Reedsy live chats

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11 Jan, 19

Former agent Rachel Stout reveals her tips for researching agents and personalizing query letters.

Rachel Stout

11 Dec, 18

Mark Leslie Lefebvre gives authors an insiders tour of Kobo Writing Life.

Mark Leslie Lefebvre

21 Nov, 18

Editor and publisher Allister Thompson reveals his top five things to avoid when you're writing mystery fiction.

Allister Thompson

07 Nov, 18

Comparing your books to other titles is one of the best ways to communicate what it's about. Editor Sam Brody reveals her tips for choosing comp titles.

Sam Brody

24 Oct, 18

Designer Annemieke Beemster Leverenz review author-submitted book covers in this Reedsy Live webinar.

Annemieke Beemster Leverenz

10 Oct, 18

Designer Patrick Knowles introduces you to the wonderful world of typography in cover design.

Patrick Knowles

26 Sep, 18

Award-winning food and travel writer Joanna Pruess explains the basics of creating a compelling cookbook from your family recipes.

Joanna Pruess

13 Jun, 18

TEDx speaker, author, and founder of DIYMFA Gabriela Pereira talks about the importance of understanding the 'voice' of your writing.

Gabriela Pereira

08 May, 18

Patrick Knowles (designer of books by George R.R. Martin and Anthony Horowitz) offers practical advice for creating better book jacket designs.

Patrick Knowles

23 Apr, 18

Author, book marketer and podcaster Bryan Cohen rewrites author-submitted book descriptions.

Bryan Cohen