Book Cover Critique with Natasha MacKenzie

14:00 EST - Dec 08, 2019

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Natasha MacKenzie

Natasha MacKenzie (a.k.a Miss Nat Mack) is a Manchester-based designer originally from Canada. Holding a Masters Degree in Publishing from UAL, she has been Art Directing and designing books across a range of genres, for various publishing houses and authors across the globe.

For this Reedsy Live cover critique, Reedsy designer Natasha MacKenzie kindly prepared an entire presentation, complete with comp covers for most designs — and even a few mockups to show authors how their designs might be improved. In the post below, you can see all the covers that we covered during her presentation, along with the timestamps that will let you skip to the relevant sections in the YouTube video above.

4 Hearts by Mara Must (Multiple Genres)

Time: 3:42 -7:00


Blood of a Fallen God by Joshua C. Cook (Fantasy)

Timestamp: 7:04-9:35

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Claimed by Nicolai by Denna Holm (Sci-Fi)

Timestamp: 9:35-10:52


Transfer by Sean Oliver (Horror)

Timestamp: 10:52-13:31


House of Vipers by James King (Thriller)

Timestamp: 13:31-15:55

They Call Me Rage by Rocky Graham (Thriller)

Timestamp: 19:00- 20:35

The President's Mistress by A.M. Simmons (Political Thriller)

Timestamp: 20:36-22:19

A Palette for Love and Murder by Saralyn Richard (Crime & Mystery)

Timestamp: 22:22- 25:09

Damned Artist by Dave Marz (Crime & Mystery)

Timestamp: 25:09-26:26

Sugar Shack Whack by W.P. Cokas (Crime & Mystery)

Timestamp: 26:30-28:30

Poppy by June Rollins (Women's Fiction)

Timestamp: 28:30-30:33

Regent by Cher Gatto (Young Adult)

Timestamp: 30:33-34:09

Emmet Locke and the Gatekeeper's Secret by Scott Padilla (Middle Grade)

Timestamp: 34:09-36:26

The Art of Being Remmy by Mary Zisk (Middle Grade)

Timestamp: 36:28-37:45

The Adventures of Smeagle the Beagle by Pam Britt (Middle Grade)

Timestamp: 37:45-38:27

The Total Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing by Gordon Lawrie (Non-Fiction)

Timestamp: 38:27-41:17

Due North by Lola Akinmade Åkerström (Non-Fiction)

Timestamp: 41:18-42:23

Never Drive a Hatchback to Austria by R.A. Dalkey (Non-Fiction)

Timestamp: 42:23-43:41

Of All That is Seen and Unseen by Melanie Stanek (Non-Fiction)

Timestamp: 43:43-45:38

To work with Natasha on your next book (or to see more of her work) head over to her Reedsy profile.

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