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Finally started query agents for my literary fiction novel. Just had a horror short story submission get picked up for an anthology. I've got a serialized set of stories I may post for free online before revising to compile into something more traditional later. The weekly prompts are fueling creative juices as I power through slogs of final edits and transcription time. I prefer good old paper pages and a nice fountain pen. Currently inked: a Warerman Carene with Diamine Writer's Blood with a Fine nib and my Pilot Custom 823 with Monteverde Jade Noir or Iroshizuku Syo-Ro in a medium nib. I make edits with a Picasso 916 with Extra Fine nib using Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji Vermilion Red Yes, fountain pen fans like myself ask for these details so I figure I'd answer them off the rip. I post more work at rwmack.wordpress.com. Twitter: @RWMackWriter

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