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Bill asked, “Where are we?”

Jill responded, “I don’t know. This map you drew doesn’t make sense.”

Bill maneuvers the SUV to the shoulder of the road and stopped.

He stated, “Now I know why women are all ways asking for directions. They can’t read a map. Slide over here and drive. I’ll navigate.”

He exited the vehicle, then opened the passenger door. A compass located in the glove box was retrieved. The needle on the compass couldn’t decide which direction was north. All the electronics and metal on and around the SUV caused the compass to spin wildly. After stepping away from the Ford across the ditch, he found they were heading west.

Bill said, “Let’s go. You need to turn right at the first main road; that will put us on a northerly course.”

Jill asked, “Do you know where we are?”

Bill answered, " No! You got us so lost, I don’t even think God knows where we are. Hopefully we’ll see a road sign or a land mark that will tell us.”

After many miles and over an hour later, they stopped at a country store with gas pumps. By then, Bill had calmed down and portrayed a more cheerful disposition.

He said, “I’ll fill up while you go inside. Try to find out where we are.”

Jill handed Bill a coke and candy bar along with a big smile.

She said, “Sometimes asking for directions is better than any old map. We need to go to the dead end and make a right. That will take us to a place called Hyannis.”

Jill started the Ford and got back on the road. A light bulb started shinning with Bill.

She continued, “While I’m driving, maybe you can figure out where we are, then tell me where we are going. I think I have a right to know.”

Bill said, “I’ll tell you everything when we stop. Right now I want you to concentrate on driving. I don’t want you introducing some animal to our grill. OK?”

It was late when they pulled into Hyannis. Luckily a motel was located on the main road and the would be treasure hunters rented a room.

Jill stated, “You drug me out to the middle of nowhere. You said that it was urgent. Now I think it’s time you tell me what this is all about.”

Bill was reluctant to just dive into an explanation. He really didn’t know if he possessed the vocabulary to explain the situation to his wife. He took Jill’s hands across the small table. Bill looked around as if searching for some kind of prop. When nothing presented itself, he let out a big breath and began.

Bill explained, “Last night I woke from an unusual dream. Since I don’t usually dream, it kinda scared me. I lay there a few minutes, but couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up. While sitting at the table sipping on a shot of rum, it hit me again. This time I was awake and that scared me even more. I got all kinds of images. It was like someone planting the pictures in my mind. I thought it was an anus, but this town kinda matches what was planted in my mind. Mother was also planted, but I don’t know if it’s a woman or a place. Next, i saw a formal dinner party, then I saw a ghost town with a church. The church is our destination.”

Jill asked, “What’s so special about a church in a ghost town?”

Bill replied, “I’m not sure what we will find, but I am suppose to know it when I see it. What I don’t know is why me? The church suggests something spiritual or religious, but I’m not especially religious.”

Jill clarified a point, “We do believe in God and go to church; even if it’s only at Easter and Xmas.”

Bill said, “Well, I don’t consider myself a saint going around doing important work for God. You know, I’ve always wondered just how religious King David was or Joseph and Mary? At any rate, there you go. That’s where we are going and we will find something important in a church.”

The next morning early they headed north. Jill was correct when she stated it was the middle of nowhere. Bill knew he would find what he was in search of before arriving at the Indian Reservation. He silently thanked his wife for purchasing some food before leaving town. A ghost town suggested no restaurant would be offering a hot meal. Maybe they could at least find an old bed on which to spend the night.

Bill said, “Stop! Back up. That’s the road we need to take.”

Jill made a left onto an old dirt road. The going was slow because of all the pot holes and ruts. About a half hour later, an answer to one of their big questions presented itself.

Bill exclaimed, “There’s mother. It isn’t a woman. It’s a lake. That sign…; we are on the right road.”

Jill could only take her husbands word for it. She was much too busy dodging pot holes to look. The further they went the worse the road became. Jill was forced to stop at a washed out place.

She said, “OK. What now? Do we walk from here or maybe call on your new divine powers to levitate us across that.”

Bill was quick with a response, “I got something better than levitation. Put it in neutral.”

He turned a button to the 4L position. Jill did the bravest thing of her life. She inched forward. The SUV struggled, but finally crossed the small canyon. A fork in the road put in front of them a different kind of obstacle.

