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Posted on Nov 28, 2019

Ghostwriting Services... Find The Right Ghost For You

Whether you have a full book that needs writing, a book proposal that requires crafting, or a piece of short-form content that must be created — Reedsy’s ghostwriting services can help make that happen. Sign up for a free account and browse through the profiles and professional histories of over 100 ghostwriters — and find the one that’s right for you.

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Some people are born writers. Other people are brimming with ideas, but don’t have the time to develop their writing skills and commit these ideas to paper. This is where ghostwriters step in, to ensure that your idea sees the light of day and finds its way to readers.

And you can find some of the best, most experienced ghostwriters right here in on Reedsy. With our rigorous vetting process, we typically accept fewer than one in twenty applications from ghostwriters. We’ve effectively ensured that you’ll find truly qualified professional ghostwriters for hire on Reedsy.

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But first… what does a ghostwriter do?

The job of a ghostwriter is to execute a piece of writing on behalf of another person. The role a ghostwriter plays, and the process they follow, will depend highly on the specific piece of writing they’re helping produce. However, when it comes to books, ghostwriters typically start by sitting down with their clients (whether physically or digitally) and interviewing them for several hours. This is to ensure that they fully grasp the client’s idea and can capture their voice.

For both fiction and nonfiction, the ghostwriter will stay in close contact with the client to make sure that vital elements (such as the clear presentation of arguments and research or the continuity of characters and plotlines) are all in check.

The “transparency” (pardon the pun) of the ghost’s input will vary. Sometimes the ghostwriter is credited as a collaborator, typically in the acknowledgments section. Other times, they might be listed as co-author right in the front bill. And often, the presence of a ghostwriter is kept tightly wrapped under confidentiality clauses. In most cases, Reedsy ghostwriters are happy to provide any level of secrecy that you may require. Learn more about what ghostwriters do here.

What are the rates of Reedsy’s ghostwriting services?

Ghostwriters are responsible for setting their own fees on Reedsy, so there’s not a single “going rate.” That being said, we can offer some budgetary pointers regarding what authors in need of ghostwriting services can expect.

Almost all of the time, professional ghostwriters will quote you a flat fee for the whole job, that might be broken up by how much they charge per day or hour, depending on the project.

Some ghostwriters will allow authors to pay in stages. If the collaboration doesn’t work out, you can part ways without paying for the whole project — and the ghostwriter is still paid for the work they delivered. Finally, if a ghostwriter is extremely confident in the commercial potential of a book, they might agree to take on the job for a percentage of the royalties — but this is very uncommon for freelance clients.

When it comes to the actual price tag of ghostwriting services, the range is wide. A ghostwriter with a full schedule of projects will quote clients a much higher fee than a ghostwriter just getting their foot in the door. Figure out what kind of budget you can afford ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to negotiate with the ghostwriters you reach out to.

Read more about how much it costs to hire a ghostwriter here.

Why trust Reedsy ghostwriters?

Choosing the right ghostwriter can be overwhelming. The last thing you need is to worry about your ghost's qualifications and the need to deal with complicated contacts. This is why Reedsy presents you with only the best ghostwriters — and makes the hiring process straightforward and simple. And if there’s anything you’re not sure about, our first-class support team is happy to answer any questions. ghostwriting services With Reedsy, the power is in your hands. Every one of our ghostwriters has a thorough profile that details their background and past projects. We pride ourselves on the standards of our professionals, and you’ll find that many of our ghostwriters have previously worked on bestselling books for top publishers — including the Big 5.

When you’re ready, select up to five ghostwriters you’d like to work with, and request quotes from them. There is no obligation to hire any of them, but if you meet a ghostwriter you like, you can establish your own terms and timeline with them, and officially commence your project.

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