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18 Jul, 17

Learn what a developmental editor does to bring out the best in your novel from one of Reedsy's top fiction editors.

Aja Pollock

13 Apr, 17

Former Simon & Schuster Children' Books editor Kate Angelella shows you how to avoid the most damaging mistakes of YA fiction.

Kate Angelella

04 Apr, 17

Former Hachette and DC Comics editor Jim Spivey shows author what classic mistakes to avoid when writing a genre fiction series.

Jim Spivey

27 Mar, 17

Submit your covers for a free assessment from one of Reedsy's top book designers!

Adly Elewa

01 Mar, 17

Kindlepreneur founder Dave Chesson shows you his proven method for maximizing discoverability and generating sales on the Kindle store.

Dave Chesson

01 Mar, 17

Learn about pricing strategies for eBook promotions and how they can help you achieve different goals, and reach new audiences.

Chloe Kizer

13 Jan, 17

Book Coach Azul Terronez reveals the five traits shared by successful non-fiction authors and how you can apply them to your own writing.

Azul Terronez

12 Dec, 16

Learn about the rapid rise of audiobooks and how independent authors can use it to their advantage.

David Markowitz

09 Dec, 16

A book cover consultation with one of Reedsy' top designers. Submit your covers!

Jason Anscomb

02 Dec, 16

Learn the three simple questions that will get your book into gear and save you years of frustration.

Jennie Nash