Jill said, “Left or right; which way?”

The universal signal was given for some time. Bill dug into his mind for the answer.

He replied, “I didn’t know what it meant until now. There was a picture of a formal place sitting at a dinner party. It focused more on the silverware than the plates. The forks were on the left, so take the left fork.”

Mid afternoon they pulled into a deserted town or what was left of one.

Jill said, “Look at that. You don’t see hitch rails any longer. Now days it parking meters.”

Bill said, “We’re looking for a church, remember. Keep going. I doubt if it’ll be in the middle of town. You see, churches always come to a town later and are put on the edge of the town.”

The church was well built and still intact for the most part. It could accommodate about a hundred people with two separate rooms up front. They were empty except for what was left of a baby crib. Bill headed for the back and a door.

He said, “Go get the flashlight from the car. I’m going to check out the cellar.”

Jill replied, “Wait on me. I’m not going to be left alone. This place gives me the creeps.”

The place gave Bill the creeps also, but he didn’t let that stop him. There was something here and he was going to find it even if it meant lighting a torch to do so. The flashlight revealed it’s light was limited and no fresh batteries were nearby. Jill was clinging to Bill and refused to let go. A true indication of her fear.

The cellar was empty of anything useful. A workbench with an lantern, but no fuel in it. A couple of empty wooden boxes were the only items there. Bill noticed a tunnel in the rear of the cellar. The flashlight grew dimmer by the minute and would not penetrate to the rear of the cave. It look too small for him to enter and knew it was out of the question to ask his wife to crawl into that black hole.

As the batteries of the flashlight became exhausted, Bill noticed a faint, blue glow emanating from the cave. With hands outstretched, he started in. After crawling, wiggling, and squirming as far as he could an old wooden box was in reach. The box was the source of the blue glow. Dragging it out a few inches at a time, he finally exited the cave.

The box didn’t have an elaborate locking mechanism. It was held shut by a simple clasp and a wooden dowel preventing it from opening. With Jill peering over Bill’s shoulder, he slowly opened it. What they saw took away their breaths.

The cross was glowing. It was ornate with intricate designs of angels and other figures. One being a woman holding a child. The cross was heavy when Bill picked it up. The weight suggested gold was present. When Bill stood, his wife came close. He realized Jill needed the embrace for support and security.

Jill said, “Let’s get out of here. I don’t like this place.”

Bill wrapped his arms around her, touching her back with the cross. The blue glow surrounding her and Jill fainted. A sense of his life force flowed from his body into his wife. Not wanting to lay her on that dirty floor, he firmly held her erect. That action caused the cross to be pressed to her back.

It only took seconds for Jill to regain consciousness.

Bill asked, “What happened? Are you OK?”

Jill replied, “Wow! That was a rush. It was like a intense orgasm, but different.

Bill asked again, “Are you OK?”

Jill responded, “I’m fine now. Let’s go. I want to get out of this place.”

After placing the cross back into its box, Bill was only a few steps behind Jill.

Five Weeks Later:

Jill came out of their bathroom with a big smile and her hands behind her back.

She said, “Guess what?”

Bill responded, “Give me a hint.”

Jill said, “Just guess.”

Bill said, “You won the lottery.”

Jill replied, “You are close. Here look at this.

She handed the slim device to Bill. One word on this device glared at him. ‘Pregnant’!

He looked at his wife and she was nodding a big affirmative.

Jill said, “I missed my period a week ago and got suspicious. I don’t know how it happened, but you are holding the proof. How do you feel about starting a family. After all, its been a year and half since we married.”

Bill sat down and focused on the prominent word. After a few minutes, his brain clicked back in gear and he started crunching numbers.

He asked, “What was the date when we found the cross?”

Jill said, “March 25. Why?

Bill started counting off the months on his fingers.

He stated, “That was five weeks ago. If this happened the day we found the cross. Nine months will put it on December 25.”

Jill slowly answered, “You don’t think the cross had anything to do with me getting pregnant do you?”

Bill said, “I wonder if our baby will be special?”

Jill stated, “Now wait a minute. I didn’t mean….

Bill cut her off.

He said, “You said it not me. I guess we’ll know in about eight more months.”

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