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I'm taking some time off...; getting married and moving to another country. Since retirement 10 years ago, I have been studying many topics to make my writing as accurate as possible. I write science fiction which presented many challenges, such as learning quantum mechanics, communication systems, and last but not least, gravity. Try this experiment: Take two equal pieces of copper 12" X 6". Hang them from a ceiling with long strings. The longer the better. Measure the distance between the strings at the top, try for about 4", then measure the distance between the metal pieces. Gravity pushes from all sides, not just down! Please understand, Many short stories I write are from personal experiences. To put it bluntly, I've been there and done that. I got caught in the middle of the Birmingham riots. I watched Neil walk on the moon. I went so deep into the Copper Mine a Coleman lantern went out from lack of O2. I even saw catfish with no eyes down there! Visited the Georgia Guidestones north of Elberton, Ga. Got wounded in Nam. We were on the wrong side of a river, so no purple heart. I have an unpublished novel, 'Marriage of Times'. It's science fiction set about 300 hundred years in the future: about building a line marriage and....If any are interested in reading it just drop me a line at I'll send you a copy.