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Hello! I'm just here to work on and share my writing. I'm kinda disappointed about the new rules with the $5 to actually be considered in the contest- so I'll just be sharing my writing to my profile. I'm currently taking a bit of a break of writing for Reedsy due to an incredibly frustrating period of writer's block. I'm writing when I can, but other things in my life are more important than Reedsy at the moment. My inspiration and partner in crime, Jasey, is also on Reedsy and has a ton of incredible stories on reedsy for you to read. She's the second in my following or you can use the link: https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/jasey-lovegood/ Jasey, and my English teacher last year (2020) have inspired me to write more and improve my writing skills so that's what I'm doing :') Also make sure to check out Jasey's povs for the Gloriously Glazed series, they are linked in the comments :) The Glazed and Glorious series: 1a. Glazed and Glorious (Jasey's - Jasper's pov) 1b. Gloriously Glazed (Mine - Connor's pov) 2a. Glazed and Glorious Part 2 (Jasey's) 2b. Gloriously Glazed Part 2 (Mine) 3. Watching the Sunset with You (Jasey's)