Territory

Stephen Gray et al

ACER Press

Academic, Medical, Health & Wellbeing, Nonfiction

Part of - Australian Council for Educational Research > ACER Press

Location - Melbourne, AU

Size - Mid size

Formats - Physical Books

Submission format - Manuscript entries - Submit here

Website - https://www.acer.org/

☑️ Accepts submissions

💥 Hit titles

Leading Professional Learning

Helen Timperley et al

Leading Improvement In Mathematics Teaching And Learning

Peter Sullivan

Strong Foundations

Anna Kilderry & Bridie Raban

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