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(You follow I will try to follow back) I would love it if you could give me some tips on places that I could work, and even criticism on my stories. I will take it well and be very gracious for your honest assistance. If you would like for me to check out any of your stories, just let me know in a comment on any of mine and I will be happy to do so. Facts about ME: -Name: Nova -Hobby: Reading and writing -Fav subjects: Math or Biomedical -Zodiac: Virgo -Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff -Fav Video game: Cats & Soup -Magic Element: Fire/Earth -Special abilities: I can type really fast and my stories are very paranormal. -Fav Song: Indie songs! -Fav book: The Silent Patient -Extrovert or Introvert?: Big time introvert -Fav food: SOUP