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Update: Uhhhh so I really haven't been posting here cuz the prompts haven't given me sparks lately sooooo ye :/ BUT! The good news is that i am (attempting TvT) to write a novel! So that's great. hopefully i'll finish and publish it? Oh ye also I got the idea of my novel from one of the prompts this week (start /end ur story with something being on fire) so that's a lil sneak peak? Hey everybody!! I'm Dokenai, but you can call me Doki. 𝔸𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕞𝕖! Name: It's not Doki or Dokenai, but you can call me that :) Age: No thanks Ethnicity: Asian Height: 140cm, I think...? (rlly short :P) Instrument: Piano Hobbies: - Reading (typically romance) - Writing (when I'm in the mood :P) - Eating (Lasagne... mmm) - Playing the piano (sometimes writing songs) - Singing (the lyrics to the songs I make) - Math (it's really interesting OK?) - Drawing (I like to draw realistically) - Collecting aesthetic stationery (BuJos for life) - Watching videos about people organizing their lives (and longing to have the organizational skills that they do, then venting to Rachel about all of this) Also, about Rachel, go follow her. OR ELSE. (jk she introduced me to Reedsy and she has AMAZING literature talent): https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/9c3ebd/ My favourites: Animal: Dolphin? Peacock? Idk Food: Lasagne ofc Type of clothing: Oversized hoodies or tight waist dresses (ik, they are very different) Fruit: Mangoes, yum Vegetable: Onions (it's tough love, they always make me cry) ...and I can't think of anything else, so ask other questions in the comments. Bucket list: - Becoming a paediatrician - Write a book - Change lives Alright, signing off for now! 🕊 Doki p.s. If you don't know what petrichor means, search it up. It's a really beautiful word!