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01 Mar, 17

Learn about pricing strategies for eBook promotions and how they can help you achieve different goals, and reach new audiences.

Chloe Kizer

13 Jan, 17

Book Coach Azul Terronez reveals the five traits shared by successful non-fiction authors and how you can apply them to your own writing.

Azul Terronez

12 Dec, 16

Learn about the rapid rise of audiobooks and how independent authors can use it to their advantage.

David Markowitz

09 Dec, 16

A book cover consultation with one of Reedsy' top designers. Submit your covers!

Jason Anscomb

02 Dec, 16

Learn the three simple questions that will get your book into gear and save you years of frustration.

Jennie Nash

01 Nov, 16

Discover the five most common mistakes authors make when submitting their books.

Scott Pack

01 Nov, 16

Learn how to create a writing routine that works for you — no matter how busy your personal or work life.

Kevin Johns

14 Sep, 16

Learn how to follow the one simple rule that will instantly improve your storytelling.

Jim Thomas

25 Aug, 16

In this writing session, you'll learn an actionable method for approaching your all-important second draft.

Andrew Lowe

18 Aug, 16

A monthly book cover consultation with Reedsy’s top designers

Jordan Wannemacher