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I am learning to use social media to get my stories out there for others to enjoy reading and hopefully connect with the right groups in taking my writings to a whole new level of being recognized. I grew up in a Ukrainian country town and I have kids, only one left living at home. I am an animal lover, love to travel, seen too much in my time, done too much but I have definitely learned as I went on in life. I went to college, went on to university; studied archaeology, sociology, modern history, and the fine arts. I also went on a soul search which took about 5 years, until I had to return back home and get back into working; heavy equipment operator, apprentice welder, and shop co-ordinator. I couldn't find what I really was searching for in life, until I picked up a pen and paper and began writing again. I found myself writing about my life experiences and the things I have seen and got a lot of positive feedback, and that moment took me to realized that writing was my calling, it was my passion and it came naturally to me. I haven't stopped since, and I plan to carry out my dream, I have a lot to learn and I have a lot to share with others. Sharing my thoughts, my experiences, my opinions, and my advice. I found that words are an amazing thing, the meaning, how they sound, and what they can become when used in a certain way. Millions of words have been made and put down in amazing books, and I want to contribute to them by adding mine to that list. I have a talent and I am creative, I like to bring fear, tears, and laughter to anyone that reads my work, and I plan to continue doing so for a long time. I do have a lot to learn in what I am doing, but I am willing to take that challenge on and ride it out. I want to leave with a big bang and I won't stop until I have achieved that goal for myself. Success is in my blood, and the power of telling a good story is all mine. Thanks for reading. 💋😉