Rose Valerie

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Author bio Who Wants their Character in one of my short stories?! If you do, Answer this form and keep your eyes peeled for your character in the next story I write! =D let's learn more about you! hello! I'm a person who takes some interest in writing and reading, but I can make something great when I force myself for hours. I ONLY like to read very interesting stuff. I am not interested in A lot of things written here for some odd reason, but if I read yours, liked it, or commented on it, it probably means I was glued to your story. If you see ANY comment from me, it means you've done an excellent job here. I'm warning you that you can get bored with some stories on reedsy because some people here plainly don't know how to write. (No offense if that's you, we all have our faults.) As a heads up, I will NOT be checking for spelling mistakes and grammar problems because I'm either too lazy or just don't feel like it's necessary. A bit about myself: Age category: Teen gender: female Name: Rose Valerie hobby: Paper route, Music listener Fav subjects: Chemistry and English Star sign: Virgo Social status: Average Joe Harry Potter: Gryffindor/Ravenclaw Brooklyn nine-nine: Jake Peralta Fav Video game: ROBLOX Magic Element: Fire/Earth Special abilities: Super hearing (I can hear people from far away), Mind reading (Not 100% accurate though), Super seeing (I can see really far)! Fav Song: Love all the songs! Fav book: Out Of My Mind (Search it up, it's an AMAZING book!) Extrovert or Introvert?: Introverted actually. Fav food: Anything but vegetables. (I'm a big foodie) Anyways this is a bio. Not as long as I hoped, but it's still good anyway. So If you've made it to the end of my bio, feel free to post =) in a comment.