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26 Sep, 19

Edmund Pickett, an author and editor who has worked with million-selling author Mark Dawson, talks about the art of writing compelling thrillers.

Edmund Pickett

14 Aug, 19

Learn how to pitch your non-fiction book to mainstream media outlets and secure blurbs and podcast appearances.

Matt Rudnitsky

12 Jun, 19

Editor Tracy Gold reveals her top 5 tips for writing with Multiple POVs, with a bit of help from George R.R. Martin.

Tracy Gold

21 May, 19

Editor and author Brooke Vitale talks about picture books and reveals all the things you need to know before you write one.

Brooke Vitale

22 Apr, 19

Self-publisher and consultant Debbie Drum talks about getting reviews for your first book.

Debbie Drum

12 Apr, 19

Former Harper Collins designer Micaela Alcaino offers advice to indie authors.

Micaela Alcaino

25 Feb, 19

Book marketer Alex Newton of K-lytics gives authors the low-down on the hot KDP trends of early 2019.

Alex Newton

06 Feb, 19

Former Harlequin editor Ann Leslie Tuttle will reveal her suggestions for writing a compelling romance that will become a “keeper” for readers.

Ann Leslie Tuttle

25 Jan, 19

Editor Jennifer Hartmann offers practical writing tips for budding authors of non-fiction.

Jennifer Hartmann

11 Jan, 19

Former agent Rachel Stout reveals her tips for researching agents and personalizing query letters.

Rachel Stout