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Hey there! Welcome to my page Stay a while... If you have a second, please search welcome to jimonrat on Wattpad. You'll find my story, Family. I'm kind of new here, but I'll catch up quickly. Family is probably the best thing I've ever written. My English teacher said she loved it (yes, I'm still in school *sigh* and no, I don't break the rules in most cases, but come on, you can let this one slide) Make sure to leave your feedback if you get the chance to read anything! And just comment, comment, comment, all I want is feedback. And no, I'm not against starting a sentence with and. Maybe that's just my underdeveloped grade 8 brain talking or someone out there agrees with me. Not going to tell you too much about my life in case any of you are top-class spies, but I live in Canada and yeah, that's it.