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Hi my life is boring i write sometimes i post even less often but im trying to be more active :) Make sure to check out my best friend, Jasey Lovegood (second in my following) bc she's amazing and also read her pov's for the Gloriously Glazed series, they're linked in the comments :) The Glazed and Glorious series: 1a. Glazed and Glorious (Jasey's - Jasper's pov) 1b. Gloriously Glazed (Mine - Connor's pov) 2a. Glazed and Glorious Part 2 (Jasey's) 2b. Gloriously Glazed p.2 (Mine) 3. Watching the Sunset with You (Jasey's) 4. Gloriously Glazed p.3 (Mine) i dislike all these stories greatly (except for GG and MU) but i dont have anything else to put on my profile so they'll just have to stay for a while- THEY'RE RLLY OLD I APOLOGISE FOR MY OLD WRITING congrats for reading my mini bio haha its the shortest its been in a while :")