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Hi my life is boring i write sometimes, i post even less, but welcome to my page~ of the stories i've got on my profile, I recommend the Gloriously Glazed series I've written with Jasey Lovegood (my bestie), and My Universe. The Glazed and Glorious series: 1a. Glazed and Glorious (Jasey's - Jasper's pov) 1b. Gloriously Glazed (Mine - Connor's pov) 2a. Glazed and Glorious Part 2 (Jasey's) 2b. Gloriously Glazed p.2 (Mine) 3. Watching the Sunset with You (Jasey's) 4. Gloriously Glazed p.3 (Mine) Make sure to check out some of Jasey's other stories too!! (second in my following) because she's amazing and has loadsss of stories to delve into :) as u can see a lot of this writing is really really old, and yeah... i'm not the most fond of them in all honesty, but they're part of my progress and improvement as a writer, and so in a way an important part of my own story, so as much as I don't particularly like some of them, being able to see my progress is cool (read at your own risk !!). tbh I don't post here a lot, and I do write a bit for my own uses, but until I have more for my profile you can read my old archives :) sincerely, an unstable writer and artist :D