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Book Cover Design: Q&A with Top Publishing Designers

15:00 EST - Jun 16, 2021

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Natasha MacKenzie, Patrick Knowles & Raúl Gil Avatar

Natasha MacKenzie, Patrick Knowles & Raúl Gil

Natasha MacKenzie is a Manchester-based designer originally from Canada. Holding a Master's Degree in Publishing from UAL, she has been art directing and designing books across a range of genres for various publishing houses and authors across the globe. A thirty years veteran of the publishing industry, Patrick has designed books for every major publisher in the UK. In his portfolio, you'll see illustrations designs, and hand-lettering for authors such as George R.R. Martin, Anthony Horowitz, and Charlaine Harris. Trained as a graphic designer in Barcelona, Raúl Gil has over 20 years of experience spanning publishing, video games, comic books, and interactive narratives.